After a successful campaign in Selangor, the GIVI marshal safety riding course made its way to the heart of Melaka together with MotoWazi. Their first stop in the ‘Southern Tour’ gathered around 40 bikers who were excited to learn the ropes in handling motorcycle convoys in the proper manners with one goal in mind – safety. (more…)

Pengeluar aksesori motosikal, GIVI Asia melancarkan helmet M10.1 Acqua dan M30.3 D-Visor Demi Jet untuk pasaran Malaysia, hari ini.

Helmet M10.1 Acqua menawarkan rekaan klasik moden dengan elemen vintaj bagi penunggang yang berminat menggayakan dengan motosikal jenis cruiser dan cafe racer.

Helmet ini didatangkan dengan empat warna pilihan; Graphic Lava Black, Graphic Lava Cream White, Soda Metallic Black dan Soda Metallica Fuchsia serta saiz S hingga XL.

*M30.3 D-Visor Demi Jet

Sementara itu, GIVI turut memperkenalkan tiga lagi warna pilihan bagi helmet popular, M30.3 D-Visor Jet Helmet yang kini tampil dengan warna Graphic Echo Neon Yellow, Graphic Echo Red dan Solid Black.

Helmet ini dilengkapi dengan corong udara yang cukup bagi mengurangkan berlakunya kekaburan di bahagian visor.

Kedua-dua helmet ini turut didatangkan dengan sun visor.

Orang ramai boleh mendapatkan M10.1 Acqua dan M30.3 D-Visor pada November ini dengan harga berikut:

  • M10.1 Acqua: dari RM230
  • M30.3 D-Visor Demi Jet: dari RM312

GIVI Malaysia (GIVI Asia) has officially launched two new helmets, the M10.1 Acqua Demi Jet and M30.3 D-Visor Jet helmets. One is a very stylish classic lid while the other is a more modern take on an open-face jet helmet we all love to don, both at a very affordable price range. (more…)

GIVI Asia together with MotoWazi successfully conducted a marshal safety riding course yesterday at the Melawati Stadium, Shah Alam. Around 40 bikers joined in the festivities to learn the vital skills needed not only on how to ride motorcycles safely but also how to do so while managing a ride with other riders on the road. (more…)

  • GIVI Asia organized the GIVISTA Ride to Cameron Highlands over the weekend.

  • It was the first activity for the GIVISTA Community for 2020.

  • Guest of honour was world traveler, Bert Boute.

GIVI Asia organized the GIVISTA Ride to Cameron Highlands over the weekend.

The ride was the first of such activity for the GIVISTA Community for 2020. It had been planned for an earlier date but was put off due to the Chinese New Year and subsequent Covid-19 scare.

The GIVISTA Community accepted the invitation with glee, filling up the 35 spots in less than three days. Perhaps it was a great opportunity to get away from everyone’s self-imposed isolation from the Covid-19 epidemic, besides the spell of hot weather.

This time, the convoy gathered at the Rawang R & R Northbound area, instead of GIVI Asia’s headquarters in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor. Participants from the south and Klang Valley headed there, while those from the north waited at certain points along the way.

Joining us as marshals were Tun Shahir with his Honda Gold Wing and Boy from Desmo Owners Club on his Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro. The special guest this time was Bert Boute, the world traveler from Belgium.

The convoy was split into two groups – one for bikes 200cc and above, while the other was for bikes below 200cc. It wasn’t discrimination, we would like add, but for safety due to the speed difference. Doing so also divided the convoy into smaller groups of bikes, rather than having one large gaggle which could well disrupt traffic. The first group departed 10 minutes ahead.

We rode towards Simpang Pulai, while stopping for lunch at Restoran Tasik Raban in Canning Garden, Ipoh.

From there it was up the mountain on some of the best sets of twisties. The weather started as hot and humid but became cooler and cooler the more corners we negotiated.

The convoy made a number of stops along the way, including at the famous vantage point on the bridge overlooking a range of hills and the asphalt ribbon which winds its way around them.

We arrived at the Dear Dino Villa soon after. Everyone was elated to arrive safely, while the villa welcomed us with plump fresh strawberries and chocolate dip.

Being situated on top of a hill, the villa let in a cool breeze. Every participant ran around taking pictures, a few took lungful of deep breaths of the crispy air. They were also given free time to roam around Cameron Highlands, but few took up the offer as the roads outside were already choked with weekend traffic.

A BBQ dinner was prepared by GIVI. The honey marinated chicken had the group descending on it like a hungry horde.

Bert Boute presented a summary of his travels so far. He had ridden through Europe, Central Asia, parts of Southeat Asia and had stopped in Malaysia before continuing onwards to Australia and New Zealand. His photographs and stories had everyone glued to their seats.

After the presentation, we were allowed to carry on with our own activities. Some participants rode to the night market, others watched a movie set up by GIVI, or just got together to catch up.

We checked out the next day, but the community members decided to cancel the planned trip to the Boh Tea Plantation and factory. The traffic was picking up and it’s decided to best avoid that destination.

Every participant arrived home safe and sound to cap off another successful GIVISTA event.


GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd baru-baru ini mengadakan GIVI Mega Ride & Camp 2019 bagi meraikan komuniti GIVI dan GIVISTA.

Para GIVISTA bersama pengamal media yang dijemput telah sama-sama menunggang jentera masing-masing dengan Lata Lembik, Raub, Pahang menjadi destinasi utama kali ini.

Seperti dianjurkan saban tahun, perjalanan dimulakan di ibu pejabat GIVI Asia terletak di Bukit Beruntung.

Konvoi kali ini melibatkan pelbagai jenis motosikal dari kapcai sehinggalah ke motosikal berkuasa tinggi.

Menariknya, tema berkhemah kali ini menyaksikan para peserta melengkapkan jentera masing-masing dengan pelbagai kelengkapan perkhemahan dan penggunaan aksesori GIVI ternyata membantu.

Tatkala konvoi berada 40 kilometer daripada destinasi dituju, Sam Sharman, Pengurus Pemasaran GIVI – yang turut menyertai konvoi menggunakan jentera Honda X-ADV – memaklumkan para peserta keadaan cuaca di Lata Lembik yang dilanda hujan lebat.

Meskipun tiba di Lata Lembik dalam keadaan basah dan sejuk namun sepanjang tunggangan GIVI memastikan konvoi bergerak dalam keadaan selamat dan teratur.

Para peserta menghabiskan malam pertama dengan khemah yang disediakan pihak GIVI.

Hari kedua menjadi penarik utama bagi para GIVISTA yang berpeluang untuk merasai tunggangan ‘off-road’ dengan tunjuk ajar daripada Remy Buragas.

Percaya atau tidak, terdapat YSuku dengan spesifikasi ‘touring’ yang berjaya melepasi laluan berbatu dan berlumpur tanpa sebarang masalah!

GIVISTA kemudiannya disambut dengan kehadiran ‘food truck’ yang menawarkan pelbagai makanan dan minuman sebelum hidangan BBQ disediakan di sebelah petang.

Menariknya, peserta turut diberi peluang untuk menyaksikan beberapa produk baharu keluaran GIVI yang hanya akan dilancarkan dalam masa terdekat.

Konvoi kemudiannya meneruskan perjalanan balik ke rumah masing-masing keesokan pagi.

  • The epic GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 convoy reached Kuala Terengganu on Monday (22nd July), and the participants crossed over to Pulau Redang on Day Four the next day (23rd July).

  • We crossed over to Pulau Redang and then back the mainland.

  • From there, we rode to Kuantan.

Day Four (23rd July 2019)

The epic GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 convoy reached Kuala Terengganu on Monday (22nd July), and the participants crossed over to Pulau Redang on Day Four the next day (23rdJuly).

It was a short 46-km ride to boat jetty at Merang. The hardworking GIVI support crew loaded our luggage into their vans and brought them there, while we rode in all our Hevik riding gear and GIVI motorcycle equipment. Our luggage was then offloaded from the vans and moved into one boat.

We changed into our “beach gear” i.e. shorts, slippers/sneakers and t-shirts near the jetty. All our riding gear such as our GIVI helmets, and jackets, riding pants, gloves, plus boots went into the GIVI cases. It reminded us on how indispensable the GIVI cases and luggage are for bikers. You don’t have to drag your riding gear around when you get off your bike!

So, the group got into four boats and it was a race to Pulau Redang!

Thankfully, the sea was calm and our boat (which also included racer Jeremias Israel who kept goading the boat driver to give “full gas”) glided above the blue sea to arrive first, although we departed last! Woohoo!

The Taaras Beach & Resort transit vans were already waiting at the jetty. The resort was just 5 minutes away.

We were welcomed by every staff member who saw us, regardless that we were locals or foreigners. Kudos!

The foreign riders in the group didn’t take long to hit the beach and pool after lunch. A scuba diving foray was organized quickly and they went diving at one of Redang’s world-renowned coral reefs.

Another thing we liked very much about hotel is that it has a Turtle Lab, whose work is harvesting and hatching turtle babies. It’s a fully-equipped laboratory with high-tech equipment.

The sand on the beach was white and almost feels like powdered milk between the toes. It was blazing hot when we arrived so there weren’t many people. But it was a hive of activities later in the afternoon. Guests played beach volleyball, kids dived into the pool, couples sat facing the sea enjoying each other’s company, and many took to swimming in the sea.

Dinner was held right on the powdery white sands of the beach to a cooling sea breeze. We spent hours chatting the night away, not giving a thought about tomorrow’s trip.

Day Five (24th July 2019)

We checked out late(r) the next day at 9am. Judging by the look on everyone’s face, no one wants to leave that beach and resort. Well, it’s just a teaser and we’re sure some will return.

Back at the jetty, we got back into our riding gear (still there in the cases) for the ride to Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan.

The ride was pretty straightforward but may it’s because many were still suffering from “Redang withdrawal.” We followed the coast to our destination but most of the seaside was hidden away by homes and hotels.

But lunch was definitely a memorable affair. We stopped at the Tanjung Jara Resort. The whole complex seemed to be converted from an old bungalow, hence providing a rustic Malaysian atmosphere. They served local foods, too, instead of the usual western fare.

The keropok lekor was the freshest and tastiest we Malaysians have consumed, the other dishes deserve five-star rating and desserts include a longan and sea coconut tongsui (sweet soup).

Back on our bikes, we rode past multiple bridges with awesome views of the rivers below. We also saw the massive PETRONAS Gas Processing Plant at Kerteh.

We reached Kuantan safely and checked-in at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the night. The ride will continue to Melaka the next day (25th July).

  • The GIVI Rimba Raid Janda Baik 2019 is set to be held from 26th through 28th.

  • There are 150 competitors from 16 countries this year.

  • It is the only event in the world for large capacity dual-sport motorcycles.

The GIVI Rimba Raid Janda Baik 2019 is set to be held from 26th through 28th July and we’re really excited about it. We think hundreds – if not thousands – more fans are also counting down the days until the start.

The GIVI Rimba Raid series has grown to be the event among adventure and off-road motorcycle community from its humble beginnings. The brainchild of Dato’ Captain Nik Huzlan, it’s one event that dual-sport and adventure motorcycle enthusiasts look forward to each year.

Here are 10 reasons to witness this awesome event yourself. (There are way more than 10 reasons, but we wanted to keep it simple.)

1. Witness big bikes getting hammered

Surely you’ve gotten used to seeing heavyweight adventure bikes such as the BMW R 1200 GS/GS Adventure, KTM 1050/1190/1290 Adventure, Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, Triumph Tiger 800 blasting down the highways. But have you seen them being used in the other environment they’re designed for?

We’re talking about off-road riding. Dual-purpose bikes can be ridden off paved highways and roads, hence the term. However, seeing these RM 80,000 to more than RM 100,000 bikes being bashed over rocks, “washed” in the river and sliding on gravel is something rare.

GIVI Rimba Raid provides that opportunity to not only the riders but also spectators.

2. GIVI Rimba Raid is unique

GIVI Rimba Raid is currently the only event in the world which pits men and women on heavyweight dual-purpose bikes against the off-road environment. In fact, when Capt. Nik approached the Automotive Association of Malaysia for the rulebook, they had none. Instead, it’s GIVI Rimba Raid who are now writing the rulebook.

3. Top Malaysian riders

That said, the event remains an enthusiast’s event. They are known as privateers, in other words.

However, top pro riders are starting to be drawn to joining up. One of them is Mohd. Habibullah Salleh, better known as Gabit. The 2016 FIM Asia Supermoto Champion and multiple Malaysian MX champion is the defending champion of the Open Category.

Left to right: MG, Gabit, Capt. Nik

So, this a great opportunity for Malaysians to support our rider in battling against the best of the world.

4. Top international riders

There is a total of 150 riders from 16 countries this year. Among them is Jeremias Israel, the Chilean ex-HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) rider in the Dakar Rally. He’s flown in specially by GIVI to compete in the race. He will ride the new Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE.

There is also news of Thais holding their own qualifications to determine the riders who will represent the country. The qualified riders have been practicing almost daily in preparation for GIVI Rimba Raid 2019.

5. Stiff competition

If the previous years were competitive, this year’s promises to the closest fought yet. The riders not only chase positions and prizes but are also out there to prove it to themselves that they could live up to the challenges.

6. Specially chosen course

The organizers have laid out a course to challenge the riders physically and mentally. You can be assured that it will bring out the best in human drama and emotions.

Perhaps more importantly, you can spectate all the action up close rather than being seated tens or metres away.

Do note that the course will return to its normal environmental state within months of the event.

7. Different skill levels

Since there are pros mixed with privateers, GIVI Rimba Raid will be interesting to you in terms of entertainment. It means that there will be plenty thrills and spills.

8. Great fun for the family

Got kids who are interested in motorcycles? Need to explain to your wife or girlfriend why you love bikes? Bring ‘em here! It’s all wholesome fun for the entire family and your family members will thank you for it.

9. Great setting

Forget about going to the mall every weekend. Come here to breath some fresh air and waddle in the crystal-clear stream for a change. Besides that, the location is near many other resorts that offer eco-tourism and sports. There are also many camping grounds.

10. Vendors

There will be plenty of vendors. Main sponsor GIVI will have their pavilion up, offering their latest products for every biker. The GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 will also make a stop at GIVI Rimba Raid for two days, so you can witness the bikes and GIVI equipment they carry.


GIVI Rimba Raid Janda Baik 2019 is a exciting event that shouldn’t be missed by anyone, bikers and non-bikers alike.

It will be held from 26th to 28th July 2019, at the Rimba Valley Motorcamp site. Please click the map below for the location and you may refer to GIVI Rimba Raid’s official Facebook page for the latest updates.

  • The GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 kicked off yesterday, as the start of an epic ride around Peninsular Malaysia.

  • The participants will cover 2500 kilometres by the end on 29th July 2019.

  • The ride ends at GIVI Rimba Raid Janda Baik 2019 on 27th and 28th July.

The GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 kicked off yesterday, as the start of an epic ride around Peninsular Malaysia.

The 40 participants from 16 countries will cover 2500 kilometres at the finish on 29th July 2019. They will savour Malaysia’s amazing beauty and magic along the way, including the country’s unique flora and fauna, food, hospitality and the great riding routes.

Routes take the riders through Ipoh, Pahang, Terengganu, and Melaka. From Melaka, the convoy will turn back to Janda Baik, Pahang for GIVI Rimba Raid Janda Baik 2019. It will give the dealers an unprecedented view of the only large capacity adventure motorcycle race in off-road conditions.

Participants consists of GIVI’s worldwide dealers including those from all over South American, European, Asian and ASEAN countries.

The ride was flagged off from GIVI Asia’s headquarters in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor. the riders were given a factory tour by Mr. Joseph Perucca, the Overseas Operational Director for GIVI and Mr. On Hai Swee, the Managing Director of GIVI Asia. Also on hand was Dato’ Razak Al-Malique Hussein, the Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia who had supplied the Triumph Tiger 800 XCx, XRx and XR to the participants. Mr. Eugene Mah of Mah Pte. Ltd. also participates in the ride. His company supplied the Moto Guzzi V85TT.

The convoy will be escorted by the Royal Malaysian Traffic Police and marshals from Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) all the way.

The entourage rode first to the leaning tower at Teluk Intan for photo opportunities and the famous Nasi Kandar Krisna on the way. They then continued riding to Kellie’s Castle outside Ipoh, before bedding down at the Banjaran Hot Springs Resort.

The resort was built into the forest, thereby preserving its natural surroundings. Hot spring water was piped into the villas.

Dinner was held in the world-renowed Jeff’s Cellar. The restaurant was built into a cave system with minimal fittings, again to not disturb the natural surroundings. We were served an 8-course western meal among the stalactites and stalagmites.

The adventure continues tomorrow (Monday) as the convoy heads to Gerik and finally, Kuala Terengganu.


  • The Trans-Mongolia 2019 adventure will cover 20,000 kilometres over 65 days through 11 countries.

  • It will push off on 21 August and end on 24 October in Paris, France.

  • There is a total of 12 bikes, supported by 4x4s.

How’s this for an epic motorcycle adventure? The Trans-Mongolia 2019 adventure will cover 20,000 kilometres over 65 days through 11 countries.

The adventure is organized by the group called 4×4 World Explorer which consists of hardcore adventure riders and 4×4 drivers. They’ve organized the Trans-Andes, Trans-Amazon, among others in the past.


The upcoming ride which will begin on 21st August 2019 will ride through Thailand, Laos, and China before reaching Mongolia, hence the name. However, instead of turning back once they reach the country, the group will continue onwards through southern Russia (circumventing the Central Asian countries), Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and finally ending in Paris, France on 24th October.

The bikes and 4x4s will then be shipped back to Malaysia.


Expedition Leader, Mr. Thomas Foo presented some of the details during the launch at the Explorer Outfitter outlet in Publika, Kuala Lumpur.

“It is like seeing seven different worlds in one ride,” he said. The riders will be supported by a number of 4x4s.

The 12 motorcycles are the BMW G 310 GS, sponsored by Tian Siang Motorrad in Ipoh, Perak. While they don’t seem much to some out there, the small capacity, single-cylinder bike is reliable and tough enough to stand up to the challenges during the trip. But in case anything breaks, it’s an easy fix compared to more complex models. Besides that, the lack of weight will soon be the rider’s best friend when the going gets tough. Would you prefer to ride on through or wrestle with a heavy bike? That’s why almost all world travelers including Anita Yusof opt for simple, lightweight bikes.

GIVI Asia Sdn. Bhd. also played their part by sponsoring touring equipment to the riders. It’s a huge list but here are some of them: X.01 Tourer adventure helmet, B32 Bold Advance top box, PWB02 waterproof waist pouch, CRS02.AX Comfort rain suit, VEST02 high-visibility vest, and a new, taller windscreen. GIVI Asia Managing Director Mr. Oh Hai Swee and Marketing Manager Sam Sharman were present during the presentation.

The Trans-Mongolia adventure will be flagged off on 21st August in Putrajaya.

Please visit for more details.


  • Registration is now open for the GIVI Rimba Raid 2019 at Janda Baik.

  • The event will be held from 26th to 28th July.

  • Some 150 entries are expected for this event this year.

After last year’s massive success, the GIVI Rimba Raid 2019 returns to Janda Baik. The event will be held from 26th to 28th July and registration is now open for competitors, camping spectators and hotel spectators.

Before we go further, let’s recap on 2018. Rimba Raid was held in two locations namely Janda Baik and Mat Daling.

Rimba Raid Janda Baik featured a “test” style format where competitors navigate different sections and tests on Day One; scoring points accordingly. On Day Two, the rode through a short-distance rally in the surrounding jungles. 60 competitors signed up.

At GIVI Rimba Raid Mat Daling round, on the other hand, the format was that of a 120-km jungle rally on Day One and a jungle enduro/sandbank race on Day Two. A total of 105 participants from 10 countries including Malaysia took part.

A whopping number of 150 entries are duly expected this year.

It was also at Mat Daling that GIVI became the official sponsor of the event. Other vendors included BMW Motorrad Auto Bavaria, Ducati Malaysia, KTM Malaysia, Red Bull. There’s bound to be even more this year.

Additionally, the famed Italian motorcycles luggage and accessories maker, GIVI Asia celebrates their 25th anniversary in Malaysia this year. As such, they will hold their annual GIVI Explorer “The Malaysian Adventure” ride on our shores this year to commemorate the silver jubilee. The entourage of GIVI dealers worldwide, plus the presence of ex-Dakar Rally HRC factory rider I. Jeremais will grace Rimba Raid for the proceedings.

Looking back, Rimba Raid stalwart Dato’ Captain Nik Huzlan started the series as the first off-road event for dual-purpose enthusiasts with machines above 650cc in Malaysia. That is why one could see heavyweights such as the BMW R 1200 GS, KTM 1090/1190 Adventure, Ducati Multistrada Enduro, et al bash it out in tough conditions.

As the event became more and more successful over the last few years, so does its reputation. So much so that the Thai competitors held a qualifying round in their country to determine the “representatives” to this year’s edition.

Along with the popularity came the need to expand the series to cover more types of bikes. Instead of being lumped together wholesale, they are now divided into three categories. A class for quads and ATVs is also added this year.

Speaking about grouping and classes, Rimba Raid splits the field into the Main Race (200 competitors), Enduro (50 participants) and Quads (20 participants). They are split further into sub-categories such as Class A, B, C, Quad/Side-by-Side (buggy), Enduro Open, Enduro Veteran, depending on motorcycle power-to-weight ratio, suspension travel, wheel size, recommended service intervals.

Success also started to attract pro riders such as Malaysian MX and Asian Supermoto Champion Gabit Saleh, 2004 Dakar Rally winner Mateo Graziani, Malaysian trial rider Acoi Pangkolo, multiple Rimba Raid winner Bee Wong and many more.

The location will also play a vital role in the success of GIVI Rimba Raid 2019. Dato’ Capt. Nik has developed the Rimba Valley Motor Campsite into a true eco destination. Nestled in a valley, there’s fresh air to clean out your city lungs a mere 55km away from Kuala Lumpur and a stone’s throw from Genting Highlands.

Anyhow, you can check out the details in Rimba Raid’s official Facebook page. You may also click here for the entry form.

  • Malaysian women bikers are set to Women Riders World Relay (WRWR).

  • Ladies of Harley and Anita Yusof (part of GIVI Bella) are involved.

  • GIVI Asia sponsored helmets and backpacks to some of the participants.

  • The ride begins on 27thApril 2019 led by Ladies of Harley from HDPJ.

It used to be that women bikers are a novelty among the motorcycling community. But the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) is set to change that perception.

The “event” seeks to unite women riders the world over, as women riders from one country hand over a GPS “baton” to those in another. The relay also transcends the different cliques and types of motorcycles.

Tina Sharman, the Ripple Rally Ambassador clarified on a number of details:
  • The main WRWR is a worldwide event and will reach Malaysia in August.
  • In the the Global Relay, a baton is passed from woman to woman while travelling by motorcycle through 80 countries on a round-the-world route.
  • As such, the Global Relay consists of long day rides and the majority of them on highways to cover as much distance as possible. It is so to cover the entire globe within 1 year.
  • Therefore, the Global Relay requires registration, fees and signed waiver to participate.
  • In the Global Relay, men can join as companions but are not allowed to carry the baton. Conversely, it is up to the teams to invite male riders to the Ripple Relay.
  • On the other hand, the Ripple Relay is more leisurely and planned around the individual or team’s schedule. The only objective is to pass the flag around within 1 year.
  • No registration and fees are required for the Ripple Relays. Teams are only expected to communicate with other teams to pass the flag. The handover will be photographed and shared on social media.
  • Thereby, in support of the main relay, “Ripple Relays” are held in each country where rides are conducted throughout the year.
  • Consequently, instead of using the GPS baton, the Ripple Rally will hand over the Malaysian flag among various Team Leaders or Women Riding Clubs while travelling through the country.
  • The Malaysian flag will ultimately travel to London in February 2020 for the WRWR closing ceremony.

As such, Malaysian women bikers are set to join the event which begins on 27thApril 2019. The inaugural ride will be led by the Ladies of Harley from Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya. They will ride through Melaka, to highlight the attractions in the state.

A preview to the Malaysian ride was hosted recently by GIVI Asia Sdn. Bhd. GIVI Asia has been active in supporting women bikers in the country, having hosted a ladies-only ride and camp not too long ago. In fact, GIVI Asia’s brand ambassador is none other than Anita Yusof who rode her motorcycle around the world.

Present at the preview were Anita, the Ladies of Harley and ladies of other motorcycle groups. Sam Sharman, the Marketing Manager of GIVI Asia handed over GIVI helmets and backpacks to those present.

Nor Cillia (left) with Sam Sharman interviewed a number of the ladies including Tina Sharman (as Ambassador of the Ripple Rally), Sue Rahman and Nor Cillia Omar (of Ladies of Harley), plus Anita Yusof (representing GIVI Bella).

Tina Sharman you tell us a little bit more about WRWR?
Tina Sharman:WRWR was set up by Hayley Bell in 2018 in the UK. It’s to highlight that there are more and more women bikers in the world. However, there’s still very little in terms of support for women bikers, especially when it comes to riding gear.

Sumai with Sam

You go into a shop and you’ll find the gear are all for men. Instead, there are maybe 2 pieces and invariably in pink!

WRWR is a relay but carried out on motorcycles. The batons are GPS trackers, but it isn’t a “linear” relay. Instead it’s a “ripple relay” (like how ripples in water propagate outwards) which covers all corners of the globe. Besides that, the different groups in Malaysia will hand over the Malaysian flag.

Sumai is now currently arranging the groups, there are close to 15 of them. As part of ripple relay, they will take their own routes on different dates so that the rides don’t overlap. The Malaysian ride covers both West and East Malaysia.

We want this unity among all women bikers. This is the best platform.

There are many different routes being planned to cover all states in Malaysia. For example, Sumai will lead the off-road group, while Anita leads the GIVI Bellas. In doing so, we will also highlight the beauty of Malaysia to the overseas riders. far will each group ride, at average?
Anita Yusof:We encourage ladies on all types of bikes and engine capacities, including those on kapchais. But they are still willing to ride long distance and camp. Some routes are over Labour Day weekend, so it depends.

The longest route will start from Ipoh – Kedah – Penang – Perlis – Kelantan – Terengganu – Cameron Highlands (Pahang). Is there another underlying theme behind your participation in WRWR besides sisterhood?
Tina Sharman: It’s also to show what we can do. The women riding scene really started in 2016, so it shows how far we’ve come within three years.

We will also contribute towards charity during the WRWR rides. for you Anita, which group will you be heading?
Anita Yusof:I’ll be leading GIVI Bella. Sam (Sharman) of GIVI Asia had organized ride and camp trips for guys. After my ride in Africa I decided to approach him and propose ride and camp trips for ladies as well. He liked the idea, since we are GIVI Explorer. The theme is Explore, Enjoy. This is the way to promote the lifestyle of exploring and riding.

For the WRWR, GIVI Bella will ride to Pangkor Island to camp. GIVI Bella covers all ladies on all motorcycles.

Sue Rahman with Sam Chilla (Nor Chilla Omar), can you tell us more about Ladies of Harley’s role in WRWR?
Nor Chilla Omar: We (Ladies of Harley) will be the first to start the ride and we are very excited. We are trying to gather as many women bikers as we can, regardless of what bike they ride. We would like this sisterhood to grow and that more ladies will start riding.

We plan to start the ride from Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) on 27th April. We will then ride to landmarks around Kuala Lumpur. We are planning to ride to the Sepang International Circuit, for the ladies to ride on the circuit itself. From there, we are going to ride along the trunk roads to Pantai Klebang and into Melaka.

It’s a great opportunity to show may we have in Malaysia including the gastronomical delights! We hope to draw the attention of the world to Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Malaysia.


So, ladies please block your calendars for the Women Riders World Relay! It’s going to be blast!



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