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  • The Aprilia Central Riding Aprilia Central Riding Club (ACRC) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) organized another MotoGP “live” viewing over the weekend.

  • It was the GoPro British Grand Prix this time.

  • We hope ACRC and DOCM will continue to build on their brotherhood.

The Aprilia Central Riding Aprilia Central Riding Club (ACRC) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) continued to strengthen their shared love for motorcycles through another “live” MotoGP viewing.

The function was held at the snazzy Sofitel Damansara this time around. The attendees watched the GoPro British MotoGP at Silverstone for this edition.

While the first event was seen as an ice-breaker, this second viewing was more of a sign of allegiance as riders from both groups joined to enjoy the excitements of MotoGP as one. It was visible that both groups were relaxed in each other’s company.

Refreshments and dinner were also served.

All present were at the edge of their seats when the MotoGP race began.

Suddenly, Dovizioso was taken out by Fabio Quartararo’s crashed motorcycle at the exit of the very first corner come the race, everyone at the event stood and yelled. It was followed by silence when Dovizioso appeared injured and couldn’t get up. Everyone present, regardless of riding an Aprilia or Ducati was concerned.

Petrucci would eventually finish seventh ahead of Jack Miller (Ducati Pramac Racing) and Andrea Ianone (Aprilia Racing Team Gresini).

But neither group made fun of the other regardless of the race’s outcome. Instead, they embraced each other before heading home.

This should be seen more often among motorcycle groups everywhere.


  • The Aprilia Central Riding Club (ACRC) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) held a “live” MotoGP viewing to celebrate their Italian motorcycle kinship.

  • Together, they watched the Czech MotoGP over the weekend.

  • On another note, Didi Resources is offering a special Service Clinic and Merdeka Campaign to Aprilia owners.

The Aprilia Central Riding Club (ACRC) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) celebrate their Italian motorcycle kinship – or brotherhood, if you will – for the “live” viewing of the Czech MotoGP over the weekend.

Motorcycle brand loyalty can manifest in fierce tribalism, meaning loving whoever is riding the same brand while eschewing others. It’s not something bad per se, because it’s one of our basic human instinct to protect the clan we live in. (That’s the central theme of post-apocalyptic shows such as “The Walking Dead.”)

So, it’s definitely something to celebrate when ACRC and DOCM got together as one large biker community.

“The love for Italian motorcycles is something we all cherish. In this gathering organized by Shell, we gather our brothers and sisters from Aprilia to join us the Ducati Owners for MotoGP viewing to support our Italian race teams,” mentioned Gaddaffi Shazalli, Vice President of Desmo Owners Club Malaysia.

According to Juan Chow Wee, General Manager of Didi Resources Sdn. Bhd. (the official importer and distributor of Aprilia motorcycles in Malaysia), “To further strengthen the ownership experience, our doors are always open to various owner clubs to foster greater relationship among bikers and we believe the best biking lifestyle is from owners themselves.”

Juan also added that “listening to our customers” goes beyond just selling motorcycles. “As such, Didi Resources just rolled out a special Service Clinic and Merdeka Campaign for for Aprilia owners. We are offering the original factory oil filter at just RM10, and other important parts like brake pads and air filter at special prices.”

(Please refer to our article pertaining to this campaign.)

“We always believe in listening to our customers as they are important in improving how we do business, and today we roll out an after sales program to further reduce ownership cost and to ensure our owners get the best from our network in terms of quality.”

  • The Harley-Davidson Owners Group PJ (HOG PJ) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) Camaraderie Ride rode out for brunch and durian on 30th July 2019.

  • It showed that the bond among bikers transcends motorcycle brands and types.

  • More than 100 bikers joined the ride.

The Harley-Davidson Owners Group PJ (HOG PJ) and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) Camaraderie Ride showed that the spirit of comradeship among bikers transcends they makes and types of motorcycles.

The two groups assembled at The Gasket Alley on 30th July 2019 for a light breakfast, before riding to Tanah Aina Fareena in Kampung Temiang, Karak.

There, the now single group of riders were served brunch and durian from the nearby hills.

It was a short ride and visit as it was a public holiday and the group headed back to Kuala Lumpur just after lunch.

What’s more important is that there has always been a general (and wrong) perception that owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and likewise those on Ducati bikes do not ride with those of other brands. This ride puts those views to rest.

Cillia Lob, Ladies of Harley Officer said, “There is perception that Harley-Davidson and Ducati bikers don’t ride together given the different riding styles. But this is one of the first and many more camaraderie rides to foster greater brotherhood and sisterhood among bikers, like our HOG PJ tagline, Lets Ride or Stay Home.”

DOCM President AInul Hasri said, “It was a spectacular sight as almost 100 Harley-Davidson and Ducati bikes roared out of The Gasket Alley to Janda Baik for brunch.”

“Bikers from DOCM and HOG PJ bonded and enjoyed each other’s warm presence while admiring each Italian and American beauty. Our ride proved the strong relationship that all riders have innately know, which is respect and care towards all riders, irrespective of their machines. I hope that we can foster this relationship between DOCM and HOG PJ further by having more joint community engagements. This is true to DOCM’s motto of Our Ride, Our Pride.”

Do note that there were four riders on the new Moto Guzzi V85TT on this ride, too.

We hope to see more such cross-brand rides in the future, to put brand-centric misconceptions to the rest.


  • Lebih daripada 140 orang ahli kelab Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) telah menyertai konvoi DOCM Presidential Ride 2019 ke Pulau Pinang pada hujung minggu lalu.
  • Ini adalah tunggangan mega pertama kelab berkenaan pada tahun ini bagi memulakan tahun dengan gemilang.
  • Kami telah menyertai keraiannya di atas jentera Ducati Multistrada 1260 S terbaru (ulasannya bakal tiba nanti!)


  • Over 140 members of the Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) joined the DOCM Presidential Ride 2019 to Penang last weekend.

  • It was the club’s first mega ride of the year to kick things off on a high note.

  • We joined all the festivities on board the latest Ducati Multistrada 1260 S (review coming soon!)

The members DOCM (Desmo Owners Club Malaysia) got together last weekend for the year’s first big ride up north called the DOCM Presidential Ride Penang 2019. How big? Around 140 Ducati owners made their way to ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ for some good food, great culture, and not to forget, excellent company. (more…)

  • Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) telah mengadakan Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan kali ke-tiga pada hari Sabtu yang lalu.
  • Sekitar 150 orang ahli kelab telah hadir dengan pelbagai jenis motosikal Ducati.
  • Antara agenda mesyuarat ini adalah untuk mengenang kembali pencapaian mereka pada tahun lalu dan rancangan masa depan mereka.


  • The Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) held their 3rdAnnual General Meeting on Saturday.

  • Around 150 members showed up on various Ducatis.

  • The club highlighted their achievements in the past year and the future.

The Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) held their 3rd Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 23rdFebruary 2019.

The AGM was also a get-together for Ducati owners in the country and Singapore. Held at the South Paddock of the Sepang International Circuit, more than 150 owners turned up despite the extremely hot weather. The attendance was more than expected, so much so that the caterer ran out of drinks! But DOCM committee members did well to buy more drinks for the participants.


It was a sea of red at the parking lot. There were Hypermotards, Monsters, Panigales, Multistradas, Diavels, Streetfighters, Supersport 900 and iconic models such as the 748 SP, 900 SS and 999 Fila.

DOCM President Nageb Abdul Majid welcomed and addressed the assembled mass. He started proceedings by highlighting the activities carried out by the club in 2018.

There are 439 registered members and they ride regularly to events and other destinations. Besides those, DOCM had organized a track day for their members. They also set up a Ducati Tribuna during the 2018 Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP which catered for 800 pax.

Besides these activities, the club also worked with the TOC Automotive Institute to create a racing class exclusive to Ducati owners. Called the Desmo Cup, the series runs concurrently with the Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship. According to Nageb, the Desmo Cup caters for Ducatis as the models do not conform to the SuperSport and Superbike displacement cap.

The day continued with the disclosure of club finances, handing out awards and, the nomination and voting for the President and committee members.


  • Kelab Pemilik Desmo Malaysia (DOCM) telah berpeluang menyertai satu sesi ramah mesra istimewa ketika Ujian Pra Musim Sepang baru-baru ini.
  • Mereka telah berpeluang untuk melihat dengan lebih dekat jentera Desmosedici GP19 baharu dan bertemu dengan para penunggang pasukan Mission Winnow Ducati.
  • Kehadiran mereka menjadi bertambah istimewa apabila para penunggang Ducati berjaya merekodkan catatan masa terpantas di litar ini.


  • Desmo Owners Club Malaysia members were treated to a special meet and greet session during the recent Sepang Winter Test.

  • They saw the new Desmosedici GP19 firsthand and met with Mission Winnow Ducati riders.

  • The members were rewarded with the fastest ever lap record at the circuit.

Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) members got a special treat during the MotoGP 2019 Sepang Winter Test.

The special meet and greet session was organized by Ducati Malaysia in collaboration with Shell and the Mission Winnows Ducati Team. It was held on the final day of the Sepang Pre-Season Test.

The Ducati owners were given an exclusive peek into the race operations of the team as they prepare for the new MotoGP season. They were also given a guided tour of the pits to witness the new Desmosedici GP19, firsthand.

Ducati team riders Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci then met with the DOCM members during their break. Lucky club members were picked to attend an autograph session with the riders and team members.

It was a thoroughly rewarding and proud day for the Italian bike owners as Danilo Petrucci recorded the fastest time on the timesheets. His time of 1m 58.239s was almost 0.6s faster than the 1m 58.830s record set by Jorge Lorenzo in last year’s test. Petrucci’s record means it was the fastest motorcycle to ever circulate the Sepang International Circuit.

Including Petrucci, Ducati-mounted riders were the Top 4 fastest on the final day and breaking the old record also.

Another attraction during the session was a Panigale V4 S on display. The bike utilizes many of the technologies used in the Ducati MotoGP Desmosedici.

  • The TOC Desmo Cup concluded its final two races of the season in conjunction with the 2018 Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC).

  • Nine Ducati riders competed in two different race categories; Superstock and Supersport.

  • The TOC Desmo Cup is supported by the TOC Automotive College, Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM), Ducati Malaysia, Toyo Lube, Kratos Motorsports, and many more.

The previous weekend saw the conclusion of the first ever season of the 2018 TOC Desmo Cup held in conjunction with the 2018 Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship. The final two rounds which ran back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday saw an increase to nine participants in the maiden racing series organised by the TOC Automotive College and the Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM). (more…)

  • The inaugural round of the TOC Desmo Cup was held during Round 2 of the 2018 Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship.

  • This new series was the result of the cooperation between TOC Automotive College and Desmo Owners Club Malaysia.

  • The competitors’ bikes were worked on by facilitators of the TOC Superbike Technician Course.

The TOC Automotive College and Desmo Club Malaysia had signed a partnership recently to work hand-in-hand to create a new series called the TOC Desmo Cup exclusively for Ducati owners, beginning Round 2 of the 2018 Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship.

There was a total of six competitors in this series, making for a humble beginning. More riders had wanted to join initially but couldn’t prepare enough in time.

But while any Ducati makes for a great track weapon, all six were on the Ducati 898, 1098 and 1198 variants. The 1098 made its debut in 2007, the 848 in 2008, and 1198 in 2009. It meant they could be considered “outdated” in the pantheon of superbikes. (Carlos Checa won the 2011 WSBK rider and manufacturer title on a satellite 1098, nonetheless.)

Carlos Checa in 2011 – Courtesy of Sport Rider

Such a scenario created a unique challenge for any team to keep the bikes competitive, but thankfully, the TOC Desmo Cup has help from the TOC Automotive College in the form of TOC Superbike Technician Course lecturers to work on those Ducatis.

On the other hand, TOC also benefits as their facilitators and students obtain the experience of working in a hectic environment.

It was visible that both parties worked well together and not one bike suffered any mechanical failure throughout the weekend.

Again, it demonstrates the importance of having certified technicians working on your bike.


As for the TOC Desmo Cup series, it was well-organized among the ranks, hence everything went on without a hitch. The riders are riding buddies and friends, which provided an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and ribbing each other.

Zulkiply Yahya won the inaugural race ahead of Sarul Fahmi Mohd. Zaini and Syamsul Bakthiar Esa.

Watch out for the next round as more competitors come onbard.

Besides supplying the manpower, the TOC Automotive College upped the ante in projecting their branding from this round, by putting up boards of their Bina Bakat program and also the Superbike Technician Course in the paddocks.

Please visit TOC Automotive College’s Facebook page or their campus (map below) or call call (+603) 7960 8833 for more information. Likewise, you can find more information about the TOC Bina Bakat Program here, or email Please click on this link for further information on the TOC Superbike Technician Course.



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