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Kita semua pernah alami situasi ini, lepak di kedai mamak lewat malam, pesan lima ais kosong dan satu roti petak – sebab kononnya kalau pesan roti canai mesti yang dipanaskan daripada minggu lepas.

Ketika sedang khusyuk ‘squad battle’ sementara kawan disebelah sibuk tumpang layan – disebabkan kuota internet dia dah habis – tiba-tiba si polan memulakan satu topik perbincangan.

“Kalau korang ada duit lah kan, motor apa yang korang nak beli?”

Saat itu, masing-masing mula membetulkan tempat duduk dalam percubaan membuat analisis paling terhebat abad ini.

Mokhtar membuka persidangan meja plastik dengan jentera pertama diikuti Soh, Santokh, Hassan dan Zainal.

  1. BMW HP4 Race kata Mokhtar

BMW Motorrad memperkenalkan HP4 Race sekitar tahun 2017 dengan harga sekitar RM520,000 sekaligus muncul antara motosikal paling mahal di pasaran tempatan dan dunia.

Dibina khas untuk kegunaan di litar sahaja (track legal), BMW mendakwa jentera ini merupakan model paling eksklusif pernah dihasilkan pengeluar Jerman itu dan menawarkan 215hp dan 121Nm. Menariknya, model ini hanya menggunakan RON98 ke atas.

  1. Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP kata Soh

Tak diperkenalkan untuk pasaran tempatan tetapi Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP ini ditawarkan pada harga USD83,000 (RM354,200). Menariknya, dengan setiap pembelian jentera 250hp ini, Aprilia menawarkan penghantaran ke rumah di samping beberapa ‘jajan’ lain antaranya, racing suit dan paddock pass ke MotoGP!

  1. ARCH KRGT-1 kata Santokh

Apakah persamaan di antara filem Speed, The Matrix dan John Wick? Ketiga-tiganya filem ikonik lakonan Keanu Reeves yang juga pemilik syarikat ARCH Motorcycles.

Menggunakan enjin V-Twin 2,032cc, KRGT-1 ditawarkan pada harga USD85,000 (RM354,200)! Menariknya, ARCH membina KRGT-1 mengikut spesifikasi pelanggan sendiri.

  1. Kawasaki H2R kata Hassan

Meskipun tidak semahal barisan jentera yang diutarakan Mokhtar, Soh dan Santokh namun H2R menawarkan kuasa yang sangat tinggi, sekitar 326hp.

Dibina khas untuk kegunaan litar, H2R dilengkapi dengan sistem six-speed dog ring MotoGP dan ECU perlumbaan dan ditawarkan pada harga USD55,000 (RM234,712).

  1. Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4 kata Zainal

Enggan mengalah, Zainal mencadangkan Panigale Superleggera V4 yang lahir di kilang Borgo Panigale.

Terhad kepada 500 unit seluruh dunia, Panigale Superleggera V4 ini mampu menghasilkan 224hp pada 15,250rpm dan 118Nm pada 11,750rpm.

Dibuka untuk jualan, jentera ini ditawarkan pada harga USD100,000 (RM414,000) model ini didatangkan dengan penyerap hentakan Ohlins dengan spring titanium, brek Brembo Stylema R dan merekodkan 1 minit 52.45saat di litar Mugello.

Kemudian selesai sudah sesi meja bulat lima sekawan dengan waktu menghampiri Subuh dengan masing-masing mula buka dompet untuk membuat bayaran sebelum Zainal buka mulut, “Tong-tong boleh? Tak cukup RM2 ni,”.

Ikuti kami di YouTube dan Instagram!

  • Malaysia will now have one BMW S 1000 RR HP4 Race.

  • The bike was delivered to her owner last night.

  • It will see track action soon.

The one and only BMW S 1000 RR HP4 Race in Malaysia was delivered to her lucky owner last night.

The handover ceremony was carried out last night by BMW Motorrad Auto Bavaria in their new showroom in Ara Damansara. Owner Mr. Mark Chew was present to unveil and receive the mock key for the bike numbered 162/750.

BMW Motorrad introduced the HP4 Race to showcase their engineering prowess in building high performance bikes. Working hand-in-hand with a number of specialists, the HP4 is a study in creating an ultra-exotic superbike that’s chockful of components and materials this side of World Superbike and MotoGP.

Where do we begin?

The obvious place would be the engine. It may reside in a bike with the S 1000 RR silhouette, but it’s actually rather different from the standard unit. For example, it produces 215 hp at 13,500 RPM and 120 Nm of torque at 10,000 RPM. Compression ratio has similarly been bumped up to 13.7:1, necessitating the use of a minimum of RON 98 petrol.

To handle all that power and abuse, the transmission has straight cut gears for 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th speeds. The shift pattern follows that of race bikes, of course i.e. 1 up, 5 down. The package even includes a combination of 3 front and 5 rear sprockets of different sizes.

The bodywork is entirely carbon, including the self-supporting tail unit. The front mudguard and inner splash guard are also carbon. Using the black stuff cuts weight down to just 146 kg dry, and 171 kg ready to roll.

Speaking of carbon fibre, even the frame is made from the lightweight material, and weighs only 7.8 kg. But carbon fibre is stronger than steel, which means it doesn’t flex as much. That’s good when the bike is straight up, but how so when it’s cranked way over in a corner. BMW overcame this by designing in some flex to absorb shocks.

Running gear consists of great stuff, too. Everyone’s attention will first be diverted to those jaw-dropping wheels. Yes, they’re made of carbon fibre, too. As the eyes move up, they’ll be caught by the GP-spec T-floating Brembo brake discs and GP4-PR monobloc calipers. These calipers feature titanium pistons. The rear brake caliper also has a caliper with 4 titanium pistons.

The front is suspended by Öhlins FGR 300 World Superbike forks. these fork legs are rotatable, enabling front tyre change without removing the brake calipers. At the back is an Öhlins TTX 36 GP WorldSBK-spec shock, which is attached to a swingarm made by Suter. (Suter is a frame and racing components specialist who entered Moto2 a few years ago.)

Up top, an eccentric carrier allows the steering head angle, hence the rake can be adjusted by a maximum of 1-degree in 0.5-degree increments from 24.5 degrees. As such, the trail is also adjustable between 95 to 112 mm.

It’s definitely a bike for those who dare to dream. “I’ve always wanted a bike like this since I was a kid,” said Mark Chew. “I’ve already got a Ducati V4 S, but the HP4 Race is something truly exotic.”

Mark had raced professionally 20 years ago but is now a regular of SBR Trackdays at the Sepang International Circuit. “Yeah, I can’t wait to take this bike down to the track. The earliest trackday will be in early March.” “I really appreciate the support given by Auto Bavaria, as they will send a team of mechanics to help me understand and setup the bike. Plus, they will also help me with the 2D GPS data acquisition system which will tell me where I should go faster.”

That’s truly nice to hear, rather than have the bike sitting in a glass case or in the living room.


  • The Ulster GP is happening this weekend where the BMW HP4 Race will compete in its first event.

  • Held every year at the Dundrod Circuit in Northern Ireland, the Ulster GP is known as the world’s fastest road race.

  • Tyco BMW and their rider, David Johnson, will have the honours of racing the BMW HP4 Race for the very first time in competition.

As far as road racing goes, there the amazing Isle of Man TT aka “The World’s Most Dangerous Race” and then there’s Ulster GP aka “The World’s FASTEST Road Race”. The boys at Tyco BMW is a renowned name in the road racing scene and come this weekend, they will take out the BMW HP4 Race into its first official competition. (more…)

1. Visit the Shell Advance Ride Thru Service booth

Are you riding to Sepang to watch the race? Then be sure to visit the Shell Advance booth at the PA1 parking lot ride opposite the main entrance (Welcome Centre). Buy any Shell Advance motorcycle lubricant and you will get a free engine service, free engine filter, free food and drinks, and you stand a chance to win other great goodies. Check out the video we created at last year’s Shell Ride Thru Service so you know what to expect!

2. Don’t have a ticket to watch the race? Then visit the Shell Advance Ride Thru booth – again!

Yes that’s right. Shell Advance Malaysia wants to give you free tickets to the Shell Hillstand to watch the race. All you have to do is buy a Shell Advance AX7 or Ultra and service your bike at the Ride Through Service! So if you do not have tickets, this is your chance.

3. Get ready to shop!

The Malaysian MotoGP is the best time to buy merchandise of your favourite team or racer. There will be plenty of Valentino Rossi merchandise on sale, and at great prices too. So bring your wallet, and make sure there is a load of cash in it.

4. Visit the HJC booth to check out a special helmet

Of course there are going to be other helmet brands there too, and you should visit them too, but HJC Helmets is known to make some amazing helmets and are among the most affordable in the market right now. The latest helmet models are a unique line that include a few Marvel superheroes. But the latest design is one that will grab the attention of cartoon lovers with a design from the Cars 3 cartoon series. Don’t miss out the intricate details of the new HJC helmet.

5. Get up close and personal with the amazing Kawasaki H2R

The Kawasaki H2R needs no introduction, it is alien in comparison to regular bikes. Made of carbon fibre, the supercharged motorcycle is capable of hitting 400km/h. But it looks like it going really fast even while standing still. Marvel at this engineering masterpiece at the Kawasaki booth. Read more about this amazing machine here!

6. Check out the vast array of KTM bikes

Don’t let this team photo fool you, KTM makes motorcycles for track riders, adventurers and daily commuters.

KTM Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular now, and they are among a few manufacturers that have a complete range of motorcycles from dirt bikes to everyday commuters. There is a KTM motorcycle for everybody. And if you are a fan of the marque, there is also plenty of official merchandise to buy.

7. Stay hydrated with Red Bull

Over the years, the Red Bull marquee has built a reputation as the most happening booth during MotoGP thanks to its party like atmosphere. It is also the only booth during MotoGP that allows alcohol. So visit the Red Bull marquee, watch the race live, cool down with the air-conditioned tent. And if alcohol is not your thing, then simply load up on the Red Bull energy drink.

8. Take lots of selfies with the models

Where ever there are fast bikes there are bound to be plenty of beautiful women, and that is the case during MotoGP as well. There will be a long line of guys waiting to get a selfie with the gorgeous models, and they oblige with a smile. Just make sure your wife or girlfriend is not with you though.

9. Check out the new BMW bikes

BMW Motorrad Malaysia has a prominent booth just at the entrance to the grand stand area. And just like KTM, they have a complete range of motorcycles the fits almost all budgets. From the extremely loveable G310R, to the outrageous BMW HP4 Race that costs an astonishing RM520,900. Read about both the bikes here!

10. Win various goodies

A number of booths will be giving away free merchandise in return for something. Givi for example was giving away a very cool coin box after you like their Facebook page. We also know other stands are also doing the same, so keep a look out for all the free stuff on offer.

11. Watch the race!

This is a no-brainer. We are at the second last race of the season, and Spaniard Marc Marquez is leading the championship again. In second place is Andrea Dovizioso who still has a good chance of winning the championship provided something happens to Marquez, which is unlikely. There is definitely going to be good action to watch at the race. Also, our local boys Adam Norrodin, Hafizh Syahrin, Khairul Idham Pawi as well as wildcard rider Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin will all have plenty to prove at their home race. So whatever you do, no matter how many hot models there are to take photos with, or how many free goodies there are – do not miss the race!

See you there!

By the way, have you heard that Petronas wants to give some lucky people a year’s worth of engine lubricants? You can be one of those lucky people too by taking part in a simple contest. For more information on the contest, you can visit



Dalam beberapa tahun sekali, BMW Motorrad akan mengagumkan dunia dengan mahakarya kejuruteraannya, dan mereka sekali lagi telah berjaya melakukannya dengan keajaiban kejuruteraan terkini mereka, BMW HP4 Race.


Every few years BMW Motorrad will awe the world with an engineering masterpiece, and it has officially done so again with its latest piece of engineering marvel, the BMW HP4 Race.

In its official press release, BMW says that the HP4 Race presents a purebred racing bike that is limited to just 750 units. Each one individually crafted by a small, highly specialized team, ensuring the highest level of quality.

The engine powering the HP4 Race is in the same category as the current super bike factory racing machines. The suspension of the HP4 Race is said to be even better than the race machines with its carbon fibre frame.

Weighing in at just 171 kilograms fully fueled and road ready, the HP4 Race is even lighter than the factory racing bikes currently used in the Superbike World Championship, and is only slightly heavier than MotoGP race bikes.

With the HP4 Race, BMW Motorrad has become the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to present a main frame made entirely of carbon fibre, and weighs just 7.8 kilograms. The front and rear wheels are also made of this high-tech material, making the wheels 30% lighter than alloy forged wheels while retaining a deliberately rigid design.

The HP4 Race uses advanced FGR300 upside-down forks and the TTX 36 GP spring struts are supplied by Ohlins. Identical parts are currently being used both in the Superbike World Championship and in MotoGP. The light alloy underslung swing arm is made of milled and sheet metal parts, and is currently also used in the Superbike World Cup.

Braking power is supplied by two Brembo GP4 PR mono block brake calipers with components found in world racing championships. The calipers feature coated titanium pistons and single-piece aluminum calipers with chemically nickel-plated surface, and the discs are just 6.75mm thick with 320mm T-type racing steel brakes, making for what is currently the best combination of braking material.

The engine of the HP4 Race is a masterpiece by itself. It is a purebred racing engine similar to specifications 6.2 and 7.2 as in the Endurance and Superbike World Championships. Peak output is rated at 215hp at 13,900 rpm while max torque is rated at 120Nm at 10,000rpm. Max engine speed has been increased as compared to the engine of the S1000RR from 14,200rpm to 14,500rpm. The gearbox is a six-speed close-ratio racing box with optimized transmission ratios and various secondary ratios.

Naturally, the HP4 Race comes with an extensive package of electronic control and assistance systems as well as weight-optimised on-board electrical systems, optimized to meet racing needs. All information is displayed on the 2D dashboard with transferable data memory.

Set-up of the bike can be customized for different track layouts and road surface conditions, and this is provided by the audibly perceptible Dynamic Traction Control which is controlled by ignition cut, engine brake EBR and Wheelie Control. All of these can be manually programmed for each gear according to rider preference, allowing optimum use of the enormous riding dynamics potential offered by the new HP4 Race.

Other electronic features are the Pit Lane Limiter and Launch Control for perfect race starts.

The extensive use of carbon-fibre extends from the intake silencer cover and the seat hump, while a hand-brushed aluminum fuel tank seals with a clear finish underscores the bike’s racing look.

The HP4 Race is priced at 68,000 British Pounds, and that translates to RM383,395 based on today’s exchange rate before taxes.

An overview of the highlights of the new BMW HP4 RACE:

  • Carbon fibre main frame in monocoque construction weighing just 7.8 kilograms.
  • Self-supporting carbon fibre rear frame with three-stage height adjustment function.
  • Carbon fibre wheels offering a weight reduction of some 30 per cent as compared to light alloy forged wheels.
  • Öhlins FGR 300 upside-down fork.
  • Öhlins TTX 36 GP spring strut.
  • Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brake calipers with 320 T-type racing steel brake disks (thickness: 6.75 mm) at the front.
  • Racing engine at World Cup level with an output of 158 kW (215 hp) at 13 900 rpm and a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 10 000 rpm.
  • Close-ratio racing gearbox with adapted transmission ratios.
  • Weight-optimised electrical system featuring light lithium-ion battery with 5 Ah.
  • 2D dashboard and 2D data recording including logger.
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC (programmable for selected gears at 15 levels).
  • Engine Brake EBR (programmable for selected gears at 15 levels).
  • Wheelie Control (programmable for selected gears).
  • Launch Control.
  • Pit Lane Limiter.
  • Light trim parts made of carbon fibre with snap fasteners.
  • Paint finish in BMW HP Motorsport colours.
  • Production run of 750 units, each individually crafted.


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