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In a highly anticipated move, Honda Motors Europe unveiled the 2024 CRF1100L Africa Twin and CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports on October 4, 2023. Enthusiasts and riders have been abuzz with speculation about these new models, and the official release did not disappoint, bringing substantial changes and enhancements to both versions.

Engine Upgrades

One of the standout improvements is in the heart of these adventure motorcycles—the engine. The beloved 1,084cc parallel twin engine remains at the core, assuring continuity in the iconic Africa Twin performance.

However, Honda has undertaken significant tweaks for the 2024 models. Riders can now enjoy a boost in torque, with 112Nm now available at 5,500 rpm, a substantial improvement compared to the previous iteration that required reaching 6,250 rpm for peak torque.

These enhancements extend beyond torque, with Honda adjusting the compression ratio to 10.5:1, fine-tuning valve timing, optimizing intake ports, and refining the engine control unit (ECU) settings for an overall performance upgrade. These modifications apply across the entire 2024 CRF1100L Africa Twin lineup.


Suspension and Handling

Honda has democratized technology by extending the Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (EERA) semi-active suspension, previously reserved for the Adventure Sports model, to the standard Africa Twin for 2024.

Additionally, tubeless Metzeler Karoo Street tires now come standard, promising improved on-road performance. A larger and five-way-adjustable windscreen, as well as a redesigned front fairing, further enhance the riding experience.

Adventure Sports Exclusive Upgrades

The 2024 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports receives a more substantial overhaul, catering to riders who favor on-road adventures. Notable changes include a new 19-inch front wheel, wider front tire, and a 20mm reduction in suspension stroke.


Showa EERA semi-active suspension is now a standard feature, ensuring superior adaptability to various terrains. Honda has also reworked the front fairing and introduced a thicker urethane foam cushion seat for increased comfort on extended journeys.

Improved Accessibility

For riders seeking a lower seat height, the 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports answers the call with its change to a 19-inch front wheel. This modification not only lowers the center of gravity but also reduces the seat height, enhancing accessibility.

Seat height options range from 835mm to 855mm and an optional low seat accessory can further reduce it to 795mm. It’s worth noting that the seat height for the standard 2024 Africa Twin remains unchanged.

Color and Features

The 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin will be available in Grand Prix Red and Matt Ballistic Black Metallic. Opting for the Africa Twin with Showa EERA provides riders with additional choices of Pearl Glare White and Glint Wave Blue Metallic Tricolor, accompanied by heated grips and a standard accessory socket.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports offers two distinct color options: Matt Ballistic Black Metallic or Pearl Glare White Tricolor.

GALLERY: 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

Adventure-touring enthusiasts, brace yourselves for some thrilling news – Honda is gearing up for significant updates to its Africa Twin Adventure Sports models.

  • The anticipation is building as certification data submitted in Switzerland hints at substantial changes in store for these adventure-touring motorcycles.
  • the 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin is expected to feature an all-new radar system technology to pave the way for adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection. 

The preliminary data pertains specifically to the new Africa Twin Adventure Sports models, available with both manual and dual-clutch transmission options. While the data remains incomplete, the released information offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s in the pipeline. As of now, there is no available data regarding updates for the non-Adventure Sports models, but we can expect that information to surface shortly.

The good news for fans of the Africa Twin is that the new engine will maintain the same 1,084cc displacement. Peak horsepower output remains consistent at 101hp @ 7,500 rpm. However, the torque output is set to receive a boost, increasing from the current 104Nm @ 6250rpm to an impressive 112Nm @ 5,500 rpm.

But that’s not all. According to the certification data, there are changes afoot in the chassis department as well. The new model will feature a slightly shorter wheelbase, measuring 1,570mm. This represents a reduction of 5mm when compared to the Africa Twin’s current wheelbase. The overall length has also seen a slight decrease of 25mm.

One notable detail uncovered by the certification data is an increase in weight. Both the DCT and manual versions of the new Africa Twin Adventure Sports are listed with an added weight of 3kg. The DCT model is noted with a weight of 328kg, including a 75kg rider, translating to a curb weight of 253kg.

In comparison, the current model is certified at 250kg. Similarly, the manual transmission Adventure Sports model lists a new weight of 318kg, including a 75kg rider, resulting in a curb weight of 243kg. This marks an increase from the claimed curb weight of 240kg for the manual transmission 2023 Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

While the source of this additional weight remains undisclosed in the certification data, speculations suggest it may be attributed to the integration of a radar system. Such technology could pave the way for adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection systems. Honda has previously filed patents related to radar systems on motorcycles, making the Africa Twin and the Gold Wing the prime candidates for the adoption of this innovative technology.

As anticipation builds among motorcycle enthusiasts, we can expect further details regarding the regular Africa Twin models to be added to the Swiss certifications in the near future. However, the official unveiling and announcement from Honda are likely to be reserved for the EICMA show happening in November.

In a fierce showdown set for 2024, Honda’s iconic Africa Twin is gearing up to challenge BMW’s highly anticipated R 1300 GS in the competitive open-class adventure motorcycle market.

  • the next-generation Honda Africa Twin to feature radar-assist technology. 
  • latest type-approval documents also confirmed the introduction of direct fuel-injection. 

As both manufacturers vie for dominance, riders can expect groundbreaking advancements and cutting-edge technologies from these two renowned giants.

BMW has confirmed the imminent launch of its much-sought-after R 1300 GS in September of this year. Building on the success of the R 1250 GS, this latest iteration promises revolutionary construction and on-board innovations, signaling a significant leap forward in the world of adventure bikes.

On the other hand, Honda’s Africa Twin follows a different approach, placing an emphasis on off-road capability over on-road touring and raw power. Despite their distinct focus, these formidable machines will undoubtedly attract similar groups of adventurous enthusiasts, creating an exciting competition for customer loyalty in 2024. The stakes are high, and the stage is set for a remarkable showdown.

Amid the buzz and anticipation, evidence has emerged supporting the development of an extensively updated Africa Twin. Honda has discreetly filed type-approval paperwork for its 2024 model, which intriguingly carries the model code “SD14.” This move signals the manufacturer’s determination to deliver a game-changing offering that will challenge BMW head-on.

While specific details about the new Africa Twin remain scarce, Honda’s recent patent filings have shed some light on potential enhancements. Notably, the company is working on incorporating front and rear radars into the bike’s design, akin to rivals such as KTM’s 1290 Super Adventure, Ducati’s Multistrada V4, and the upcoming BMW R 1300 GS.

These radars, either offered optionally or as standard, are poised to improve rider safety and experience, ensuring the Africa Twin keeps pace with the rapidly evolving adventure bike segment.

Among the most thrilling developments is the prospect of a direct fuel-injected version of the Africa Twin’s SOHC engine. This innovation aims to elevate performance, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions, underscoring Honda’s commitment to environmental consciousness and engineering excellence.

Furthermore, enthusiasts and experts alike are buzzing about the intriguing possibility of a supercharged Africa Twin. If realized, this extraordinary advancement could propel Honda’s champion to new heights, rivaling the formidable powerhouses represented by KTM’s big V-twins and Ducati’s Multistrada V4 range, all without requiring the development of an entirely new engine.

Honda is reportedly working on a supercharged adventure motorcycle that could potentially become a future Africa Twin model as confirmed by latest patent. 

  • The patent shows the supercharger unit mounted on top of the gearbox, behind the engine barrels. 
  • The intake air is fed to the supercharger inlet via a long snorkel that runs up the left side of the down-tube, meeting with a plenum chamber by the steering head. 

It is not entirely clear why Honda is turning to supercharging, as it is not known whether the company is interested in creating the most powerful adventure bike on the market. Instead, the company may be looking ahead to a future where current Africa Twin engines may become obsolete due to emissions regulations. 

Honda has never been interested in participating in the outright power wars, but the addition of a supercharger could potentially add more excitement to the already impressive Africa Twin.

The patent design clearly shows that the new adventure bike will be built with a focus on high performance, and the supercharger will be an essential component in achieving that goal.

Nevertheless, the addition of a supercharger could potentially make the Africa Twin an even more desirable motorcycle for adventure riders. Honda has not released any official statements regarding the supercharged Africa Twin, but it is exciting to see the company focusing on creating innovative and exciting new models for adventure bike enthusiasts.

(source: Visordown)

Italy’s two-wheeled market has reported a significant upswing in Q1 2023, with March alone recording impressive sales figures for both scooters and motorcycles. 

  • Italian motorcycle market recorded a surge in sales for the month of March 2023. 
  • BMW R 1250 GS, Honda Africa Twin and Benelli TRK 502 continue to dominate the market. 

According to the National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories (Confindustria ANCMA), the country’s two-wheeled market posted a 26.7-percent spike in March, translating to growth of 27.6 percent in Q1 2023.

In March, scooter sales amounted to 17,777 units sold, representing a 31.5-percent increase, while motorcycles recorded 18,221 new registrations, reflecting a 25.8-percent boost. The surge in sales has been welcomed by dealers, who are looking to build on the growth gained at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The Confindustria ANCMA has also broken down the top-selling motorbikes in Italy for March 2023. Moto Morini’s X-Cape 650 adventure bike made it into the top ten list with 283 units sold, followed by Honda’s NC750X with 303 units moved.

Meanwhile, Yamaha’s Tracer 7, Moto Guzzi’s V7, and Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 round out the top ten, with Honda’s new CB750 Hornet cracking the top five with 401 units sold.

The top three places go to the Honda Africa Twin, BMW R 1250 GS, and Benelli TRK 502, respectively, with Italian consumers registering 674 Africa Twins, 621 R 1250 GSs, and 600 TRK 502s throughout March 2023.

New patent drawings from Honda revealed that the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin would soon be equipped with a front-facing camera.

  • Honda to feature a front-facing camera on the Africa Twin.
  • The camera will feed the necessary information to the riders. 
*image by Motorrad

The camera will monitor the traffic and feed the active rider aids with accurate data.

According to reports by Motorrad, the camera would operate similar to a smartphone camera, which uses sensors rather than a lens. 

 In addition, Honda also patented a specially-design mount for the camera. 

*image by Motorrad

The mount will protect the camera from debris and stones while on the road and also from light sources that could disrupt the camera’s operation.

Interestingly enough, the camera is not fixed in position in the mount but rather suspended to protect the camera from vibrations.

Nevertheless, while the patent showcased the camera being mounted on the Africa Twin, we expect Honda to apply the same features to future models.

(Source: Motorrad)


Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has officially launched the new updated Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports for 2022.

  • The Africa Twin gets 6.5-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay function.
  • Priced at RM117,888, the updated AT is avaialble in Pearl Glare White Tricolour. 
2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Refine for 2022 is the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that now offers smoother gear change in 1st and 2nd gear, significantly improving the handling especially at lower rev range. 

Honda also improves the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) – with 7-level of selection – operation system, to allow riders a finer choice of rear tyre slide for off-road riding.

2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Also, the windscreen is now 110mm shorter with 5-level adjustment with Honda claims helped improved visibility yet offering plenty of wind protection.

In addition the 2022 Africa Twin Adventure Sport also fitted with a bigger 24.8L fuel tank, revised body panel – for better protection from debris and wind – larger engine sump guard, and heated grips as standard.

Other notable electronics package include:

  • 6-axis IMU
  • 7-stage HSTC with 3-level Wheelie ControlCornering ABS
  • Rear Lift Control
  • DCT cornering detection
  • 4 riding modes (URBAN, TOUR, GRAVEL and OFF-ROAD)

The 2022 Africa Twin Adventure Sport also features Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (electronic suspension), offering four default mode; Soft, Mid, Hard and Off-Road.

Other features include:

  • dual-LED daytime running light (DRL)
  • three-stage Cornering Lights
  • Cruise Control
  • Heated Grips
  • 6.5-inch Multi Information Display (MID) TFT touch screen
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto

Powering the 2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin is the longer stroke 1,084cc parallel-twin engine capable of producing 101hp @ 7,500rpm and 104Nm @ 6,250rpm. 

2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

According to BSH, the 2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin is available exclusively in Pearl Glare White Tricolour and is priced at RM117,888. 

Honda has introduced three new exciting colours for the 2023MY CRF1100L Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

  • 2023 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Sport to feature new visuals.
  • 2021 Africa Twin and Africa Twin Sport DCT variants accounted for 51% of the model’s sales.

The Honda Africa Twin is a strong candidate in the dual-purpose motorcycle segment and is one of Honda’s most popular models in its current range.

To ensure the big bore ADV continues to carry on the fight into 2023, Honda is bringing three new visual updates to the Africa Twin.

Firstly, the base Africa Twin will remain available in “Grand Prix Red”, but Honda adds two new colours; “Mat Ballistic Black Metallic” and “Glint Wave Blue Metallic Tricolour.”.

According to Honda, the “Black Metallic” colour scheme features an all-black frame, while the “Blue Metallic Tricolour” offers a new blue headlight cowl with a blue front fender.

Meanwhile, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports gets “Mat Iridium Grey Metallic” with black detailing and rims. Nonetheless, Honda still retains the “Pearl Glare White Tricolour” colour scheme.

Mechanically, both trims (base AT and AT Sports) are available in manual or dual-clutch transmission (DCT) gearbox.

  • Honda has just filed the patents for a new 800cc engine.

  • It could be the platform for an 800cc Honda Africa Twin.

  • The patents also show it being equipped with DCT.

Honda has just filed the patents for a new 800cc parallel-Twin engine. While the patent documents show a naked bike like the previous Hornet 650, they may just be working on a much-awaited middleweight 800cc Honda Africa Twin.

Big Red has acknowledged that they lack a middleweight adventure. Indeed, the gap is too large between the CRF250L/CRF250 Rally and Africa Twin 1100. An 800cc adventurer fills this gap nicely.

But let’s get back to the patent.

The engine should also be the replacement for the current 745cc engine which has been in the market since 2014. It’s also the platform for an entire range of Honda bikes including the X-Adv crossover scooter, NC750D Integra scooter, NC750S naked bike and NC750X adventurer.

The patent also shows the engine equipped with Honda’s proprietary DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), which is already on the X-Adv and CRF1100 Africa Twin.

More than that, the cam cover’s shape is clearly similar to that of the CRF450R, new Africa Twin and VFR1200F which means it will feature the Unicam set up. It’s not variable valve timing/lift, however.

Having an 800cc to 850cc displacement also makes sense since their European rivals namely BMW and Triumph are currently the ones to beat. We shall see what comes of this.

  • The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin has broken cover.

  • The bike was unveiled in Europe ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show.

  • Changes centre on the engine, ergonomics and electronics.

Just as we were waiting for the 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin to be officially launched at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, the bike has broken cover in Europe.

The styling looks just like the photos leaked most recently. The new bike retains its predecessor’s silhouette but with a number of differences. The “goggle” headlights have been restyled to look more aggressive, the “nose” carrying the headlights is higher, the handlebars are taller, and the seat is slightly lower.

Speaking of seat height, height can be adjusted to a lower position and there will also be a low seat option. Honda will also offer a higher seat for taller riders.

The main subject is the new engine, of course, which sees displacement bumped to 1,084cc. the bigger capacity brings a 7hp increase to 101hp from 94hp. Torque is rated at 104.4 Nm. The increase in capacity is necessary in order to produce higher power while expelling lower emissions.

Other updates to the engine include direct fuel injection with twin-spark plug combustion chambers; aluminium cylinder sleeves; redesigned cylinder heads; new ECU settings; revised valve timing; split radiators.

Honda claims that the new bike is lighter than the outgoing model: The manual gearbox version weighs 226kg while the DCT-equipped version tips the scales at 236kg.

In terms of electronics, the 2020 Africa Twin includes six riding modes: Tour, Urban, Gravel, Off-Road and two user settings. There is a new 6.5-inch TFT screen (set horizontally now) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, wheelie control and Bluetooth connectivity. Honda has also added cruise control (yippee!).

The manual gearbox version retails for USD14,399 in the USA.


  • Picture of the 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin have emerged.

  • They were part of submissions for certification in Australia.

  • The regular and Adventure versions have slightly different looks.

Here’s how the 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin looks like.

The grayscale photos were part of the file submitted for vehicle certification documents in Australia and shared by

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure

The details also confirmed the speculation that the engine will be enlarged to gain more power in face of stifling Euro 5 regulations. It’s learned that displacement goes up to 1084cc from 998cc, bringing power output to 101 hp at 7,500 RPM. Motorcyclist didn’t disclose the torque figure.

Honda is offering the bike with their proprietary dual clutch transmission (DCT) and manual gearbox.

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure – rear view

Perhaps more importantly, the low-resolution photos show that the manufacturer has reworked the bike’s styling. The dual headlights and distinctive radiator flanks are retained but updated.

The Adventure version retains the “google headlamps” and has a taller windscreen and aluminium panels as on its fuel tanks’ flanks. The side panels are also different but there is a large passenger grab bar and luggage rack at the back.

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

The regular, non-Adventure model, on the other hand, looks to be more streamlined and the headlamps are made more angular than the current model. There’s noticeably fewer details than its Adventure counterpart.

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin – rear view

The new Africa Twin may be launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in October or EICMA in November 2019.


Imej hasilan sebuah Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin – Sumber imej: MCN
  • Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin mungkin akan tampil dengan enjin berkapasiti 1100cc pada tahun 2020.
  • Penambahan kapasiti ini adalah untuk menyediakan motosikal tersebut bagi mematuhi piawaian Euro 5.
  • Motosikal kembara kelas pertengahan turut menghasilkan jumlah kuasa yang sama seperti model Africa Twin semasa.



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