A beginner’s guide to Honda Big Bikes!

In today’s Bikes Republic feature, we’ve prepared a very special beginner’s guide to Honda big bikes that are available here in Malaysia.

While most Malaysians already consider Boon Siew Honda (BSH) as a household name when it comes to small capacity mopeds and scooters, BSH do offer a wide range of bigger capacity bikes.

From the ever powerful Honda CBR1000RR superbike to the uber-cool Honda Rebel 500 cruiser, there’s always the right Honda bike for everyone from beginners to veteran riders.

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While most Malaysians are already familiar with Boon Siew Honda (BSH) as a major household name when it comes to the world of cubs, mopeds and small capacity motorcycles, those looking for something a bit more should also know that BSH offers a wide range of bigger capacity two-wheelers that’ll suit any type of rider for any riding situation.

From street bikes, cruisers to the best track day machines, Honda always has something available for everyone. In this special feature, we’re going to look at the types of bikes you can get from the good folks over at Boon Siew Honda Malaysia.


Considered as the crème de la crème when it comes to modern day motorcycles, the sport bikes or superbikes are road legal versions of what manufacturers would use as their race bikes built to rip up the tracks and circuits around the world.

Patented after road racing machines, this particular type of motorcycle offers the best aerodynamics with its sleek outer appearance and cool-looking full fairings. Honda bikes like the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade or the middleweight CBR600RR are suitable for racing and occasional track days.

Most riders can get the best out of the street legal bikes through short stints like carving the mountain roads during the weekends. However, these bikes are not that suitable for normal everyday use like commuting back and forth the office.

While there are some folks who are doing this (big respect), it is not advisable for beginners to do the same thing as these bikes have been tuned with great throttle response, braking performance as well as power and torque outputs.

The top grade race-inspired suspensions are great in the circuit to gain maximum feeling of the track’s surface but on normal roads, riders will feel every single road imperfection which can be very tiring after a short time of riding.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate fun when it comes to track days, racing or the ever popular weekend ride outs, the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade might be the perfect tool for you. To know more about the CBR1000RR, CLICK HERE.

STREET BIKES – CBR250R / CBR500R / CBR500F / CB650F / CBR650F

One of the most common types of bikes you’ll see on the roads today is the street bikes. Street bikes are the perfect everyday motorcycles that are able to perform all tasks fairly well and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The question is whether you prefer naked bikes or full fairing machines because Honda has BOTH!

When it comes to BSH, they do have quite a range of street bikes available in their ever-growing arsenal that’ll suit beginners and veteran riders alike. Bikes from the entry-level Honda CBR250R all the way to four-cylinder Honda CBR650 range will excite any rider whether it’s for commuting, weekend rides or the occasional fun around the circuit.

The Honda CBR250R is an entry-level 250cc sports bike from Honda which has been considered one of the best options out there for those looking to start their passion in big bikes. Thanks to its improved handling dynamics and ease of use, the new CBR250R is suited for all sorts of riding whether it’s commuting daily to work or going for a fun Sunday ride on mountain roads.

Interested in the Honda CBR250R? CLICK HERE to know more!

2017 Honda CBR500R

Honda bikes like the mid range CBR500R and CBR500F are good for beginners wanting to upgrade to bigger capacity motorcycles without being overwhelmed by the power. These bikes are designed with good ergonomics that are not too aggressive which offers good levels of comfort. This aspect is the main selling point considering that the folks who buy these bikes will probably use it every day.

To know more about the CBR500R and CBR500F, CLICK HERE.

2017 Honda CBR650F

If the 500cc twin-cylinders are not enough for you, then upgrading to the four-cylinder Honda CB650F or CBR650F might be the perfect choice. These two machines offer very unique riding experiences with that soul-stirring inline-four engine soundtrack plus enough power to make the ride much more exciting.

2017 Honda CB650F

Check out the Honda 650 range by clicking HERE.


Honda CB500X

Those who are looking for something a bit more special that offers great comfort even for long distance riding can opt for either the Honda CB500X or the more powerful NC750X. These touring-oriented sport bikes come with sleek design but offer superior levels of comfort for the riders and pillions.

Riders wanting to go for long distance travels across countries have a higher degree of customisations when it comes to these touring machines. Things like riding position, seat height to foot positioning can all be altered according to rider’s specifications.

The Honda CB500X is also a very good option for everyday commute as is very easy to ride even after a hard day’s work at the office. With all its comfort plus healthy power output that caters to all sorts of riders, you can never go wrong with the CB500X.

CLICK HERE to know more about the latest Honda CB500X.

Honda NC750X

Looking for something that’s a bit more exciting? Why not treat yourself by going straight to the NC750X which comes with a 745cc liquid-cooled parallel engine that produces 54hp and 68Nm of torque. With the NC750X, it always a good day to ride.

Read more on the exciting NC750X by clicking HERE.


For those who are looking for one of the latest additions into the Malaysian cruiser market can go for the 2017 Honda Rebel 500, a reasonably-priced entry-level cruiser with high levels of ‘cool’. A middleweight “Bobber” is just what the Malaysian ‘bike doctors’ ordered to add some excitement into the motorcycle scene.

When it comes to cruisers, these bikes were built with the intention for long and low cruises. Like touring bikes, cruisers prioritise comfort over speed. They usually come with huge engines but has been tuned for controlled power. With the Rebel 500, it’s the perfect choice for newbies as some cruisers can go up to 1,700cc which come with a huge price tag as well.

The most prominent feature on the cruiser is that long front fork or ‘rake’ which offers more control and stability during long tours on highways. Comfort levels are elevated even further as most of them are fitted with lower seat heights which allow greater control for the riders even at slow speeds.

The Rebel 500 offers enough power and torque to excite any rider whether it’s going to the office fully-clothed in your business suit or a lovely weekend ride to popular riding destinations and eateries. The 471cc twin-cylinder engine offers great versatility without breaking the bank as it is priced just above the RM30,000 mark.

To know more about the latest Honda Rebel 500, CLICK HERE.


Off-roaders, rejoice! BSH recently gave us a preview on the latest dual-sport Honda CRF250 Rally and CRF250L which are also known as dual-purpose bikes. This means that these bikes can handle well of paved roads but if you want to take them for some off-road fun, you can do that as well without making any modifications whatsoever.

Dual-sport bikes are a combination between full-on dirt bikes and adventure motorcycles thrown into the mixing bowl with all the best features combined. With the off-road motorcycle community growing bigger by the day in Malaysia, bikes like the CRF250 Rally and CRF250L can be a great addition that can handle more off-road sessions while maintaining its street legal status.

With these bikes, you don’t have to load them up on a truck to get to the riding track or location. Simply gear up, start the bike and ride on over legally without facing any issues with authorities when going through normal streets.

Check out the CRF250 Rally and CRF250L by clicking HERE.


Scooters are the innovators of the past, people movers of the present and the ultimate daily machine of the future. These automatic bikes require no gear changes whatsoever and are perfect go-to options for weaving in and out of cities with ease.

Those who require travelling a longer distance but still want all the goodies provided by a scooter can opt for its bigger sibling, the maxi scooter. Designed with bigger power, maxi scooters are perfect for longer distance riding which comes with great levels of comfort and ease.

Maxi scooters like the Honda NSS300 is part of BSH’s premium line of motorcycles that comes with ample storage space, lightweight design, automatic transmission for easy riding and even a charging port to power up your mobile devices on the go.

Whatever your choice maybe, Honda scooters are perfect machine that are fun for all ages and riders. CLICK HERE to know more about the latest version of the NSS300.

There you have it, folks. While there are more Honda bikes available in different markets around the world, the bikes stated above are all available now or coming real soon on Malaysian soil. No matter what type of rider you are, we’re sure that there’s always a Honda bike for anyone and everyone.

Whatever your passion may be, Boon Siew Honda is there to fuel that passion towards dreams and finally turning it to outstanding motorcycling realities or as they like to call it “Passion towards Dreams”.

A passionate individual when it comes to anything related to two wheels (or sometimes more), he enjoys the chaotic and magical world of motorsports as much as riding leisurely to the shops on his beloved Vespa. With an education-based background, he is always eager to learn and share about the poetic arts of motorcycling.

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