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Yamaha RX-Z 135 16T Front Sprocket

Yamaha RX-Z 135 39T Rear Sprocket

Yamaha RX-Z 135 428 Chain

Standard Yamaha RX-Z from factory is fitted with 16T and 46T (if you are wondering what is the “T” behind the number, it is actually TEETH).
Currently, I’m using 16T-42T on my Yamaha RX-Z since I use it as my daily commuter to work. For now it is okay but, after I change my original exhaust to Yoshi Racing exhaust, I think I need to do something about it. This is because the new exhaust has released more power and torque than the original standard exhaust.
My next sprocket change is to 16T-39T as pictured above. I haven’t installed this yet as I’m a little bit busy for now. This changes I think will not effect much on the performance since I only use it on short trip. Using smaller rear sprocket can give benefit for long distance traveling since it can give lower RPM at the same speed using standard sprocket. It can also give better fuel efficiency since it revs low.
You should also check for the material that is used to make the sprocket. As you can see in the picture, the rear sprocket is being made with High Carbon Steel(HCS). HCS is a lighter material than steel. Also HCS is better in terms of durability since it can withstand pressure and the friction from the drive chain. The best material for sprocket is made from the mixture of metals also known as alloy. Alloy is much tougher, lighter and eventually more expensive. The hardest material that is known to man is diamond, but I have never seen sprocket being made from diamond before.
Here is another information about sprocket material for industry application at

“Sprocket Materials

Most standard sprockets are manufactured from steel. They can be made from many type of material, but the offerings from most manufacturers are based upon their own equipment limitations and the tooling available to cut the teeth.

Below is a listing of typical sprocket materials and their most frequent application environments.

Steel – Is considered the most typical construction material. It is available in different hardness levels (covered later) and is used in all types of applications.

Bronze – Is a metal used in non-magnetic applications where ‘no sparking’ is required. It can also withstand the abuse of some corrosive environments.

Brass – Is also a non-magnetic application material with the ability to stand up in a number of corrosive environments.

Stainless Steel – This is the most common material used for corrosive environments. It is widely applied throughout in the food processing industry and most manufacturers have types approved for direct food contact.

Titanium – Light weight and very strong, this metal is a silvery, dark grey colour and is designed for highly corrosive applications or direct chemical exposure such as in the electrical industry where printed circuit boards are cleaned.

Aluminium – Silvery, light weight metal that can resist corrosion but is restricted to light duty, light load applications. Typically used in belt and pulley applications (timing belts).

Nylon (Plastic) – As with roller chain, nylon is also used for anti-corrosive environments, as well as for quietness.

Nylon materials are also generally less expensive than metal. Nylon sprockets can be used in the food industry, as they hold up well in wash down situations. These plastic sprockets can be constructed from electro-conductive through heat resistant styles – similarly found in plastic chain.”
What is the sprocket that you are using now? Let’s share the knowledge!

Yamaha Spark 135 Racing

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance Extreme Modifies

Yamaha Spark 135 Extreme Modification

Yamaha Spark 135 – Indonesia Modification

Thai biker also have their enthusiast who likes to blog. Here I have found one that is still up and running blog that has just been updated today. You can surf it up here.
The modification here is very nice and fresh. It can give a lot of idea for us to do it on our bikes here in Malaysia.

Yamaha Vega ZR
Yamaha Vega ZR

Yamaha Vega-R DB

Yamaha Jupiter Z
Yamaha Jupiter Z

Yamaha Jupiter Z or Yamaha Lagenda in Malaysia

I have stumble upon these images when I browse to official Yamaha Motor Indonesia website. At first, I thought Yamaha Vega-R DB is Yamaha Jupiter Z/Lagenda, but it isn’t.
So, I compare the Yamaha Vega-R DB with Yamaha Jupiter Z specification and found out that it share the same cylinder size (cc), same body and same suspension setup. I’m guessing this Yamaha Vega-R DB is the another facelift (or bodylift?) version of Yamaha Jupiter Z. Here in Malaysia, we already have Yamaha Lagenda, Yamaha Lagenda Z and the latest version of it that is Yamaha Lagenda ZR.
The differences between Yamaha Vega-R DB and Yamaha Jupiter Z can be seen on the front head lamp and new fairing design.
If my guess is correct, then we’ll have new version of Yamaha Lagenda in the next few months.
Official Yamaha Motor Indonesia can be accessed here.
Yamaha Motor Phillippines Website for Sniper

It is good for us to know about the other version of Yamaha LC135 since it can give us a lot of ideas for our next modification.
Philippines got the Yamaha Sniper for automatic clutch and Yamaha Sniper HC for manual hand clutch.
The information given here is not very detailed as compared to which is the official website from Yamaha specifically for Yamaha LC135.
What I like about this website is that we can look for the different design of the sticker and stripe of the Yamaha Sniper. Maybe we can buy the sticker from Philippines for simple and easy coverset mod.
Get yourself there by clicking on the picture.
Yamaha X1R Thailand Black

Yamaha X1R Thailand Blue

Yamaha X1R Thailand Yellow Showroom Bike

Yamaha X1R Front Head Lamp

Yamaha X1R Rear Lamp

Yamaha X1R Thailand version of Yamaha LC135 is a very special model. It has front and rear brake disc whereby most of the other version only has front disc brake such as Yamaha Sniper (Bermuda) and T135(Europe).
The design of the bike is also very different when compared all of the other version of the LC135. It look much more naked, meaner and more manly. The rear lamp is designed well to suit the overall radical look presented by the absence of front head lamp on the head cover. The front head lamp is being replaced to lower position that is on the fairing. This remind me the look of new Nuovo that is Nuovo LC. It is good design and I think a lot of Yamaha LC135 like to have their bike to resemble this look.
Yamaha X1R also have another version in Thailand that is Yamaha Spark 135i, and as the name suggest it is being equipped with fuel injection.
For those who are looking to convert their bike to resemble X1R, read the post here.
For Yamaha LC135 Rear Brake Disc Conversion, read it here.
MotoMalaya Photo Gallery at

I have a lot of request of readers asking me to setup a page so that they can upload their Yamaha bikes picture. Well, your requests has been granted! I have setup NEW PHOTO GALLERY website with NEW domain name.

So, head up straight to

Register yourself there and upload your RX-Z, 125Z, Lagenda, LC135 or FZ-150i pictures(s).

It is still quite empty there since it is just opened, you just might be one of the earliest MotoMalayan to be the family of new website.


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