Sejak pelancaran sulung di Indonesia, ramai yang masih ternanti-nanti akan ketibaan model itu disini.

Sebelum ini, Ketua Pegawai Operasi Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd (EMOS), Roslan Roskan, telah pun memaklumkan bahawa Ninja ZX-25R akan dipasang di Malaysia dan akan dijenamakan sebagai Modenas.

Untuk rekod, EMOS telah beberapa kali mempamerkan Ninja ZX-25R kepada umum ketika di MotoGP Malaysia 2022 dan terbaru di Malaysia Autoshow 2023.  

Ketika itu, kami diberitahu Ninja ZX-25R akan dipasarkan sekitar pertengahan tahun ini. Terbaru, kami difahamkan bahawa Ninja ZX-25R itu akan dilancarkan secara rasmi sekitar September tahun ini. 

Sebelum ini juga kami dimaklumkan bahawa Ninja ZX-25R akan datang dengan dua varian, ZX-25R SE dan ZX-25RR dan akan dijual pada harga antara RM33k dan RM40k. 

Apa pun, nantikan pengumuman rasmi dari pihak EMOS sendiri. 

Tidak dinafikan, antara motosikal yang ditunggu-tunggu untuk menembusi pasaran Malaysia adalah Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R. 

Sejak pelancaran sulung di Indonesia, ramai yang masih ternanti-nanti akan ketibaan model itu disini.

Sebelum ini, Ketua Pegawai Operasi Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd (EMOS), Roslan Roskan, telah pun memaklumkan bahawa Ninja ZX-25R akan dipasang di Malaysia dan akan dijenamakan sebagai Modenas.

Untuk rekod, EMOS telah beberapa kali mempamerkan Ninja ZX-25R kepada umum ketika di MotoGP Malaysia 2022 dan terbaru di Malaysia Autoshow 2023.  

Ketika itu, kami difahamkan Ninja ZX-25R akan dipasarkan sekitar pertengahan tahun ini. Bagaimanapun, maklumat terbaru yang kami terima adalah EMOS sebagai rasmi jenama Kawasaki di Malaysia masih lagi dalam peringkat perbincangan bagi menentukan harga sesuai untuk dipasarkan disini. 

@kawasakishahalam Replying to @Slurpee Clarification and latest update for ZX25-R ! What you guys waiting for? COME ON! PM kami laju-laju! #FreeYondOpen #kawasaki #h2r #maepsserdang #zx25r #cmcdaytona #caferacer #retro #CapCut #malaysiaautoshow2023 #kawasakimalaysia #sbk #ninja250 #zx10r #versys #kawasakininja #kawasakishahalam ♬ original sound – Kawasaki Shah Alam

Dalam perkembangan terbaru, akaun TikTok rasmi Kawasaki Shah Alam mendedahkan bahawa Ninja ZX-25R itu akan datang dengan dua varian, ZX-25R SE dan ZX-25RR. 

Menariknya, video berdurasi 52 saat itu juga memaklumkan bahawa model ‘empat dapur’ itu akan dijual pada harga antara atas RM33k dan bawah RM40k. 

Apa pun, kita nantikan pengumuman rasmi dari pihak EMOS dan Kawasaki Malaysia sendiri. 

Launched in 2020, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R was an instant hit in neighbouring Asian countries. 

  • Currently, the ZX-25R is only available in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.
  • The Ninja ZX-25R makes 51hp and 22.9Nm of torque. 

Last year, the quarter-litre screamer got a new colourway in Indonesia, including Lime Green, Passion Red, Metallic Matte Graphene Steel Grey and Metallic Spark Black. 

Unfortunately, all other specifications remain unchanged. 

However, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R gets new equipment and electronic package for 2023, including a new RR trim, announced by Kawasaki Indonesia.

Priced at IDR129,900,000 (RM39k), the Ninja ZX-25RR features a new fully adjustable Showa SFF-BP 37mm front fork and adjustable horizontal back-link BFRC lite gas-charged shock. 

Also new on the 2023 model year is a new TFT instrument cluster replacing the semi-digital meter on the previous model. Thanks to the new dash, riders can now connect the bike to their smartphone via the Kawasaki Rideology app. 

In addition, Kawasaki also introduced a new exhaust system that now meets Euro 4 emission standards.

Other notable features include:

  • assist & slipper clutch
  • economical riding indicator
  • electronic throttle valve
  • KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter)
  • KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control)
  • power modes

Powering the 2023 Ninja ZX-25RR is an inline four-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC mill displacing 249.8cc that produces 51hp @ 15,500rpm (with Ram Air) and 22.9Nm @ 14,500rpm.

Power goes through a 6-speed transmission with a claimed max speed of 197km/h. 

We knew that a bigger version of Kawasaki’s ZX-25R is on its way and it will be called the ZX-4R.

  • Kawasaki Indonesia to launch a new motorcycle on October 1, 2022.
  • The motorcycle is likely the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R. 

We also knew that Kawasaki has filed a trademark application of the ZX-4R in various countries including in North America and Asia, signalling the arrival of the new motorcycle.

What we don’t know is that Kawasaki plans to introduced the ZX-4R much sooner than we predicted.

According to a new teaser video posted on Kawasaki’s Indonesia social media account, there is a new Ninja ZX on its way this October. 

To be fair, the 30 second video provides little hints aside from revealing the ZX nameplate.

So far, Kawasaki already updated its current ZX range, including the ZX-25R, ZX-6R and ZX-10R. 

That said, the new product launch is likely to be the upcoming Ninja ZX-4R inline-four motorcycle. 

If the reports are true, then we have something to be excited about for 2023. 

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is finally coming to Malaysia, two years after its official debut in Indonesia.

  • The ZX-25R is fitted with the smallest inline 4-cylinder engine in the market.
  • A high revving machine, the quarter litre screamer can go up to 17,000rpm. 

The quarter-litre screamer will arrive early next year by the newly appointed distributor and partner, MODENAS.

The confirmation news was delivered by none other than MODENAS CEO Roslan Roskam, during our recent visit to the company factory plant, in Gurun, Kedah.

While we wait for the ZX-25R imminent arrival, let’s take a look at what makes the smallest inline-4 an exciting machine to look out for.

1. High rev ceiling.

To put things in perspective, a factory MotoGP bike can rev up to 18,000 rpm while an F1 car can go up to 15,000rpm.

The ZX-25R can go up to 17,000rpm, and you can get to 10,000 rpm just by riding to the nearest ‘Mamak stall’. Let that sink in.

This makes the ZX-25R an impressive engineering machine brought to you by the brilliant mind from Kawasaki.

2. Small yet powerful engine.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R gets you a 249.8cc, DOHC, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 16-valve, in-line 4-cylinder capable of delivering 51hp @ 15,500rpm and maximum torque of 22.9Nm @ 14,500rpm.

The impressive power figure puts the bike at the top of the 250cc segment.

3. Not a beginner-friendly bike as you might expect.

With such a high rev ceiling, the power only kicks in at a dizzying 15,500rpm, and below 10,000rpm, there is pretty much nothing.

This makes the bike a bit challenging to ride, especially for new riders who might get caught out when the power kicks in all at once at 15,000rpm.

4. Perfect track bike.

To be fair, most track-oriented machines cost a fortune and the cheapest option with the proper specs you can get your hands on are 600cc supersport motorcycle.

However, Kawasaki realised that twins and singles mostly dominate the 250cc and 300cc class, and while they are good enough to take you around the track, they don’t make a lot of power.

The ZX-25R is the perfect high-revving motorcycle for the track, and with 50hp, it currently has no competition.

5. Phenomenal soundtrack.

No word can best describe how good is the sound that comes out of the ZX-25R. We suggest it might be best to take a look at the video shared by Kawasaki Indonesia.

A reminder, the bike in the video is installed with Akrapovic full system exhaust, so the eargasm is not a joke.


Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R kini menjadi motosikal 250cc paling berkuasa sejak dilancarkan di Indonesia, dua tahun lalu.

Manakan tidak, enjin empat silinder 249.8cc DOHC, 4-valve dengan penyejukan cecair itu mampu menghasilkan 50hp pada 15,500rpm dan 22.9Nm pada 14,500rpm.

Dengan enjin yang mampu ‘rev’ sehingga 17,000rpm, ZX-25R ternyata tiada lawan yang setaraf.

Jentera suku liter dari Kawasaki itu juga turut menghasilkan impak besar sejak dilancarkan, dengan beberapa siri perlumbaan khas bagi jentera ZX-25R telah diwujudkan di Jepun.

Bukan itu sahaja, permintaan tinggi terhadap model itu di Asia juga menyaksikan pelbagai alat ganti ‘aftermarket’ ditawarkan penjual.

Bagaimanapun, pakej terbaru daripada pakar alat ganti ‘aftermarket’ di Jepun, Trick Star, menawarkan sesuatu yang luar biasa.

Ini kerana Trick Star kini menawarkan kit turbo khas bagi Kawasaki ZX-25R di Jepun!

Kit turbo tersebut akan menggandakan kuasa ZX-25R kepada 100hp dan mampu membantu model itu mencecah kelajuan maksima setinggi 240km/j.

Bagaimanapun, bagi yang rasa gerun dengan 100hp, Trick Star juga menawarkan kit turbo yang meningkatkan kuasa kepada 60hp naik 10hp berbanding enjin standard.

Namun, Trick Star mengingatkan bahawa kit turbo itu hanya sesuai untuk kegunaan di litar atau pameran sahaja kerana boleh melanggar standard emisi dan gangguan bunyi di tempat awam.

The highly anticipated Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R will land in Malaysia next year.

  • the ZX-25R will finally hit Malaysia’s shores soon.
  • powered by a 249.8cc 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, the ZX-25R makes 50hp and 22.9Nm.

Two years since the official launch of the Ninja ZX-25R in Indonesia, the quarter-liter screamer will finally make its way to Malaysia.

According to the newly appointed Kawasaki distributor in Malaysia, MODENAS, the Ninja ZX-25R will land in Malaysia within the first half of 2023.

The information was conveyed to us by MODENAS Chief Executive Officer Roslan Roskan, during the recent visit to the MODENAS factory in Gurun, Kedah.

However, Roslan admitted that MODENAS and Kawasaki are still yet to determine whether to bring in the motorcycle as a CKD or CBU unit.

Nevertheless, it is the news everyone has been waiting for ever since the Ninja ZX-25R appeared in Indonesia.

During the global introduction, Kawasaki Indonesia showcased four different colour options with two different variants up for grabs: the base 2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R and the Ninja ZX-25R Special Edition (SE).

The differences between the base model and the Special Edition are the additions of selectable riding modes, quick-shifter (both ways), and traction control as standard for the SE.

As for the engine, the Ninja ZX-25R’s 249cc inline-four DOHC engine produces a staggering 50hp at 15,500rpm (51hp with ram air) and 22.9Nm of max torque at 14,500rpm. In other words, you will have some good times when you rev this baby hard.

Other specs include:

  • Power Mode Selection (Full or Low)
  • New race-inspired Trellis frame
  • 37mm front Separate Function Fork – Big Piston (SFF-BP)
  • Horizontal back-link rear suspension
  • Dunlop GPR300 radial tyres
  • LCD instrument display
  • 180kg (182kg for SE)
  • 15-litre fuel tank

Rumours suggest a retro styled Z400 RS twin of the ZX-4R could be in the works, packing a manic 400cc four-cylinder too.


Umum sedia maklum bahawa Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd (EMOS) telah diumumkan mengambil alih sebagai pengedar rasmi jenama Kawasaki di Malaysia.

Jalinan kerjasama itu termeterai setelah Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) meningkatkan ekuiti saham dalam Modenas dari 19 peratus kepada 30 peratus pada 2019.

Saham KHI juga boleh meningkat kepada 48 peratus menerusi pembelian 52 juta unit saham keutamaan boleh tukar.

Oktober tahun lalu, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Modenas, Roslan Roskan memaklumkan bahawa syarikat itu akan kembali merancakkan kerjasama dengan Kawasaki bermula 2022.

*Modenas Ninja 250

Ketika ditemui sewaktu berlangsungnya sesi Track Day Modenas Bersama Media, Roslan memberitahu bahawa model yang pernah ditayangkan sebelum ini, Modenas Ninja 250 akan dilancarkan sekitar hujung suku pertama 2022.

*CEO Modenas, Roslan Roskan (empat dari kanan).

Malaysia kini telah pun memasuki bulan terakhir Suku Pertama 2022 dan hanya tinggal beberapa minggu sahaja lagi sebelum Suku Kedua bermula.

Bagaimanapun, sehingga kini perkabaran mengenai Ninja 250 yang dijenamakan semula itu masih tidak kelihatan walaupun kilang di Gurun telah pun mempersiapkan fasiliti untuk pemasangan model Kawasaki seperti yang dilaporkan sebelum ini.

*Kawasaki Versys 650 2022

Menurut info yang diperolehi sebelum ini, Modenas akan menjenamakan semula beberapa model Kawasaki dari 250 hingga 650cc. Bagaimanapun, kami dimaklumkan ketika itu bahawa perkara itu masih lagi dalam perbincangan.

*Modenas Karisma 125S

Setakat ini, Modenas telah membuka tirai 2022 dengan melancarkan skuter kompak, Karisma 125S yang dijual pada harga RM5,397.

Sudah beberapa bulan khabar angin bertiup bahawa Kawasaki bakal memperkenalkan sebuah lagi motosikal dengan enjin bernadikan empat silinder.

Desas-desus mengenai model ZX-4R telah dibangkitkan sejak Kawasaki memperkenalkan ZX-25R di pasaran Indonesia dua tahun lalu.

*Kawasaki ZX-25R

Pengeluar motosikal Jepun itu turut memfailkan tanda dagangan ZX-4R sekaligus memberi bayangan bahawa motosikal empat silinder 400cc itu bakal menjadi kenyataan.

Dalam perkembangan terbaru, media Jepun Young-Machine (YM) telah menjadikan imej ‘render’ ZX-4R sebagai muka depan majalah mereka bagi keluaran April.

Malah, tajuk utama juga mencadangkan Kawasaki sedang bersiap sedia untuk pelancaran global ZX-4R tidak lama lagi.

Rekaan pada imej ‘render’ tersebut juga menunjukkan bahawa ZX-4R akan meminjam rekaan ZX-10R generasi terkini terutamanya di bahagian panel depan termasuk lampu.

*Kawasaki ZX-10R

Sejujurnya, kami jarang bagi tumpuan pada imej render kerana kebanyakkannya hanyalah ‘syok’ sendiri tetapi setakat ini imej render yang dikongsikan YM lebih 90 peratus tepat, jadi sukar untuk menidakkan dakwaan mereka.

Sementara itu, Kawasaki ZX-4R itu juga dijangka akan menawarkan pelbagai ciri premium antaranya Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) dan fork USD.

Buat masa ini belum dapat dipastikan berapakah kuasa yang mampu dihasilkan enjin tersebut namun menilai pada kemampuan ZX-25R menjana 50hp, kemungkinan besar ZX-4R menawarkan 75hp ke atas.

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is almost a walk down memory lane, taking us back to the glory years of the 4-cylinder screamer of the 80s and 90s.

Although we have yet to see the bike making its way to Malaysia, we are still hopeful that it just might, under the new management of MODENAS.

Nevertheless, Kawasaki is already working on another tempting machine in the form of a more powerful 400cc version, retaining the high-reving appeal of the original 1990 ZXR400.

The rumour first came out during the global introduction of the ZX-25R itself; however, reports in Japan have confirmed that the ZX-4R is sure to be launched soon.

Moreover, Kawasaki already filed a patent in 2019 showcasing a design that states “preferably applied to a vehicle having four-cylinder 400cc engine.”

Based on a rendered image shared, the upcoming ZX-4R is expected to be fitted with the same components from the existing ZX-25R, including the tubular steel frame and the banana swingarm.

According to reports, the ZX-4R will feature a revamped front and headlights, heavily inspired by the latest ZX-10R superbike together with the ZXR400 paint scheme.

Since the ZX-25R makes 50hp @ 15,500rpm with Ram-Air, the ZX-4R could churn out close to 80hp.

  • The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R garnered lots of positive response since its introduction at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

  • Kawasaki Indonesia shows the way in upgrading it for track duty.

  • The video shows how they did it.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R garnered lots of positive response since its introduction at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

We can’t see why not: a screaming 250cc, DOHC, 16-valve, inline-Four engine, upside down forks, quickshifter, etc. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a 250cc inline-Four, so the bike would most probably still get plenty of interest just for the engine without everything else.

But Kawasaki Indonesia is taking it a few steps further, by creating a track weapon out of the bike.

First off, the bodywork’s replaced with an all-carbon fibre set by A-Tech Japan. Look closer and you’ll see that the frame and subframe are carbon too! The body is then given the “mesh” graphic, first seen on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR MotoGP bike. The tail definitely looks similar to the Ninja ZX-6R and Ninja ZX-10R.

The metallic orange coloured footpegs are hard to miss, too.

But we think there’s still more to come, as they have not touched the suspension, brakes, ECU, engine and exhaust system. It’ll also be interesting to see what they would do to the bike’s rider aid electronics and such.

Will we see this kind of effort in Malaysia when the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R makes it here? You betcha!


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