yamaha x-max 125


  • Skuter Yamaha X-Max 125 2018 berpotensi besar dan tampak amat menarik.
  • Skuter X-Max 125 ini laris di jual di seluruh dunia.
  • Merupakan sebahagian daripada rangkaian skuter “MAX” Yamaha.


  • 2018 Yamaha X-Max 125 shows great looks and promise

  • The X-Max 125 is a worldwide best-seller

  • Part of Yamaha’s “MAX” scooter family

Yamaha has unveiled the new X-Max 125 scooter ahead of the release of their 2018 model line up.

While we do not see the X-Max in Malaysia, the model has sold more than 140,000 units worldwide.

The 2018 model will be EU-4 emissions compliant, hence the 125cc, single-cylinder engine is fed by electronic fuel injection which has low fuel consumption. Such prospects would make the X-Max popular in our country, due to the rising fuel prices.

Both the X-Max 125’s brakes feature ABS as standard. But it goes beyond that, as there is also traction control.

Yamaha has also upgraded the 2018 X-Max 125 to be even more practical. Case in point is the underseat storage space which could accommodate two full-face helmets. That large screen is adjustable, so are the handlebars. It also has a 12V power outlet, like in the NVX, which is fast becoming a pre-requisite.

Speaking of the NVX, the X-Max 125 also uses the Yamaha Smart Key as the former’s. The X-Max’s distinctive dual LCD instruments panels remain.

Yamaha has also started to imbue its family of scooters with a sense of familial ties through the design of their headlights and tail lights. One could instantly tell their make with just one glance.

Will the X-Max 125 ever make it here? Who knows. But it does show that Yamaha is serious about the scooter market.

But if you really want a scooter, check out the Yamaha NVX we tested recently. Click here to read the review of the NVX. 


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