Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha best-selling model to date, the MT-07, was given an extensive upgrade for 2021, including a new bodywork and a revised 689cc parallel-twin motor.

Thanks to a 270-degree crankshaft, the MT-07 delivers a similar exhaust note of a V-Twin configuration. This also resulted in owners seeking aftermarket exhaust to amplify the sound and increase power delivery.

Italian exhaust manufacturer SC-Project has just introduced a new Euro5 compliant SC1-S full system for the 2021 MT-07.

Interestingly, while SC-Project has a reputation for producing a downright obnoxious exhaust sound, the SC1-S offers just the right balance between socially acceptable and loud.

According to the company, the SC1-S uses a two-into-one arrangement mated to a slip-on exhaust at the end.

Frankly, not only does the exhaust look sleek, but it also increases the overall ‘badass’ element of the MT-07 compared to the stock underbelly exhaust. More importantly, it sounds better than the stock, especially at a higher rev range.

Moving on to the price, the new SC1-S is available for USD1,733 (RM7.1k).

The motorcycle market was buzzing ever since Yamaha introduced the YZF-R7.

The new R7 now joins Aprilia RS660 and Honda CBR650R as a middleweight sports bike powered by the same CP2 engine found on its naked siblings, the MT-07.

*Yamaha YZF-R7

While it delivers the same 73hp and 67Nm, the R7 will entice young and new riders around the globe.

Suzuki once held the title with the SV650. Affordable to own and maintain by the likes of every new and experienced rider on the planet.

However, rumours have it that the guys at Hamamatsu are planning to get in on the action to go head to head against the all-new R7.

*Suzuki SV650

According to reports, Suzuki plans to take the SV650 and put a full fairing around it and make it an affordable sport-focused machine.

*2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000

While we are not sure how long it would take for Suzuki to introduce the new motorcycle but based on the company’s new effort to introduce a new range of 2022 models starting with the GSX-S1000, GSX-S950, upcoming GSX-R1000 and GSX-S1000T, we might catch a full-fairing SV650 soon.

Yamaha telah pun menghentikan pengeluaran YZF-R6 ekoran peraturan ketat membabitkan piawaian Euro 5 di Eropah.

Namun, model itu akan terus dibina untuk kegiatan litar lumba sahaja sebagai model bukan homologasi.

Walaupun tindakan itu menerima kritikan namun melihat kepada keadaan semasa, segmen motosikal sportsbike 600cc semakin kurang mendapat perhatian.

Bagaimanapun, Yamaha didakwa bakal mengikut langkah Aprilia, Honda serta Kawasaki dalam memperkenalkan motosikal jenis supersport dengan fairing penuh berlandaskan model sedia ada, MT-07.

Enjin CP2 pada MT-07 ketika ini menawarkan 74hp dan 68Nm dan agak jauh jika dibandingkan dengan Aprilia RS660 serta Honda CBR650R yang menjana 90hp ke atas.

Melainkan, Yamaha menala semula enjin 689cc DOCH parallel-twin bagi menyesuaikan dengan sebuah motosikal supersports.

Senario itu mampu dilakukan kerana terdapat sebuah pasukan yang bertanding di Amerika Syarikat berjaya meningkatkan kuasa enjin kepada 79hp sekaligus beri bayangan syarikat berpangkalan di Iwata, Jepun itu mampu meningkatkan prestasi enjin termasuk tork.

Sebelum ini, media Jepun, Young-Machine turut pernah melaporkan bahawa model R7 bakal dibangunkan.

Pelaksanaan Euro 5 menyaksikan Yamaha memperkenalkan MT-07 dan MT-09 serba baharu bagi 2021.

Namun, pengeluar motosikal Jepun itu masih kunci mulut mengenai model yang berkongsi platform YZF-R1, MT-10.

Yamaha MT-10 masih belum menjalani perubahan rekaan sejak 2016 dengan hanya beberapa kemas kini dilaksanakan selepas itu.

Bagaimanapun, menyaksikan reka bentuk MT-07 dan MT-09 dirombak secara keseluruhan maka bukan satu kejutan jika MT-10 bakal diolah bagi 2021. berkongsi imej ‘render’ yang membayangkan rekaan baharu bagi MT-10 2021 yang jelas memaparkan penggunaan lampu ala ‘Gundam’ serta bentuk tangki seperti yang ditawarkan MT-09.

Meskipun sekadar imej render namun Yamaha tidak perlu melaksanakan rombakan besar terhadap bahagian enjin tatkala YZF-R1 2020 telah pun mematuhi piawaian Euro 5 sekaligus hanya perlu ‘memindahkan’ platform tersebut ke MT-10 untuk tahun depan.

Following the launch of the magnificent 2021 Yamaha MT-09, the Japanese manufacturer went on to launch its newly updated little brother, the 2021 Yamaha MT-07. Essentially, the new MT-07 carries new styling, an updated engine, and some other mechanical updates for 2021. (more…)

  • Hong Leong Yamaha Motor has launched the new MT-07.

  • The new colour options are themed as “Dark Attraction.”

  • Priced from RM 38,288 (inclusive of SST, but excluding insurance and registration fees).

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) has introduced an updated MT-07. The latest edition is themed as MT-07 Dark Attraction and is available from October 2018.

The MT-07’s distinctive styling and shape have been retained, including the muscular faux air scoops that are reminiscent of the V-Max power cruiser. The overall MT design theme still stands up to the test of time since its introduction.

However, as with its bigger MT-09 brother, the MT-07 has been improved, mostly in the rolling stock department.

  • Revised front fork settings.
  • New rear shock with rebound damping adjuster.
  • Addition of anti-lock braking system (ABS) on both ends.
  • Ergonomic seats for more comfortable riding.

The compact 689cc, parallel-Twin engine’s “crossplane” crank is offset by 270o to mimic the firing order of a 90o V-Twin for punchy torque yet linear in response.

The new MT-07 will be offered in two colours. Race Blue is available immediately from October 2018 onwards, while Matt Grey will be introduced in January 2019.

Buyers will receive an exclusive stainless steel Yamaha disc brake lock when they purchase an MT-07.

The recommended selling price is from RM 38,288 (inclusive of SST, but excluding insurance and registration fees).

Please visit HLYM’s authorized dealers or HLYM’s official website at for more information.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn Bhd (HLYM) baru sahaja mengumumkan edisi baharu Yamaha MT-07 2018 yang akan dikeluarkan di pasaran Malaysia mulai bulan Oktober ini. Bertemakan ‘Dark Attraction’, model terkini Yamaha MT-07 didatangi dengan beberapa penambahbaikan yang menarik. (more…)


  • Video usikan terbaru yang telah dikeluarkan oleh Yamaha Motors Europe bertajuk “Your adventure awaits” telah membuatkan ramai orang teruja dengan desas desus mengatakan yang Yamaha T7 Concept akan mula dikilangkan.
  • Diperkenalkan pada tahun lalu ketika pertunjukan EICMA Milan, motosikal T7 Concept telah menarik perhatian serta mendapat pujian ramai dengan rupanya yang futuristik dan pada masa yang sama agak lasak, sedia bagi menakluki sebarang bentuk muka bumi.
  • Motosikal konsep yang berfungsi sepenuhnya ini telah membuat beberapa kemunculan namun padaa 6 September 2017, ia mungkin akan membuat kemunculan rasminya sebagai motosikal dwi-sukan middleweight keluaran terbaru dari Yamaha.


The latest teaser video posted by Yamaha Motors Europe entitled “Your adventure awaits” has got everyone excited with rumours that the Yamaha T7 Concept will go into production.

Introduced last year during the EICMA Milan show, the T7 Concept gained a lot of attention and praise with its futuristic yet rugged lines ready to conquer any terrain.

The fully-function concept bike has made a few appearances but on 6 September 2017, it might make its official appearance as Yamaha’s latest production middleweight dual-sport bike.

The world was super excited when Yamaha launched the futuristic T7 Concept last November during the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Looks like the chance of the Yamaha T7 remaining a concept is slowly dissipating with the manufacturer’s latest teaser video for a brand new adventure two-wheeler. (more…)

Back in March of 2016, we ran a report that Yamaha had officially ruled out any hope of there ever being a touring version of the MT-10. Back then, our report and those circulating the grapevine said that any chance of there ever being a MT-10 Tracer was quashed when Yamaha introduced an option touring pack that included “a tall Tracer-like windscreen plus luggages, which should complement the MT-10’s standard-equipped electronic cruise control feature.”

Well, tides and markets are constantly changing – and now there are new reports around the net suggesting that a mysterious new trademark has revealed that a Yamaha “Tracer GT” is supposedly on its way to global markets.

Yamaha has never spoken of a “Tracer GT”, so there is a chance that it could be one of two things – a more extensive touring kit for existing Tracer models with panniers and taller screens perhaps?

Or it could just be the highly anticipated MT-10 Tracer? Why not actually? There is already the MT-07 Tracer as well as the MT-09 Tracer (above), so a MT-10 Tracer would fit right in? Right? Well, on the flip side, maybe not.

The MT-10 is based on the manic R1, so putting on a screen and slapping on panniers would in effect, as some online reports suggest, create a R1 Tourer.

But before we completely rule it out, consider for a second that BMW created touring version of the S1000RR superbike and called it the S1000XR and almost immediately the bike was selling better than the RR in some markets. And Ducati almost single-handedly created the Sports Touring segment with the Multistrada 1200S, so there is an established market for it already and Yamaha knows that.

The Japanese company has previously offered a MT-10 Tourer Edition early 2017. The touring MT-10, shown in the photos above and below, featured soft panniers, a pannier frame, touring screen, GPS bracket, hand guards and a comfort seat.

Having already tested the market with the Tourer Edition, it would come as no surprise then should a MT-10 Tracer appear. At this year’s EICMA perhaps?

The mighty MT-07 now comes in “Night Fluo” and “Yamaha Blue”


Good news for Yamaha fans in Malaysia. The naked sports MT-07 is now available in two new colours. Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia now offers the MT-07 in “Night Fluo” and “Yamaha Blue”. (more…)


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