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Another year, another rumour of Ducati going up for sale again. This time around, its future is being seriously reviewed by Volkswagen and its plans to dive deeper into the world of electric mobility. Unfortunately, Ducati falls on the list of being scrapped like Lamborghini and Bugatti. (more…)

  • After announcing that Ducati isn’t for sale in April, VW Group CEO hinted at the possibility of selling Ducati again.

  • The Volkswagen Group is looking to recover losses due to the Dieselgate scandal in 2015.

  • This announcement could also mean Ducati will expand into other categories or engine capacities.

Volkswagen Group (VW) started a couple of firestorms before when they announced the possibility of selling the Ducati brand in order to recover the losses they experienced through the “Dieselgate” scandal in 2015.

The scandal broke after it was discovered that VW had cheated in engine emissions tests in the US and Europe. The revelation cost the conglomerate billions of Euros, causing them to plan the offloading of some assets, including Ducati which is considered a “non-core” business.

Other companies were quick to jump on the chance, with Harley-Davidson and Bajaj Auto Limited readying to go into a bidding battle.

However, VW announced in April 2018 that the Italian brand “is not for sale,” putting an end to all speculations. (Please click on the link below for the report.)

Ducati for sale AGAIN?

But just a last week, Volkswagen AG Chief Executive Office, Herbert Diess, opened the rift all over again during an interview with Bloomberg TV. According to him, VW will either expand or sell their motorcycle business, saying, “Either we find a way for Ducati, which provides some growth, or we have to look for a new ownership.”

Let’s roll our eyes in exasperation.

But, but, but why offload a brand that makes money? Ducati is the second most profitable entity in the VW Group – the first being Porsche, outranking Bentley, Audi, Seat and Skoda by wide margins. In fact, Ducati returned 9.5% compared to 8.2% during the first half of this year alone.

We won’t pretend to be financial experts, but we would hold on to a money maker with all our lives!

Audi released a statement last Friday, “The new Volkswagen Group structure aims to develop sustainable future perspectives for non-core businesses – calmly and with the necessary thoroughness. This can be expansions and growth strategies, but divestments are conceivable as well.”

Notice that the word “expansion” keeps cropping up. Could we expect Ducati to start producing smaller capacity bikes like how BMW did with their G-series and what Harley-Davidson announced last week? Think about it, a new range of 250cc Panigales or Monsters for the SEA and Indian markets. They could go electric too, since most countries are adopting the electric vehicles only ruling within the next 10 to 15 years.

Is this the new Ducati Scooter?

But whatever VW’s decision would be, we just wish they stop being wishy-washy about it!

According to some new rumours, it seems that there’s a big possibility that Ducati is for sale again.

This news resurfaced after Volkswagen Group appointed their new CEO, Herbert Diess aka “The Cost Killer”.

Diess is looking to getting VW’s entire business operations back on track for 2018.

It’s almost halfway through 2018 and the rumour about Ducati for sale is back. According to several news teams, the rumour is now active again due to the fact that Volkswagen just got a new CEO last week, Herbert Diess. (more…)

  • Terdapat sebuah pelan yang menunjukkan kemunculan sebuah motosikal elektrik Ducati di pasaran menjelang tahun 2030.
  • VW Group telah mengumumkan di Frankfurt Auto Show mengenai inisiatif hijau terbaru mereka yang dinamakan “Roadmap E”.
  • Inisiatif ini dirancang bagi mempelbagaikan setiap satu jenama permotoran di bawah naungannya itu dengan sekurang-kurangnya sebuah kenderaan elektrik menjelang tahun 2030.


There’s a plan indicating that an electric Ducati bike will appear in the market by the year 2030.

The VW Group announced at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show on their latest green initiative dubbed “Roadmap E”.

The initiative plans to diversify each and every motoring brand under its wings with at least one electric vehicle by the year 2030.

According to a recent report made by Asphalt and Rubber, the recent Frankfurt Auto Show saw Volkswagen Group Chairman Matthias Muller announcing that all of the motoring brands and companies under them will introduce at least one fully-electric machine by the year 2030. (more…)



  • Laporan terkini yang telah dibuat oleh Reuters menyatakan bahawa Ducati tidak akan ditempatkan di atas papan pembidaan susulan satu mesyuarat oleh lembaga penyeliannya.
  • Lembaga ini yang terdiri daripada pengurusan korporat dan juga perwakilan tenaga kerja telah mencapai kata sepakat yang mereka tiada sebab yang besar mengapa mereka perlu menjual Ducati.
  • Berikutan peningkatan jualan terbarunya pada 2016 yang telah mencapai jumlah melebihi RM3 Billion, Volkswagen dan Audi percaya yang Ducati masih lagi dan akan terus kekal sebagai jenama yang bernilai jika kekal di bawah syarikat mereka.


The latest report from Reuters stated that Ducati won’t be going on the auctioning block following a meeting by the supervisory board members.

The board which consisted of both corporate management and workforce representatives concluded that there’s not really a major reason on why Ducati should go on for sale.

Following a recent sales growth back in 2016 which racked up just over RM3 billion, Volkswagen and Audi believe that Ducati is still and will be valuable if it remains with them.

Following several rumours and news circulating around the globe pointing towards Ducati being auctioned off to the highest bidder, big momma company Volkswagen and its manufacturer’s board members has put a stop on any deals in regards of the big red Italian motorcycle brand. (more…)

  • Laporan terkini dari Reuters menunjukkan beberapa lagi nama telah muncul sebagai bakal pemilik baru Ducati.
  • Buat masa ini, pilihan terbaru yang mendahului perang pembidaan adalah keluarga Benetton dari Itali yang merupakan orang yang sama menerajui United Colors of Benetton.
  • Firma-firma lain seperti Bajaj, Polaris, Harley-Davidson dan Eicher Motors masih lagi berpeluang memiliki Ducati yang kini menuju ke pusingan kedua bidaan bermula pada bulan hadapan.


The latest report from Reuters points to more names being dropped as the potential new owners of the Ducati.

Currently, the new favourite leading the bidding wars is the Italian Benetton family which are the same people who run the United Colors of Benetton.

Other like Bajaj, Polaris, Harley-Davidson and Eicher Motors might still have a chance to buy Ducati as they head into the second round of biddings starting next month.

According the latest report made by Reuters, the possibility of the Volkswagen Group letting go of Ducati seems inevitable but the main question remains on who will be “The Chosen One”. As of now, they have been receiving quite a few bids and offers from companies and firms that are not even remotely close to the motoring industry. In some cases, that might be a good thing. (more…)


  • Menurut laporan terkini, Harley-Davidson telah diwar-warkan ingin membuat bidaan untuk mengambil alih Ducati dari Volkswagen Group.
  • Volkswagen yang telah merancang untuk melunaskan beberapa aset utama mereka termasuk Ducati semenjak skandal emisi mereka pada tahun 2015 yang lalu.
  • Pembidaan untuk memiliki Ducati telah ditetapkan pada €1.5 Billion (kira-kira RM7.2 Billion) yang mana VW akan mula menerima bidaan daripada bakal pemilik bermula pada bulan Julai.


According to latest reports, Harley-Davidson has been rumoured to make a bid to buy over Ducati from Volkswagen Group.

Volkwagen has been planning to liquidate some of their major assets including Ducati ever since the great emissions scandal back in 2015.

The biddings to purchase Ducati has been set at €1.5 billion (around RM7.2 billion) in which VW will start accepting bids from potential owners starting July.

According to a recent report made by Reuters, the latest high profile name that has been thrown in to bid over as the new owner of Ducati is none other than Harley-Davidson. Ever since Volkswagen Group has been slapped in the face with the emissions cheating drama, they’ve been looking into liquidating some of their assets and Ducati falls in that very list for sale. (more…)


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