Volkswagen says Ducati NOT FOR SALE!

The latest report from Reuters stated that Ducati won’t be going on the auctioning block following a meeting by the supervisory board members.

The board which consisted of both corporate management and workforce representatives concluded that there’s not really a major reason on why Ducati should go on for sale.

Following a recent sales growth back in 2016 which racked up just over RM3 billion, Volkswagen and Audi believe that Ducati is still and will be valuable if it remains with them.

Following several rumours and news circulating around the globe pointing towards Ducati being auctioned off to the highest bidder, big momma company Volkswagen and its manufacturer’s board members has put a stop on any deals in regards of the big red Italian motorcycle brand.

The entire world was anticipating and guessing on who will be the proud new owner of the bike manufacturer with most of that said rumours pointing towards the direction of Harley-Davidson. This is not just simply small talk from the firm as they’ve hired Goldman Sachs to assist in arranging the mega purchase.

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However, the latest report sent out by Reuters said otherwise. Apparently, the supervisory board over at Volkswagen which consists of equal members from corporate management and workforce representatives came to an agreement that there’s no big reason on why they have to let go of Ducati to someone else.

When the rumour surfaced almost a year ago, it was an entirely different story. Referring back to the VW’s emissions test results scandal over in the US, the mega company suffered a huge blow following the lawsuits and drop in stocks. That led to the rumour of liquidating Ducati to recover back some of those losses.

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In our most recent report, it wasn’t only Harley Davidson who was interested in buying Ducati. Other firms from all over the world like India’s Bajaj Auto Limited, Royal Enfield and Italian’s Benetton family (the owners of The United Colors of Benetton apparels), Polaris, Eicher Motors and many more have also shown their interest prior to this report.

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With Ducati racking in sales of €593 million (just over RM3 billion) back in 2016 which is about 1.2% of overall worldwide sales growth, VW together with Audi feels like holding on to the brand longer than we thought. Whatever the story may be, the highly-anticipated Ducati V4 superbike points to the only direction Ducati is heading, which is all the way up.

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