CFMoto terus mengembangkan tawaran model untuk pasaran global kali ini menerusi pelancaran CFMoto 700MT. 

CFMoto telah pun mula mencapai populariti tersendiri terutamanya sejak memperkenalkan 800MT, CL-X 700 dan 450SR. Kini ketibaan 700MT bakal mengukuhkan lagi kedudukan jenama dari China itu di pasaran dunia termasuk Malaysia. 

CFMoto 700MT merupakan naik taraf daripada 650MT yang telah diperkenalkan sebelum ini. Menurut CFMoto, 700MT dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 693cc yang sama terdapat pada model 700CL-X namun telah ditala semula bagi menghasilkan 65hp dan 57Nm berbanding 69hp dan 61Nm pada 700CL-X. 

Meskipun begitu, rekaan keseluruhan 700MT masih lagi mirip 650MT termasuk rim 17-inci depan dan belakang, fork 43mm depan dan monoshock dengan preload dan rebound boleh laras. 

Bagaimanapun, 700MT ini lebih berat berbanding generasi 650MT dengan 218kg ketika isian minyak penuh. 

Namun, CFMoto 700MT dilengkapi dengan pelbagai ciri moden termasuk panel meter TFT berwarna, dua port pengecas UBS dengan penyambung Type-A dan Type-C serta pencahayaan LED penuh. 

Berdasarkan harga di Eropah, CFMoto 700MT ini ditawarkan pada harga EUR6,490 (RM33.2k). 

KTM is back with its iconic Supermoto-tourer, the KTM 890 SMT, and it’s better than ever before.

  • This purposeful model sits between the KTM Adventure and KTM Street product ranges and features several components that elevate its performance.
  • With a re-tuned KTM 890 LC8c platform, the KTM 890 SMT is developed to hit the top of the Supermoto touring segment for power/torque-to-weight ratio.

Former AMA Superbike and Supermoto racer, Chris Fillmore, took the KTM 890 SMT along a Sardinian mountain climb to display its potential and limits. With a super-torquey 889cc LC8c parallel twin engine, the KTM 890 SMT has 105 hp at 8,000 rpm, providing stability and reassurance through corners.

The KTM 890 SMT is just as happy pushed through low revs as it is pinned in higher gears, making it versatile for any rider.

As we mentioned in a previous article, the KTM 890 SMT has a redesigned slim tank which slides the rider even further into the bike with a wide and comfy contact patch.

The bike’s aerodynamic optimized smoked windshield is placed just above the double fender concept with a low splash guard on the fork legs. The CroMo steel frame with tighter geometry provides fierce stability, while the WP APEX suspension, fully adjustable and complemented by 17″ wheels, provides an agile, flighty, and responsive ride.

The motorcycle has several standard ride modes and can be molded further with optional track settings that permit the rider to toggle different amounts of throttle modes and traction control through ten levels.

The Cornering Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) is an important safety feature sensitive to the bike’s pitch and behavior at lean. The bike has a state of the art 5″ TFT dashboard that is scratch and glare resistant, fully customizable, and an easy-to-use infographic menu system for setup preferences.

With potent brakes that employ Cornering ABS and Supermoto ABS, the KTM 890 SMT has an excellent safety profile. The bike can also be customized with heated grips and the chance to add Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) to the software package, ideal for better control in low grip situations and for fast downshifts.

Also, the QUICKSHIFTER+ and Cruise Control are optional and ready to go with a simple activation process, and good connectivity with the bike means full access to navigation possibilities.

Bimota’s new motorcycle introduction at EICMA 2022 comes in the form of the 2023 BX450, with the dirt bike borrows much of its design and specification from Kawasaki’s KX450.

  • Bimota’s upcoming tourer is powered by a supercharged four-cylinder motor from the Kawasaki H2 SX.
  • The Tera will feature a unique semi-active suspension developed with Marzocchi. 

Alongside the BX450, the Italian maker also provides enlightenment on the upcoming supercharged tourer currently under development in Rimini. 

While the bike is yet to be ready, Bimota already has an official name for the model, which will be called the Tera. 

The Tera made its first appearance in the form of a design sketch at last year’s EICMA before later it was confirmed that the new supercharged tourer would be based on Kawasaki’s Ninja H2 SX. 

According to Bimota COO, Pierluigi Marconi, motorcycle fans around the world should expect something exciting from the Tera. 

“Never before have Bimota been present in this market segment. No one has this much fun and function in one package.

“The Tera is an attention grabber that will act like a halo for Bimota by attracting further consumer attention to our impressive vehicle lineup,” said Marconi. 

We have yet to get the details but based on reports from reputable media, the Tera will feature an all-new steering system, including a new semi-active suspension developed in partnership with Italian specialist Marzocchi. 

BMW Motorrad teases Marshall partnership, likely for upcoming BMW R18 bagger and tourer.


  • Continuing our series “Know your Bike”, we present the tourer.

  • Tourers are about hauling their passengers and lots of luggage over long distances.

  • These luxo-tourers provide the best comfort.

Here we are, continuing with the tourer.

As the segment name suggests, the tourer is about long-distance riding. It’s about packing the bike with all the stuff you need for more than just a weekend getaway.

What is it?

The tourer is about outright comfort for long-distance rides.

That necessity gives rise to full wind protection, thick and comfy seats, large luggage carrying capacity, stereo.

Good examples are the Honda Gold Wing, BMW K 1600 range, Harley-Davidson touring range, Indian touring range, Yamaha Royal Star Venture, Kawasaki Voyager, so forth.

A sub-genre is known as the bagger. Baggers are cut down full-dress tourers, with no top case luggage and more streamlined bodywork. Best examples are the Honda Gold Wing F6B, Harley Street Glide and Road Glide, BMW K 1600 B,

BMW is set to join the cruiser market with the R 18, but there’s no official word on which types they’ll market.


Large, huge are the normal responses received from the public.

Tourers are given large bodywork to protect the occupants from windblast and large luggage to carry their belongings. Almost all have stereos and sound systems, too.

This segment is led by the Honda Gold Wing, which set the standards in terms of luxury, comfort, instrumentation and refinement. BMW’s K 1600 series does the same, while the American tourers are marketed for their heritage (although still comfortable compared to other types of bikes in the market).

Seating position

An upright riding position sums it all up.

The handlebar is usually “pulled back” to the rider with the help of a tall riser. Because of this, the seats are wide and plush to support the rider and passenger’s derrieres, while a tall seatback supports the rider’s lumbar region.

The footpegs or footboards are placed forward of the seat, giving little bend for the knees.

Engine size

Tourers are usually powered large capacity engines. The current crop has capacities ranging from 1600cc and above.

The American tourers feature the long-beloved narrow-angle 1800cc V-Twins , the Gold Wing has an 1800cc flat-Six, while the K 1600 uses a 1600cc straight-Six.


The engines in tourers are tuned for torque in order to support the rider, passenger, luggage and bikes’ weight.

Their capacities may rival that of cars (actually, they bigger than most cars in Malaysia), but their top speeds are usually around 200 km/h.


Tourer chassis is about supporting large amounts of weight, first and foremost, with considerations for comfort being just as important.

Their suspensions are plush to isolate the occupants from road bumps. This is why the Gold Wing and K 1600 feature Hossack-style girder front suspension, while the American tourers have air shocks in the rear.


They are equipped with the latest electronics these days, although not as extensive as bikes of other segments.

ABS and traction control are standard features. Gold Wing customers can also opt for the airbag.

Fuel capacity

Fuel tank sizes typically range from 18 litres and above to provide the furthest possible range between fill ups.

Customization options

Customization is usually centred around the Harley-Davidson and Indian brands. Trends include equipping them with large front wheels and “slamming the suspension.” Another favourite tweak is to install powerful sound systems in luggage space. Custom paint jobs and pinstriping are the norm.

Manufacturers also offer plenty of options.

Photo credit Fbomb Baggers

New Benelli-based QJiang touring model patents surfaces online could be China’s biggest production bike yet.


Newly launched Indian Springfield bagger gets treated as limited edition Jack Daniel’s celebratory edition. (more…)

New 2016 Indian Springfield Chieftain-based bagger model unveiled. (more…)

Ageing Honda Goldwing rumoured to have a new replacement in development. (more…)

New and music-focused Victory Magnum X-1 Stealth Edition bagger revealed. (more…)

Radical new front suspension design for next generation Honda Gold Wing tourer revealed.



Rumour has it that Suzuki and Kawasaki are developing parallel twin 250cc tourers to provide new entry-level additions to their dual-sport ranges.

According to sources in Japan and India, Suzuki is developing the G-Strom 250 (basically a mini V-Strom 650), meanwhile Kawasaki is working on a Versys 250.

The G-Strom 250, which is expected to be based on the Suzuki Inazuma 250, will apparently be providing an adventure-styled bike, with power coming from a 250cc parallel twin engine.


The Kawasaki Versys 250 on the other hand, is expected to share the frame and the engine of the Ninja 250 and the Z250 sold here.

Although there has not been any official announcement or any solid evidence regarding these two bikes, the idea of smaller-engined, cheaper bikes with the stance and look of ‘big’ adventure-style machines does sound possible as the 250cc bike market has seen rapid growth lately.

With models like the KTM Duke 390, RC 390, Kawasaki Ninja 250, and Z250 selling like hot cakes here, there is no reason for manufacturers to not take full advantage of the high demands of the sub RM35,000 segment.

While the Versys 250 and the G-Strom 250 remain as rumours, let us stay tuned for further updates from the manufacturers.


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