A total of 116 deaths due to road accidents were recorded during the three days of the Songkran festival in Thailand. The death toll on Saturday alone reached 48 cases, while 411 injuries were reported. The number of those injured reached 968 in the same period.

A total of 936 road accident cases were reported. 40.05 percent of them were caused by speeding, 27.81 percent were due to drunk driving, and another 16.85 percent were due to overtaking other vehicles.

A total of 85.5 percent of accidents involved motorcycles. The majority of accidents were not due to winding roads or bad conditions, instead 81.63 percent occured on straight roads.

Nakhon Si Thammarat and Songkhla provinces recorded the highest number of road accidents in three days with 19 cases each.

The city of Bangkok recorded the highest number of deaths in the same period which was 8 deaths, while Songkhla recorded 45 cases of injuries.

The Director General of the Civil Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, Chaiwat Chuntirapong, said officials are adjusting prevention measures to suit the reality on the ground.

The focus is on secondary roads and communities, where motorcyclists tend to speed without helmets and after consuming alcohol.

We know many motorcyclists and drivers from Malaysia who like to go to Thailand for the Songkran festival and for recreation, but do hope that you ride and carefully when there. Also, the report mentioned the consumption of alcohol but did not include the consumption of the legalised  marijuana. There may be cases involving it but not reported. Regardless, the Thai government will withdraw the legalization of cannabis at the end of this year.

Seramai 116 kematian akibat kemalangan jalan raya dicatatkan dalam tempoh tiga hari perayaan Songkran di Thailand. Angka kematian pada hari Sabtu sahaja telah mencapai 48 kes, manakala 411 kecederaan dilaporkan. Jumlah mereka yang tercedera mencecah 968 dalam tempoh yang sama.

Sejumlah 936 kes kemalangan jalan raya dilaporkan. 40.05 daripadanya disebabkan oleh memandu laju, 27.81 peratus oleh kerana memandu di dalam keadaan mabuk, dan 16.85 peratus lagi kerana memotong kenderaan lain.

Sebanyak 85.5 peratus kemalangan melibatkan motosikal. Majoriti kemalangan bukan kerana jalan berliku atau keadaan tidak baik, sebaliknya 81.63 peratus berlaku di atas jalan lurus.

Wilayah Nakhon Si Thammarat dan Songkhla mencatatkan jumlah kemalangan jalan raya tertinggi dalam tempoh tiga hari masing-masing sebanyak 19 kes.

Jualan motosikal Thailand menyusut -11% (peratus) dalam suku pertama 2024.

Pasaran motosikal Kingdom telah menikmati pertumbuhan tiga tahun berturut-turut sebelum ini, menjadikannya pasaran motosikal keenam terbesar di dunia. Walau bagaimanapun, hanya 454,795 motosikal dijual (-11%) dalam tiga bulan pertama tahun ini.

Honda, walaupun masih mengekalkan kedudukan teratas mereka, melaporkan penurunan sebanyak -9.9%. Saingan terdekat mereka Yamaha telah kehilangan -10.6%. Mengikuti di tempat ketiga ialah Piaggio dengan penurunan sebanyak -29.6%, dan GPS jenama tempatan yang menyaksikan penurunan besar -52.2%.

Walau bagaimanapun, ia bukan semua malapetaka untuk beberapa jenama baru muncul seperti Lambretta yang menyaksikan peningkatan +29.8%, Lion +302%, dan EM +1,534%.

Penurunan itu bukan disebabkan oleh lebihan motosikal. Sebaliknya, ia berikutan keadaan ekonomi Thailand sekarang yang sudah pun mengalami kemelesetan akibat hutang isi rumah yang tinggi, kekurangan rangsangan (pelaburan) dan reformasi ekonomi. Ekonomi negara itu adalah yang paling perlahan di rantau ini.

Majlis Pembangunan Ekonomi dan Sosial Negara (NESDC) telah mengurangkan unjuran pertumbuhan 2024 untuk ekonomi Thailand kepada 2.2%-3.2%, daripada 2.7%-3.7% yang diramalkan pada November. Ramalan itu berdasarkan pertumbuhan KDNK sebanyak 1.7% pada Q4 2023, didorong oleh eksport dan pelaburan swasta, tetapi penurunan 3% dalam perbelanjaan kerajaan.

Beberapa saluran berita Thailand telah pun meramalkan penurunan jualan motosikal 2024 seawal Januari 2024.

Thailand ialah pangkalan pembuatan motosikal utama ke-5 terbesar dengan kapasiti untuk 2 juta motosikal, di belakang China (23 juta), India (20 juta), Indonesia (8 juta) dan Vietnam (3 juta).

Terdapat 7 pengeluar motosikal di Thailand. Mereka ialah Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph dan Ducati.

The Thai motorcycle industry sees an 11% decrease in the 1st quarter of 2024.

The Kingdom’s motorcycle market had enjoyed three years of consecutive growth previously, making it the sixth largest motorcycle market in the world. However, there were only 454,795 motorcycles sold (-11%) in the first three months of the year

Honda, while retaining their top spot, saw a decrease of -9.9%. Their closest rival Yamaha has lost -10.6%. Following in third was Piaggio with a decrease of -29.6%, and local brand GPS who sees a massive -52.2% drop.

However, it is not all doom and gloom for some emerging brands such as Lambretta who saw a +29.8% increase, Lion +302%, and EM +1,534%.

However, the drop is not due to over saturation. Instead, it is due to Thailand’s current economical state which is already in recession due to high household debts, lack of stimulus (investments) and economic reform. The country’s economy is the slowest in the region.

Despite hopes that the economy rebounds this year, the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) has reduced its 2024 growth forecast for Thailand’s economy to 2.2%-3.2%, from the 2.7%-3.7% predicted in November. The forecast was based on a 1.7% GDP growth in Q4 2023, driven by exports and private investment, but a 3% drop in government spending.

Several Thai news outlets had already predicted a decrease in 2024 motorcycle sales in as early as January 2024.

Thailand is the 5th largest major motorcycle manufacturing base with a capacity for 2 million motorcycles, behind China (23 million), India (20 million), Indonesia (8 million) and Vietnam (3 million).

There are 7 motorcycle manufacturers in Thailand. They are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph and Ducati.

Thai Public Prosecutor is set to prosecute the country’s former police chief for allegedly helping the heir to the Red Bull energy drink company avoid murder charges. The suspect is accused of killing a police officer in a hit-and-run accident in 2012.

Thailand’s former Police Chief, Somyot Poompanmoun and seven other officers were charged with dereliction of duty and helping certain individuals to avoid punishment.

Somyot, 69, is accused of using his position as a member of the Parliament’s legal committee to help Vorayuth Yoovidhya. Somyot, however, denied the allegations to the Thai media.

Vorayuth was accused of crashing into a policeman, Wichien Klanprasert with his Ferrari and dragging the victim’s body for tens of meters. Vorayuth then fled the scene. The accident occurred when the former was 27 years old in 2012.

Vorayuth avoided eight court summons related to the case before the authorities issued an arrest warrant five years after the incident. He has since fled abroad and his current whereabouts are unknown.

In 2020, the Thai Police said they will investigate why the criminal charges were dropped. The decision was made after public outcry to the dropping of the case.

Vorayuth’s late grandfather, Chaleo Yoovidhya was the founder of Krating Daeng energy drink (for the local market initially), who eventually became one of the founders of Red Bull (for the global market) along with Dietrich Mateschitz.

Forbes ranks the family as the second richest in Thailand with a net worth of US$33.4 billion (RM159.55 billion).

In a recent report by The Nation, a Pattaya resident raised concerns about gangs comprising mainly Arabian tourists aged 17 to 25, engaging in high-speed bike races along Soi VC Residence Hotel and Soi Yensabai.


Rev up your engines and mark your calendars, because Harley-Davidson is back with the second edition of Asia Harley Days.

  • Scheduled for October 28, 2023, this moto-music extravaganza promises a high-octane celebration of music, motorcycles, and more at the stunning Legend Siam in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • The festival’s program is packed with excitement including test rides of the latest Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the iconic Harley-Davidson parade.

Enthusiasts and fans from across 11 countries and territories, including Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore, are expected to gather for this year’s edition. The event will also host representatives from 80 H.O.G  chapters and numerous motorcycle clubs from these markets.

For those looking to grab early bird tickets, act fast – they’re available until October 10th, after which prices will increase. Tickets can be purchased online via the festival website ( or from the nearest Harley-Davidson dealer.

Asia Harley Days is not just about music and motorcycles; it’s also a celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 120th anniversary. The festivities will kick off with the renowned Harley-Davidson parade, starting from Legend Siam at 1pm.

Bikers will embark on a charitable ride down the scenic Buddha Mountain highway, supporting the Red Cross in Sattahip District. After the parade, the festival gates will open from 4 p.m. to midnight, welcoming attendees to an evening of entertainment.

The musical lineup promises electrifying performances, featuring popular DJ Naanza, King Pitchet and his band rocking out, the 2023 Sound Circus winners Chlypdy from Malaysia, Thai-Japanese sensation Tom Isara, and FineDay Stories belting out international rock anthems.

In addition to the music, festival-goers can enjoy a fashion show, stunts mania, slow racing, a gymkhana competition, and the Custom Kings Contest. Special areas will be set up for H.O.G. members and motorcycle club enthusiasts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Harley Owners Group, with awards recognizing iconic riders from the region.

Krungsri Auto takes the spotlight as the presenting sponsor, with Ford as the official car partner, Michelin as the tire partner, and support from Snap-on, Products Bangkok, Johnnie Walker Style, Shade Commune, Amazing Thailand, GQ, Art of Speed, and Legend Siam.

Don’t forget to grab an official festival t-shirt, available at select Harley-Davidson dealer outlets and at the festival itself. For the latest updates and details about the festival, visit

In an exciting update from Cub House Honda in Thailand, motorcycle enthusiasts are in for a treat as the brand unveils its latest creation, the Honda Monkey Lightning Edition.

  • Bursting with charm and unique graphics, this special edition Monkey promises a delightful riding experience.
  • the unique Honda Monkey Lightning Edition is priced at THB108,900 (RM14.8k).

The eye-catching design begins with the tank, which showcases a playful cartoon lightning bolt flanked by charming storm clouds. Adding to the appeal, smaller bolts of lightning shoot from beneath the clouds towards the ground.

The words “Lightning Edition” encircle the design, with the letter “i” in “lightning” cleverly replaced by yet another lightning bolt, emphasizing the theme. The Lightning Edition mascot, sporting tinted sun goggles, lends a cool touch to the tank’s aesthetics.

The bold proclamation “MONKEY LIGHTNING” in black and yellow block letters grabs attention, with the letter “i” once again fashioned into a vibrant yellow lightning bolt. The cream-colored plain background accentuates the tank’s captivating text and logo.

Carrying the same captivating theme as the tank, the side cover features a cream-coloured background encased in a black outline to complement the bike’s dominant yellow colour.

The standard Honda Monkey swingarm is given a dazzling yellow makeover to match the overall color scheme of this Special Edition. Written in black and yellow block letters, the swingarm proudly states “Flash of Lightning. The rear shock’s bright yellow spring harmonizes beautifully with the bike’s main color.

Honda all-new lightweight naked motorcycle, the CB750 Hornet is now officially available in Thailand. 

  • The 2023 Honda Hornet 750 features an all-new engine.
  • Equipped with ride-by-wire and Honda Selectable Torque Control. 

According to reports, the Honda Hornet CB750 is priced at THB319,000 (RM41.2k) and is available in two colour options; Graphite Black and Pear Glare White. 

Powering the Hornet is a 755cc parallel-twin engine producing 92hp and 75Nm. The engine features a 270-degree crank that allows the engine to provide a feel similar to a V-Twin configuration. 

In addition, the two cylinders is coated with nickel-silicon carbide, a feature inherited from the firm’s CBR1000RR-R while the Unicam system is similar to the CRF450R motocross machine.

Meanwhile, the engine is wrapped around an all-new steel diamond frame which Honda claimed to weighs only 16.6kg which is 2kg lighter than the frame on Honda’s CB650R.  According to Honda, the Hornet 750 is equipped with a 15.1L fuel tank and with a fuel consumption rate at 23km/l, this means that the bike could go up to 340km. 

The Hornet also gets Honda’s patented ‘Vortex Flow Ducts’ designed to evenly distribute air into the airbox. According to Honda, the air ducts boost the bike’s throttle response.

Electronically, the Honda Hornet 750 gets ride-by-wire, which offers three pre-mapped riding modes; Rain, Standard and Sport. However the fourth mode, is fully customisable by the rider.

The motorcycle is suspended by Showa’s SFF-BP 41mm USD forks with 130mm travel at the front and a preload-adjustable shock absorber with Pro-Link swingarm at the rear. Other notable features include auto-cancelling indicators, 5-inch TFT display, Honda Smartphone Voice Control System (available for Android and iOS). 

Motosikal jenis naked terbaru keluaran Honda, CB750 Hornet telah pun memasuki pasaran negara jiran, Thailand. 

Datang dengan dua pilihan warna; Graphite Black dan Pearl Glare White, Honda CB750 Hornet ini ditawarkan pada harga THB319,000 (RM41.2k). 

Honda Hornet 750 dihidupkan enjin parallel-twin 755cc 8-valve dengan penyejukan cecair dan menampilkan sistem Unicam serta ‘270-degree crank’. 

Menariknya, bahagian silinder enjin telah disalut dengan bahan jenis ‘nickel-silicon carbide’ yang sebelum ini diguna pakai pada CBR1000RR-R Fireblade dan CRF450R.

Honda mendakwa enjin tersebut berupaya menghasilkan 92hp pada 9,500rpm dan 75Nm pada 7,250rpm. Kuasa enjin kemudiannya disalurkan kepada transmisi 6-kelajuan dan dibantu klac ‘assist/slipper’. 

Menurut Honda, Hornet 750 ini mampu mencapai kelajuan maksima 205km/j. 

Sementara itu, bahagian suspensi dikendalikan fork depan Showa SFF-BP 41mm yang menawarkan jarak pergerakan 130mm. Bahagian belakang pula tampil dengan ‘monoshock’ dengan swingarm Pro-Link yang menawarkan jarak pergerakan 150mm. 

Brek pula dikawal kaliper berkembar 4-pot Nissin di depan dengan cakera brek 296mm manakala kaliper brek satu piston dengan cakera 240mm mengawal brek belakang. Honda juga memuatkan sistem ABS dwi-saluran sebagai langkah keselamatan ekstra.

Honda Hornet 750 dilengkapi sistem ride-by-wire yang secara tidak langsung menawarkan empat mod menunggang; Standard, Sport, Rain dan User. Selain itu motosikal tersebut juga didatangkan dengan fungsi Honda Selectable Torque Control dan Wheelie Control. Sistem tersebut boleh diakses menerusi skrin TFT 5-inci yang juga boleh disambung kepada peranti Android dan iOS. 


Honda and Tezuka Productions have teamed up with Cub House Thailand to create a limited-edition Monkey Astro Boy model to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original manga and the 60th anniversary of the beloved series. 

  • The Honda Monkey X Astro Boy is a limited edition motorcycle to celebrate the original manga 70th anniversary. 
  • Honda and Tezuka Productions teamed up with Cub House Thailand for the special edition bike. 

The Astro Boy manga was brought to television screens by writer Osamu Tezuka in 1963 and went on to lay the groundwork for the anime of today. The Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition pays homage to the iconic character with a white fuel tank adorned with red and black graphics, red-painted frame, plaid leather seat cover, and semi-clear air cleaner covers with stickers imitating Astro Boy’s mechanic heart and control board.

Styled by Honda’s H2C Design team, the 300 Monkey Astro Boy units feature a serialized badge on the fuel tank, a stylized fuel lid, and a side panel flaunting a chrome coating treatment. Retailing for THB129,900 (RM16.7k), the limited-edition model also comes with a Monkey x Astro Boy-branded jacket, an Astro Boy-styled helmet, and a premium carrying bag.

Thai Honda Executive Chairman Shigeto Kimura expressed his excitement about the creation of the Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition and emphasized that it perfectly conveys the fun DNA of both Monkey and Astro Boy together, creating a unique and delivering a different experience.

Cub House Thailand has a reputation for top-notch collaborations, having previously worked with Hot Wheels and One Piece. However, the latest joint project with Honda and Tezuka Productions is aiming for the stars. The limited-edition Monkey Astro Boy model is a perfect tribute to the classic anime and manga series and a must-have for die-hard fans.

Attention all adventure-seeking Ducati enthusiasts! Get ready to rev your engines and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the stunning landscapes of Thailand with Ducati Adventure Tour. 

  • Enjoy a 6-day expedition in Thailand riding on board the Ducati DesertX. 
  • The Ducati Adventure Tour takes you across the rich culture and heritage of Thailand. 

Ducati Asia Pacific has officially launched this exciting 6-day expedition, designed to immerse riders in the rich culture and heritage of Thailand, while tackling some of the finest stretches of tarmac the country has to offer on the powerful Ducati DesertX motorcycles.

Led by expert Ducati professionals and supported by the highly trained DART ASIA event team, participants will experience the ultimate riding adventure with access to lead and sweep marshals, backup vehicles, luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, and their very own Ducati DesertX motorcycle.

The DesertX is the ultimate machine for off-road enthusiasts, boasting a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel, specifically designed to handle even the most challenging terrains.

The bike has been developed with the perfect combination of off-road and road expertise, resulting in a bike that is highly responsive, maneuverable, and at ease on all types of trails and asphalt. The Ducati Adventure Tour is setting new benchmarks in the off-road and touring world, and you won’t want to miss out on this thrilling experience!

According to Marco Biondi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ducati Asia Pacific, “With hugely successful Ducati Riding Experiences like Track Days last year, we are glad to kick start another chapter in the Ducati Experience by organizing Ducati Adventure Tours for Ducatisti to experience the true essence of Thailand on board the exceptional Ducati DesertX.”

Partnering with Ducati Asia Pacific is Pirelli, who will provide high-performance tires capable of handling any terrain. Marco Soana, Marketing Manager at Pirelli, said, “We are extremely happy to be part of this fantastic tour by Ducati Asia Pacific and provided full support. The Pirelli and Ducati partnership is formidable, and the tour is another testament to our long-standing commitment to high-performance tires for the Ducati DesertX capable of any terrain.”

DART ASIA’s Director, Sayomphu Thammarach, said, “We have specially designed this tour for the Ducati enthusiast to enjoy both the fantastic motorcycle as well as the spectacular riding routes, culture and heritage that the north of Thailand has to offer. Over the years, DART has established itself as the frontrunner in curating adventure travel here in Thailand, and with this partnership with Ducati Asia Pacific, we want to further solidify our position and give every Ducati owner a true-to-Ducati experience.”

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey, sign up now for the Ducati Adventure Tour in Thailand and experience the ultimate thrill of a lifetime!


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