Foreign Motorcycle Gangs Are Terrorising Pattaya, Thailand

In a recent report by The Nation, a Pattaya resident raised concerns about gangs comprising mainly Arabian tourists aged 17 to 25, engaging in high-speed bike races along Soi VC Residence Hotel and Soi Yensabai.

The resident, who spoke to The Nation on Thursday, revealed that these groups, active from midnight onwards, have been causing disturbances for approximately two months.

According to the resident, some of the bikers utilize modified tailpipes to increase the noise level during these races. Furthermore, even those not directly participating in the races recklessly ride their bikes up and down the streets in packs, disregarding traffic laws. The resident emphasized that many of these tourists opt for rental bikes from local businesses to engage in these activities.

Expressing concern for the safety of motorists in Pattaya, the resident urged law enforcement and relevant authorities to investigate these disruptive gangs. He stated, “We want police and related authorities to look into these gangs that have been causing such a nuisance and jeopardizing the safety of other motorists in Pattaya.” Additionally, the resident called for scrutiny of local bike rental shops, urging authorities to ensure they only provide street-legal vehicles to tourists.

The article highlights the growing popularity of bike rental businesses in Pattaya, offering an affordable and swift means of transport for tourists exploring local markets, attractions, and beaches. Prices for bike rentals start from 150 baht per day, contributing to the appeal of this service in the eastern resort city.

Source: The Nation

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