Suzuka 8 Hours

Suzuki akan kembali ke perlumbaan lasak (endurance) Suzuka 8 Hour (Suzuka 8 Jam), dengan satu perbezaan. Pengilang Jepun itu telah mengumumkan penarikan diri daripada sukan bermotor tetapi telah memutuskan untuk menyertai perlumbaan berprestij itu menggunakan bahan api mampan untuk jentera GSX-R1000 mereka.

Suzuka 8 Hour adalah sebahagian daripada kalendar Kejohanan FIM Endurance Dunia, yang turut menampilkan Kelas Eksperimen dalam perlumbaan. Kategori ini dikhaskan untuk motosikal yang tidak mematuhi norma kejuruteraan. Walau bagaimanapun, Suzuki GSX-R1000 untuk perlumbaan ini memang mematuhi norma tetapi akan menggunakan bahan api yang hanya sebahagiannya daripada asal bukan fosil.

Sebaliknya, kilang itu akan menggunakan bahanapi Elf Moto R40 FIM, yang terdiri daripada 40% bahan api sumber bio. Menariknya, pasukan Suzuki MotoGP telah mula menggunakan bahan api yang sama pada musim terakhir mereka dalam MotoGP 2022, seperti yang ditetapkan oleh FIM dan Dorna untuk kelas tersebut.

Bahan api itu nampaknya tidak menyebabkan sebarang pengurangan prestasi kerana beberapa motosikal adalah 14 saat lebih pantas dalam perlumbaan MotoGP 2024 pertama di Qatar, berbanding pada 2023.

Walaubagaimanapun, Suzuki masih belum mengesahkan barisan pelumba mereka. Pelumba lama mereka yang memenangi kejuaraan endurance, Sylvain Guintoli telah menandatangani dengan pasukan BMW Motorrad Motorsport WorldSBK sebagai pelumba ujian.

Suzuki akan menyertai perlumbaan di bawah sepanduk Team Suzuki CN Challenge, juga berpisah dengan rakan kongsi lama mereka Yoshimura SERT Motul Suzuki. Walau bagaimanapun, Yoshimura Jepun akan terus menjadi rakan kongsi teknikal dan berusaha menggunakan platform ini untuk membangunkan teknologi mampan dalam bidang peredam bunyi ekzos, tayar, minyak, fairing dan brek.

Suzuka 8 Hours 2024 dijadualkan pada 19 Julai 2024.

Honda wowed motorcycle enthusiasts and racing fans alike as it unveiled its latest iteration of the CBR600RR at the prestigious 2023 Suzuka 8 Hours weekend.

  • The iconic Suzuka Circuitwitnessed the grand reveal during the 44th edition of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Endurance World Championship last wekend.
  • The event serves as a homecoming for Honda, allowing the brand to showcase its cutting-edge engineering on familiar turf.

Enthusiasts attending the Suzuka 8 Hours race had the exclusive opportunity to experience the new Honda CBR600RR up close and personal at the dedicated Honda booth.

While comprehensive details about the updates are still under wraps, insiders suggest that this unveiling primarily addresses evolving emissions regulations in Japan. As the CBR600RR’s previous iteration predates the implementation of these stringent environmental norms, this refresh aims to align the beloved sportbike with the latest emission compliance requirements.

Amid concerns over potential impacts on power output due to emissions adjustments, historical precedents indicate that the alterations are unlikely to significantly impede the bike’s formidable performance. Honda’s track record of seamlessly integrating similar tweaks in previous models suggests that any changes in power dynamics will likely be subtle and expertly balanced.

Apart from the mechanical enhancements, the visual appeal of the new CBR600RR is set to captivate riders and onlookers alike. Honda has provided a tantalizing glimpse of the new aesthetic direction through shared images and videos.

The motorcycle dons a fresh Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) tricolor livery, exuding an air of racing prowess. Adding an air of mystique is the striking matte black variant that conjures images of a stealthy test mule wrap, underscoring the bike’s performance-oriented nature.

The Japanese market can expect both the dynamic tricolor livery and the enigmatic matte black version to be offered upon the formal announcement of the model’s release. However, the global palette remains a subject of speculation. 

English motorcycle racer, Gino Rea suffered a crashed during the second free practice at the 2022 Suzuka 8 Hours, last Saturday.

  • Gino Rea sustained a serious head injury during the second practice round at Suzuka.
  • The rider was flown to the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention with doctors kept Rea in medically-induced coma. 

Medical personnel rushed to care the FCC TSR Honda France rider, but due to severe injuries, Rea was airlifted to a local hospital.

The team had earlier confirmed that the rider sustained a serious head injury due to the crash and remained in critical condition.

As a result, Rea is put under medically-induced coma for days. 

International media tried to get a hold of Rea’s condition but due to the injury’s severity, no recent updates were collected.

However, Rea’s family has shared an update regarding the situation.

“We couldn’t make a post earlier due to the Japanese culture, as they do not release any news to media without the direct contact with the family first.

“We arrived in Japan on August 8 and 8pm with many thanks to the EWC, FIM, Suzuka Circuit, British Consulate, and TSR Racing Team for all the help in arranging emergency visas for us,” said Rea’s family in a statement.

The statement also explained that doctors kept the rider in medically-induced coma as an effort to reduce the swelling on his brain.

However, according to the family latest update via Rea’s official Instagram account, the rider showed a sign of recovery with reduced swelling after undergoing CT-Scan.

“He is in a stable condition and recovering from the usual side effects from such a trauma. We are looking forward to a speedy recovery from him as we all know he is capable of it,” the statement read. 

BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team is off to Japan for the third round of the FIM Endurance World Championship 2022.

  • BMW Motorrad to make official debut at the Suzuka 8 Hours.
  • The team will field Markus Reiterberger (GER), Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) and Jérémy Guarnoni (FRA).

BMW Motorrad will debut at the Suzuka 8 Hours in great spirit having celebrated victory at the home race in ealry June.

Markus Reiterbger, Illya Mikhalchik and Jeremy Guarnoni will once again teamed up to ride the BMW M 1000 RR at Suzuka.

This will be BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team first appearance at the Suzuka 8 Hours after Covid-19 restriction prevented the team from taking part in the 8-hour race at Suzuka over the last two years.

“I am really looking forward to the Suzuka race. I’ve already been there twice with the Penz13 team, once for the test and once for the race.

“The track is breath-taking but very difficult to learn so it took us some time to get acquainted with it. Jérémy knew it already but for me it has been some time since I have been here and Ilya had not been here before at all.

“We then improved step by step, rode a lot and tested a lot of different things. We are still lacking a bit to the top teams but we don’t give up and continue or hard work. It will be an exhausting weekend,” said Reiterberger.

Pelumba negara, Zaqhwan Zaidi kembali menyertai saingan Suzuka 8 Hours selepas dua tahun ia tidak dianjurkan disebabkan wabak COVID-19 yang melanda dunia.

Zaqhwan yang baru selesai menjalani ujian dua hari di Litar Suzuka, Jepun berkata, dia berpuas hati dengan keputusannya, lagi-lagi ini merupakan kali pertama pasukan Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA menguji jentera.

“Selesai dua hari ujian Suzuka 8 Hours,” kata Zaqhwan. “Gembira dapat kembali ke sini selepas dua tahun tidak berlumba di Suzuka. Terima kasih Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA kerana usaha gigih dilakukan.

“Ia bukan mudah buat kami kerana ini adalah motosikal baharu yang belum pernah kami uji sebelum ini tetapi saya percaya kami boleh menjadi lebih kuat pada minggu perlumbaan 8 jam nanti.”

Perlumbaan Suzuka 8 Hours 2022 kembali berada dalam kaledar FIM EWC dari 5 hingga 7 Ogos ini.

Pertandingan ini pernah menyaksikan nama besar sukan permotoran dua roda memenanginya seperti Wayne Rainey pada 1988, Eddie Lawson (1990), Mick Doohan (1991) dan Valentino Rossi (2001).

Dalam sesi ujian, Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA yang disertai Zaqhwan dan Gerry Salim menamatkan sesi ketiga dengan berada di kedudukan ke-14 sebelum ke-18 terpantas pada sebelah malam.

Yamaha R7 gets treated with limited edition Suzuka 8 Hours livery, which will be available as a bolt-on kit soon.


Back in April, organisers of the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race announced that the iconic event will be postponed to November. Thanks to upgraded travel restrictions into Japan, they’ve officially decided to cancel the race altogether as teams and riders outside of Japan won’t be able to enter the country. (more…)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc all over the world, including the motorsports calendar. The latest victim to fall under the race cancellation/postponement list is the 2020 Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race, which was set to take place in July 2020 at the iconic Suzuka International Racing Course aka Suzuka Circuit. (more…)


Selepas lebih lima jam perlumbaan diberhentikan, perlumbaan sulung Sepang 8 Hours akhirnya menyaksikan pasukan YART Yamaha muncul juara pertama di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC), hari ini.

Perlumbaan yang dijadualkan bermula pada jam 1 tengah hari tadi terpaksa ditunda sehingga lewat petang susulan hujan lebat.


Meskipun terdapat beberapa tinjauan dilakukan oleh kesemua 50 pelumba dengan pemantauan ‘Safety Car’ namun keadaan hujan yang tidak berhenti memaksa perlumbaan ditunda sehingga jam enam petang.


Bagaimanapun, perlumbaan dalam kalendar FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) ini terpaksa dimulakan dengan pengemudian Safety Car sekaligus ketiadaan permulaan ikonik yang memerlukan pelumba berlari ke jentera masing-masing.

Sebaik dimulakan selepas beberapa pusingan, berlaku insiden perlanggaran melibatkan pelumba Petronas SIC, Michael van der Mark dan Mike Di Meglio dari pasukan F.C.C. TSR Honda France.


FCC TSR Honda France kemudian medahului baki perlumbaan sebelum Di Meglio terbabas lantas membuka peluang kepada YART Yamaha yang diterajui Niccolo Canepa, Broc Parks dan Karel Hanika.

Tempat kedua jadi milik pasukan Honda Asia Dream Racing With Show diikuti BMW Motorrad EWC ketiga.

Sementara itu, PETRONAS SIC Racing Team yang diterajui Michael van der Mark, Franco Morbidelli dan Hafizh Syahrin terpaksa berpuas hati dikedudukan kesembilan.

Pada masa sama, Hafizh, selaku pelumba ketiga, tidak dapat turun beraksi gara-gara perlumbaan bermula lewat.

  • Will a Ducati Corse factory team join the Endurance World Championship and Suzuka 8-Hours?

  • The manufacturer is now supporting privateer teams in the championship.

  • Ducati didn’t shoot down the idea but outlined that it’ll be a large challenge should they decide to.

Ducati obtained significant results in their comeback bid in the WorldSBK with the Ducati Panigale V4 R (Alvaro Bautista’s cock ups notwithstanding) this season. But will a factory Ducati Corse team join the Endurance World Championship and Suzuka 8-Hours?

The designer of the Ducati 916, the late-Massimo Tamburini had envisioned to race his creation in endurance events including the prestigious Suzuka 8-Hours. That’s why he gave the bike a single-sided swingarm. In fact, he admitted that the 916’s swingarm was heavier than the regular twin-spar swingarms of its contemporaries, but it facilitates faster rear wheel changes.

The design became a Ducati signature and tradition which is carried on all the way to the latest high-end Panigales including the Ducati Panigale V4 R.

Point is, endurance racing is missing in Ducati’s motorsports dossier.

Italian magazine spoke to Ducati Corse Sporting Director, Paolo Ciabatti about such prospects. Ciabatti didn’t kill the idea outright but gave a “not yet.”

The 2020 EWC season has begun and Ducati will participate only in a supporting role.

“In my opinion, if we ever decide to participate in the Suzuka 8-Hours in an official way at Ducati, it will be our own project which will require a great deal of effort,” he told GPOne. “We have to plan test on the track when it is available; we have to field the best riders available in the Ducati family; and then we have to think that to win there, the Bridgestone tyres must be used.”

“A challenge in the challenge. It is fascinating, but if Ducati decides to participate, it will do so to fight for victory.”

What he meant by “our own project” means that it’ll be Ducati Corse factory effort and not in partner with endurance race teams.

Sources: GPOne via Asphalt & Rubber

  • Zaqhwan Zahidi and his teammates steered their Honda Asia-Dream Racing Team to a well-deserved 7th place.

  • They finished ahead of many works factory teams.

  • The results meant they finished on position higher than they did in 2017.

Malaysian rider, Zaqhwan Zaidi and this Honda Asia-Dream Racing Team teammates Tory Herfoss from Australia and Andi Farid Izdihar of Indonesia achieved an incredible 7th position at the prestigious Suzuka 8-Hours endurance race over the weekend.

Troy Herfoss, Zaqwan’s teammate – Courtesy of

Suzuka circuit typically plays host to the final round to the FIM Endurance World Championsip (EWC). Since the circuit is Honda-owned, the Honda Asia-Dream Racing Team’s result was even sweeter.

Honda introduces Honda Asia-Dream Racing team with Zaqhwan Zaidi!

But it was not easy as it seemed. The 5.821-km Suzuka Circuit is challenging in itself, featuring corners upon corners that lead into one another in combination with slow and fast sections, forcing the riders to be on top of their game without places to rest. Now throw in 63 other bikes into the mix.

If having to contend with that many man and machine on the track and pits wasn’t enough, the weather played tricks on the field this year by being unpredictable at best. There were top-class riders who crashed when they caught out by a rainstorm.

In fact, the circuit was lashed by a typhoon which brought 170 km/h winds with it the night before, but repair crews worked through the night to fix the damaged facilities. (Respect to the Japanese for their hardwork.)

Start of the Suzuka 8-Hours – Courtesy of

“It’s a lot harder this year due to unpredictable weather,” said Zaqhwan afterwards. Honda Asia-Dream Racing team manager, Zulhelmi Ahmad said he noted that the weather had impacted the team’s temperament, but it didn’t sway them from their determination of achieving a Top-10 position at the finish.

“It’s not an easy feat to get P7!” exclaimed the joyful 23-year-old Zaqhwan Zaidi. The team had started from 12th on the grid.

Into the R130 – Courtesy of

However, the aforementioned Zulhelmi Ahmad, who is also Boon Siew Honda’s Motor Sports manager, admitted that he has mixed feelings about the results, “I can’t say that I am delighted with the result today as we failed to reach our full potential.” The team could’ve finished on position higher if not for a botched pit stop. “But we cannot ignore the fact that the team did better this year in terms of overall timing and we finished one position above (last year’s P8),” he continued.

The Honda Asia-Dream Racing team finished the tough race with a total time of 8h00m:05.666s compared to the winner’s time of 8h00m:01.728s, with just 4 laps down. They will definitely do better next year.

The signature ferris wheel at Suzuka – courtesy of

Before we end, and before anyone starta slagging off the 7th place result and the Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance race, let us provide some background.

The Suzuka 8-Hours endurance race actually began in 1978 for prototype TT-F1 (Tourist Trophy Formula One) motorcycles, but as superbikes became more and more popular through the years, the FIM scrapped the TT-F1 class altogether to the benefit of a production-based race.

Also called the Suzuka 8-Hours, the race is an immense event all by itself, usually attracting between 85,000 to 100,000 race fans.

As such, motorcycle manufacturers pay lots of attention to the race and they will field top riders from MotoGP, World Superbike, All-Japan Superbike, and among other prestigious championships around the world to pair up as teams of 3 riders each. Check through the Suzuka 8-Hours history and you’ll come across great names such as Wes Cooley, Mike Baldwin, David Aldana, Fred Merkel, Wayne Gardner, Wayne Rainey, Scott Russel, Aaron Slight, Doug Polen, Noriyuki Haga, Colin Edwards, Mick Doohan, Carlos Checa, Casey Stoner, Jonathan Rea, and even Valentino Rossi (in 2001 when he partnered Colin Edwards to win the race).

Rossi at 2011 Suzuka 8-Hours – Courtesy of LAT Images

So what Zaqhwan Zaidi said is right, to come home in 7th ain’t easy, given the level of competition. The Honda Asia-Dream Racing team had actually finished behind F.C.C. TSR Honda France, who are the 2018 EWC Champion and one of the regulars in the GP scene; while finishing ahead of the Moriwaki and Yoshimura Suzuki works teams.

FCC TSR Honda France – Courtesy of

The problem with many racing series around the world, apart from MotoGP, is due to lack of telecast in mass media, resulting in most people being misinformed. But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the race isn’t prestigious if it isn’t televised.

Anyhow, let’s celebrate our national rider, Zaqhwan Zaidi and Honda Asia-Dream Racing team’s great result. We hope there will be more from the likable rider and team.


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