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MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has recently introduced three affordable motorcycles, namely SM Sport 110E, WMoto VE1-110E, and WMoto WM110, to the Malaysian market. 

  • SM Sport 110E, WMoto VE1-110E and WMoto 110E rolls into the Malaysian market. 
  • All three motorcycle is comes with manufacturer warranty of 20,000km or two-years (whichever comes first). 

The SM Sport 110E, priced at RM3,859, is perfect for daily use with a power output of 6.03Hp at 7,500rpm and a torque of 7.0Nm at 5,000rpm. It weighs only 100kg and has spacious storage capacity and a 4.0-litre petrol tank. The bike has a striking graphic design and is available in three colours – red, blue, and yellow.

Meanwhile, the WMoto VE1-110E, priced at RM3,748, has an engine displacement of 106.7cc, producing power up to 6.6Hp at 8,000rpm and a maximum torque of 6.9Nm at 6,000rpm. It has telescopic suspension on the front tires and dual-shock absorbers on the rear, ensuring perfect shock absorption. The bike is available in three colours – red, blue, and yellow.

The third option is the WMoto WM110 that is offered at a starting price of RM3,788, equipped with a 109cc engine capable of producing power up to 7.1Hp at 8,000rpm and 7.2Nm of torque at 6,000rpm. It has KYB suspension for higher handling performance, stability, and travel safety.

The bike uses disc brakes on the front wheel, making it safer to ride. It has a bright front light for night riding, and its 4-litre fuel tank is suitable for daily use. It is available in three colours – blue, red, and black.

All these affordable motorcycles are available at any authorised MForce dealer throughout Malaysia, with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years or 20,000 km travel distance (whichever comes first). MForce also offers online genuine parts purchase service for its bikes.

With the introduction of these three affordable motorcycles, MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. aims to provide Malaysian riders with economical options without compromising on the latest specifications. These bikes are perfect for daily use and offer a comfortable and safe riding experience.

MForce Bike Holdings memperkenalkan kapcai mampu milik baharu untuk pasaran Malaysia menerusi SM Sport 110E yang boleh dimiliki pada harga RM3,859. 

Dikuasakan enjin satu silinder 109cc 4-stroke, motosikal ini menawarkan 6.03hp pada 7,500rpm dan 7Nm pada 5,000rpm. 

Menurut MForce, SM Sport 110E ini didatangkan dengan rim 17-inci dengan 70/90 depan dan 80/90 belakang dan dipadankan bersama brek drum. Tidak cukup dengan itu, motosikal ini juga menawarkan ruang letak barang yang mencukupi untuk menyimpan barangan peribadi. 

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan termasuk tangki 4L. 

Dalam pada itu, SM Sport 110E ini datang dengan tiga warna pilihan; merah, biru dan kuning dan datang dengan waranti pengeluar dua tahun atau 20,000km (mana yang sampai dahulu). 

  • Mforce Bikes launched the Benelli 502C, Benelli 150S and SM Sport 110E.

  • The Benelli 502C is a middleweight cruiser while the Benelli 150S is a 150cc standard road bike.

  • The SM Sport 110E follows the success of the SM Sport 110R.

Mforce Bikes Sdn. Bhd. continued with launched over the weekend, this time with the Benelli 502C, Benelli 150S and SM Sport 110E, after unveiling the new SYM JET14 200 and SYM MIO 110.

Benelli 502C

The 502C is the manufacturer’s foray into the middleweight sport-cruiser market, with a styling that resembles the Ducati Diavel.

  • Foot forward pegs and controls.
  • 750mm seat height.
  • 500cc parallel-Twin engine which produces 46.9 hp (35 kW) at 8,500 RPM and 46 Nm of torque at 5,000 RPM.
  • Electronic fuel injection with dual 37mm throttle bodies.
  • Benelli’s trademark steel trellis frame with steel plates.
  • 41mm diameter upside-down forks up front and monoshock at the back.
  • Dual 260mm brake discs up front.
  • 21-litre fuel tank.

The bike is available in Metallic Red, Matte Black and Metallic Black. It’s priced from RM31,588 (excluding road tax and insurance).

Benelli 150S

“The Benelli 150S prowls the streets of the dense urban jungle and stalks back roads, day and night,” according to them. Aside from the National Geographic reference, the 150S is a 150cc standard street bike.

  • 149.88cc B3SP triple spark-plug engine.
  • The SOHC engine utilizes electronic fuel injection and produces 15.5 hp at 8,300 RPM and 12.5 Nm of torque at 7,000 RPM.
  • “Track-derived” and “GP-styled” (although Benelli doesn’t race) twin-spar chassis.
  • Upside-down forks and monoshock suspension.
  • 260mm front brake discs.
  • LCD digital display.

It’s available in Lava Red, Space Black and Nixon Green. Priced from RM8,588.

SM Sport 110E

(No picture of the bike because the photos could not be downloaded from the press release.)

The SM Sport 110E means there’s an entry in the kapchaisegment for the distributor. According to the press release, the bike is a “110cc supercharger that saves especially on fuel usage.” Talk about overhype.

  • 109cc single-cylinder engine which produces 6.0 hp at 7,500 RPM and 7.0 Nm of torque at 5,000 RPM.
  • Carburetor fueling system with CDI.
  • Tubeless tyres.

Available in Ocean Blue, Lava Red and Carbon Black. Priced from RM 3,488 (excluding SST and other fees).

  • The 2019 SM Sport 110R will come with new colours.

  • The bike is a daily commuter for the city and town.

  • It represents value for money as it does include some useful features.

The 2019 SM Sport 110R will come in new colours. They are black, blue and red.

The SM Sport 110R belongs in the smaller, utilitarian category of underbone bikes (kapchais) to serve as daily commuters in both cities and towns.

However, it does boast a number of features despite of its greatly affordable price and capacity. It has a Fuel Saving switch to run it in economy mode. The air-cooled 109cc SOHC engine complies with Euro3 emission standards.

Furthermore, the bike has daytime running lights (DRL), LED turn signals all-around, Kayaba (KYB) suspension, safety key switch and a 5V USB charging port. Additionally, there is a large storage space. The SM Sport 110R ups the ante by using tubeless tyres.

Besides that, it has a sporty and aerodynamic styling which most riders could accept.

But what the bike truly represents is value for money, because at just RM 3,918.00 (basic selling price and not on-the-road), you’d be hard-pressed to find something like this in this price bracket.


  • Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. sedang menganjurkan sebuah Kempen Servis Selepas Banjir istimewa buat semua pemilik motosikal SYM, Benelli, Keeway, dan SM Sport yang terjejas akibat banjir yang telah melanda Pulau Pinang.
  • Ke semua pemilik motosikal bagi jenama yang telah dinyatakan berhak ke atas diskaun sebanyak 50% bagi alat ganti terpilih dan minyak enjin PJ1 beserta dengan upah kerja percuma.
  • Kempen servis ini akan berlangsung dari 15 November sehingga 18 November 2017 di pengedar yang terpilih di bahagian pulau dan di tanah besar (Seberang Perai).


Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd is organising a special Flood Relief Service Program for all SYM, Benelli, Keeway and SM Sport bike owners affected by the flood in Penang.

All of the bike owners of the stated brands are entitled for 50% discount on selected spare parts and PJ1 engine oil plus free labour cost.

The service campaign will run from 15 to 18 November 2017 at selected dealers on the island and mainland.

Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of SYM, Benelli, Keeway and SM Sport motorcycles here in Malaysia has just launched the Flood Relief Service Program in Penang. From 15 until 18 November 2017, all SYM, Benelli, Keeway and SM Sport bike owners who have been affected by the recent flood incident are entitled for 50% discount on selected spare parts and PJ1 engine oil plus free labour cost. (more…)



  • MForce Bike Holdings telah melancarkan SM Sport, sebuah jenama baru motosikal keluaran tempatan dan juga motosikal pertama mereka; SM Sport 110R 2017.
  • Jenama motosikal tempatan ini telah dibangunkan dengan kerjasama Benelli dan Keeway untuk membekalkan jentera berkualiti tinggi pada harga berpatutan di pasaran ASEAN.
  • Motosikal SM Sport 110R 2017 ini diletakkan harganya pada RM3,788 (asas tanpa GST).


Mforce Bike Holdings has launched SM Sport, a new brand of locally produced motorcycles with their first ever bike; the 2017 SM Sport 110R.

The home-grown motorcycle brand has been developed by Benelli and Keeway to provide top quality machines at affordable prices to the ASEAN market.

The new 2017 SM Sport 110R is priced at RM3,788 (basic price without GST).

The 2017 SM Sport 110R is the first ever moped that was launched just moments ago by a home-grown motorcycle brand under the Mforce Bike Holdings, SM Sport. Developed by Benelli and Keeway, the new moped plus all the other upcoming models are focused on providing affordable motorcycles that are locally developed and produced in Malaysia. (more…)


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