MV Agusta Moto2

  • Jentera perlumbaan Moto2 MV Agusta F2 telah diperkenalkan semalam.
  • Ianya akan menggunakan casis MV Agusta bersama dengan enjin Moto2 Triumph.
  • Penunggangnya terdiri daripada Stefano Manzi dan Dominique Aegerter, setelah pemecatan Romano Fenati.


  • The MV Agusta F2 Moto2 race bike was unveiled yesterday.

  • It will use MV Agusta’s chassis with the Triumph Moto2 engine.

  • Riders are Stefano Manzi and Dominique Aegerter, after Romano Fenati was infamously dropped.

Forward Racing has unveiled the MV Agusta F2 Moto2 race bike.

It signifies the return of the Italian marque after a 42-year absence in GP racing. Forward Racing has a new title sponsor hence the change in colour scheme from black to red/white and the team being officially called MV Agusta Idea Lavoro Forward Racing.

The F2 features MV Agusta’s red-painted steel trellis frame mated to an aluminium swingarm. Suspension is supplied by Öhlins and the engine is the new Triumph 765cc triple.

Team riders Stefano Manzi and Dominique Aegerter unveiled the F2 alongside Giacomo Agostini’s MV Agusta 500cc 4-cylinder championship winning bike.

The team had first signed Romano Fenati to ride the bike this year. However, Fenati went to on to grab Manzi’s front brake lever at Misano after trading hard passes on track. He was immediately dropped from his old Moto2 team and banned for the entire season. MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni followed up by declaring that he will not allow Fenati to ride his bikes.

The team will join other Moto2 contenders at the first pre-season tests at the Jerez Circuit in Spain from 20th February and the final test at Losail in Qatar from 1st March. The 2019 MotoGP season kicks off on 10th March.

  • Pasukan MV Agusta Reparto Corse yang bertanding dalam siri Moto2 telah mengesahkan Romano Fenati sebagai salah seorang penunggang mereka bagi musim 2019.
  • Fenati telah beraksi cemerlang dalam Moto3 pada tahun 2017 namun kini bergelut dengan kesukaran dalam Moto2.
  • Menuruti peraturan Moto2 bagi tahun 2019, MV Agusta akan membina jentera mereka berdasarkan enjin Triumph yang baharu.


  • MV Agusta Reparto Corse’s Moto2 project has confirmed Romano Fenati as one of their riders for the 2019 season.

  • Fenati had done well in Moto3 in 2017 but currently struggling in Moto2.

  • As with the 2019 Moto2 regulations, MV Agusta will build the bike around the new Triumph engine.

We reported earlier that the famed Italian marque, MV Agusta will be joining the Moto2 grid from 2019, but the manufacturer did not announce the rider at the time. MV Agusta had finally announced that Romano Fenati will pilot the bike alongside a stablemate.

MV Agusta returns to MotoGP

Do note that all Moto2 bikes will use the new Triumph 765cc Triple engine next year, despite the bike is branded as MV Agusta. Triumph supplies the engine while builders such as Kalex, Speed Up, KTM and MV Agusta complete the rest of the bike.

The signing of Fenati is seen as something of great interest among fans. He was unceremoniously sacked from Valentino Rossi-backed Sky VR46 team in 2016 after being abusive to members of the team. Since then he had to carry the reputation of being hard to work with.

Romano Fenati – Courtesy of

Marinelli Honda contracted him for the 2017 Moto3 season where he finished 2nd overall. Fenati made the jump to the Moto2 class for 2018 but he has been experiencing a horrid season and is currently in 19th position with just 14 points.

While MV Agusta has stated that their Moto2 involvement is for the long-term, signing Fenati on as rider could be a risk to them. But Fenati does have real talent and speed.

“I am very happy and honoured to take part in this prestigious project and to join such a cohesive and competent group as the Forward Racing Team is,” the fiery Italian said. “Driving the F2 will be a source of great pride for me and will be an important responsibility, so I will give all my contribution and my experience to achieve excellent results.”

Romano Fenati in 2018 – Courtesy of
  • Images of the 2019 MV Agusta Moto2 race bike have been released by the brand.

  • The rendered images give us a taste of what the MV Agusta Forward Racing bike will look like.

  • The team will have a slight advantage as they are very experienced with triple cylinder engines and supersport machines.

It was only last month that MV Agusta that they will be returning to the world of MotoGP in 2019 after a 42-year absence. A four-year deal has been signed with the Forward Racing team which will see them compete in a brand new reworked intermediate class that will run Triumph’s 765cc inline-three engine. (more…)

After 42 years of absence from MotoGP, MV Agusta confirms their return to the championship in 2019.

A four-year deal has been signed with the Forward Racing team which will see them competing in Moto2.

The new bike will start its testing phase in July together with the new 765cc inline-three engine from Triumph.

It’s been a while since we last saw or heard the name MV Agusta being mentioned in the MotoGP universe. After over 40 years of absence, the premium Italian bike manufacturer has confirmed their return to the Grand Prix scene next season. (more…)


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