PETRONAS Warns of Fake Investment Scam Using Company, CEO’s name

PETRONAS is calling on the public to be more vigilant against fake investment scams using the name of the company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

PETRONAS said it has been informed about the online investment fraud that is active in the WhatsApp application.

According to them, the fraud involved the illegal use of the PETRONAS company name and logo, as well as the name of the PETRONAS Group President and Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Tengku Muhammad Taufik.

“The message included a fake news report purportedly from The Star with the headline used ‘Special Report: ‘PETRONAS opens joint investment platform with government support!’.

“It offers a scheme that promises returns through weekly investments in government operations related to natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production,” PETRONAS said in the statement.

The report was also accompanied by a fake video of Tan Sri Tengku Muhammad Taufik, with his image and voice manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) software.

PETRONAS management explained and emphasized that there is no such investment platform from them.

“We would like to call on everyone not to respond to this fake investment scheme,” the national petroleum and gas company added.

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