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Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco has released a new scooter model, the AK Premium, designed to compete in the luxury maxi-scooter market. 

  • the AK Premium the is the flagship version of the standard AK550 scooter. 
  • the AK Premium features customisable user settings and cruise control. 

Powering the Kymco AK Premium is a 550cc twin-cylinder engine that delivers 51hp @ 7,500rpm and 52Nm @ 6,000rpm, and it features a continuously variable gearbox and throttle-by-wire technology for improved engine control and acceleration. 

The scooter also has customisable riding modes and additional features like traction control and cruise control for a smooth and safe ride over long distances. The AK Premium also equipped with AIBS Cornering Technology which includes cornering ABS. 

The AK Premium has a striking futuristic design with aggressive LEDs, and it weighs 238 kilograms, making it a heavyweight challenger in its class. 

Other notable features includes; Brembo callipers, 14.5L fuel tank, 15-inch wheels front and rear shod with 120/70 and 160/60 tyres, upside-down fork and a 270mm front and 260mm rear disc. 

The AK Premium will retail for EUR10,999 (RM53k) making it a more affordable option than the Yamaha TMAX. Kymco expects the AK Premium to attract riders looking for a powerful, comfortable, and stylish scooter that can handle both city and long-distance travel.

Coming in new for the Malaysian market is the 2023 Modenas Elegan 250 EX maxi-scooter which has been updated to meet the latest Euro 4 emission standard. 

  • The popular maxi-scooter continue to make 22hp and 22.4Nm.
  • The Elegan 250 EX offers premium features but at an affordable price range. 

That said, the Elegan 250’s 250cc single-cylinder engine now meets the Euro 4 emission standard as required by the Malaysian government. Despite the revised mill to meet the new emission, the Elegan 250 EX continue to make 22hp @ 7,000rpm and 22.4Nm @ 6,500rpm. 

Power is fed to the rear wheel via a CVT gearbox with a final belt drive.

Apart from the engine, Modenas also revised the front projector headlamp to complement the DRLs. 

Nevertheless, the 2023 Elegan 250 EX continue to feature the same equipment from the 2020 Elegan 250 ABS including LED lights, 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheels, 240mm hydraulic brakes, X-shaped LED taillights, twin-channel ABS and a USB charging socket.

The Elegan 250 EX also carries a 12.4L of the fuel tank and tips the scale at 198kg. 

The 2023 Modenas Elegan 250 EX now comes with an updated price of RM16,997 and is available in two exciting colours; Matte Silver Crystal and Petroleum Blue. 

Modenas telah pun mengemas kini skuter maxi popular, Modenas Elegan 250 EX bagi tahun 2023 yang kini telah dinaik taraf dengan enjin Euro 4. 

Menurut Modenas, Elegan 250 EX itu kini dilengkapi enjin satu silinder 250cc, SOHC yang kini mencapai standard Euro 4. Bagaimanapun, kuasa dihasilkan kekal sama seperti sebelum ini dengan 22hp pada 7,000rpm dan 22.4Nm pada 6,500rpm. 

Bagi mencapai emisi Euro 4 yang merupakan standard terbaru di Malaysia,  beberapa perubahan dilakukan di bahagian enjin dan ekzos agar tahap emisi yang dikeluarkan adalah lebih rendah berbanding sebelum ini. 

Dalam pada itu, Elegan 250 EX 2023 ini juga turut mendapat lampu depan projektor LED baharu dengan fungsi DRL (daytime running light) sekaligus meningkatkan tahap pencahayaan terutamanya di waktu malam. 

Bagaimanapun, ciri lain kekal sama seperti model sebelumnya yang dilancarkan pada November 2020. 

Modenas Elegan 250 EX ini ditawarkan pada harga RM16,997 dan datang dengan dua warna pilihan; Matte Sliver Crystal dan Petroleum Blue. 

Kymco has successfully established itself as one of the world’s best scooter manufacturer. 

  • Kymco CV3 now available in the UK for GBP11,999 (RM64.5k).
  • The three-wheeled scooter runs on the same 550cc parallel-twin engine found in the AK550. 

The Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer recently took to EICMA show to showcased its 2023 lineup including the radically designed CV3, a three-wheeled maxi-scooter.

For starters, a three-wheeled tilting scooter is not a new thing as there are others that also offers similar design and practicality.

However, the Kymco CV3 goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen before, primarily due to its sharp styling and aggressive bodywork.

For instance, the CV3 sports a split LED headlight upfront and a large windscreen which significantly improves the bike’s capability to go for a long-distance touring. 

At the back, there is a big and comfortable space for the pillion including a back rest. 

Of course, the main highlight of the CV3 is the sophisticated front end that looks similar to Yamaha’s Niken that combines quad front forks – two on each side – and two 13-inch wheels. Meanwhile, the rear wheels is fitted wiht a 15-inch wheels. 

Mechanically, the CV3 is equipped with the same engine found in the high-performance AK550 maxi-scooter. That said, it runs on a 550cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine that makes 52.7hp @ 7,500rpm and 55.6Nm @ 5,500rpm. 

Other key features include a 6-inch full colour TFT instrument cluster, cruise control, keyless ignition and heated grips.

The Kymco CV3 is now available in the UK for a base price of GBP11,999 (RM64.5k). 

Yamaha’s popular maxi-scooter, the Yamaha XMAX, has finally received a significant overhaul for 2023. 

  • 2023 Yamaha XMAX gets a new TFT screen and adjustable windshield.
  • The Yamaha XMAX is available in two variants in Europe, the 125 and 300. 

First introduced in 2006, the Yamaha XMAX and its bigger sibling, the TMAX, have become two of the world’s best-selling scooters, with more than 720,000 units sold between the pair. 

For 2023, the Yamaha XMAX gets an all-new 4.2-inch TFT instrument display complete with a Garmin navigation system similar to the TMAX.

Yamaha also revised the handling for better riding comfort and enhanced functionality. 

In addition, the 2023 XMAX features a bolder impression thanks to a sharper front end, headlined by an aggressive new ‘X’ shaped headlight.

The same ‘X’ theme can also be seen at the back when the tail light is on.

Available in two variants, 125 and 300 in Europe – 250cc in Malaysia – the XMAX gets slimmer and more angular fairing designed. 

This time, the XMAX also gets the Tech Max trim similar to the TMAX, which features a leather-style seat, aluminium footplates, keyless ignition and traction control.

Yamaha also treated the body parts with a special semi-metallic gloss finish. 

Expect the new XMAX – with a 250cc engine configuration – to make its way to Malaysia soon. 

Yamaha has updated the XMax 250 with visual updates for 2022 in Japan.

  • The popular Yamaha XMax 250 gets four new colours for 2022.
  • The maxi-scooter retains the same engine and bodywork. 

The quarter-litre Japanese maxi-scooter is now available in four new colours; Matte Dark Green, Glossy Red, Glossy White and Dark Grey.

In terms of design, the 2022 XMax 250 retains the same bodywork as the previous year’s model, including the iconic sharp split LED headlight.

Mechanically, the 2022 XMax continue to feature the same 250cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces 22.5hp and 24.3Nm. 

Also retained for 2022 is the semi-digital instrument cluster and traction control.

Meanwhile, the scooter is suspended by a conventional telescopic forks and dual shocks at the rear while braking hardware consist of front and rear disc with dual-channel ABS.

According to Yamaha, the 2022 XMax 250 is available in Japan at JPY654,500 which translates to RM21.9k. 

Maznah Harun was caught off guard after discovering she had won a BMW C 400 X maxi scooter from MBSB Bank Bhd.

  • The BMW C 400 X were among the top prize for MBSB “Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya” campaign.
  • The 81-year-old took home the maxi-scooter after a year of saving at MBSB.

The 81-year-old grandmother was among the winners of the MBSB Bank “Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya” campaign after a year of saving with the bank.

Unfortunately, Maznah won’t keep the RM45,000 worth of scooter as she plans to sell it.

“I have entered many contests, but this is the first time I ever won anything.

“I will sell the scooter and the money from it will be rolled back into my MBSB Bank savings,” she said.

The BMW C 400 X scooter was among a host of prizes up for grabs during the MBSB Bank campaign, including a BMW X4 30i M Sport, Mercedes Benz A200, Mercedes Benz C200 and Mercedes Benz GLC 300 AMG.

The C 400 X is currently on sale in Malaysia for a recommended selling price of RM44,500.

Aprilia has entered the popular middle-weight maxi-scooter segment in Asia with the new SR MAX 250 HPE.

  • the SR MAX 250 gets a new high-performance 244cc single cylinder engine.
  • currently China-excuslive, the SR MAX 250 HPE features TFT instrument cluster and traction control. 

The SR MAX 250 shares a similar platform as the SR MAX 300 but is designed to offer greater comfort for long rides and practicality for daily commuting.

Powering the SR MAX 250 is Aprilia’s 244cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, a fuel-injected engine capable of pumping 25hp and 21.6Nm.

The SR MAX 250 shares a similar styling cue with the SR MAX 300, including a sporty fairing with angular styling at the front and side panels.

The scooter features a large windscreen, a wide one-piece saddle comfortable for the rider and pillions, a full-colour 7-inch TFT display, two riding modes (Eco and Sport) and a traction control system.

An ABS-regulated front and rear disc handle the braking, while the suspension comes in the form of a telescopic front fork and twin gas-charged shocks at the rear.

Sadly, the SR MAX 250 HPE is currently a China-exclusive model, but it could find its way to the rest of the world just like the SR GT 125 and SR GT 200.

According to Aprilia, the SR MAX 250 HPE is priced at CNY26,700 (RM17,600).


QJ Motor has entered the big scooter segment with the all-new Fortress 350.

  • the Fortress 350 is QJ Motor first foray into the maxi-scooter category.
  • designed in collaboration with Ricardo Motorcycles.

The QJ Motor Fortress 350 is the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer first attempt to dived into the maxi-scooter segment, with the help from Ricardo Motorcycles who helped with the designed.

The Fortress 350 is powered by an all-new engine which could also lead to more new models in the coming future.

Fitted with a 349cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder mill, the Fortress 350 makes 34hp, making it the most powerful scooter in the QJ Motor stable.

While the side profile design is a reminiscent of other Japanese maxi-scooter like the Yamaha XMax and Honda Forza, the overall design has a few nods to continental brand like the BMW C 400 X and C 400 GT.

This is because Ricardo Motorcycles also have a hand in designing BMW’s scooters.

Other modern features include:

  • full colour TFT display
  • ByBre brakes
  • ABS
  • traction control
  • electronic adjustable windscreen

Meanwhile, reports suggest that it is likely the QJ Motor Fortress 350 will be rebadged as Benelli and will be sold in Europe beginning with France and Germany.

MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd debuts new Keeway-based WMoto ES250i quarter-litre maxi-scooter locally, priced from RM13,888.


MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd recently dropped a new teaser showing what could be an all-new maxi-scooter from WMoto making its way to Malaysia soon.

Despite no further details shared, it is now confirmed that the upcoming scooter will go by WMoto ES250i, as shown in a trademark documents leak online this week via Facebook user, Vanhoe Rage.


The trademark application was submitted to Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on February 10, 2022.

Based on the name, it is safe to assume that the maxi-scooter will carry a 250cc engine and will go head-to-head with Yamaha XMax 250, Honda Forza 250 and Modenas Elegan 250.


Nonetheless, MForce is yet to announce the official release date for the new motorcycle.

According to reports, the WMoto ES250i will be based on the Keeway GT270 maxi-scooter launched in Thailand last year. However, the GT270 runs on a 278.2cc engine instead of 250cc.

The Yamaha XMax 250 gets a minor update for 2022, as announced by Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM).

The quarter-litre maxi-scooter now gets a new smoke flasher lens, a redesigned smart key remote and two new colour options; Icon Grey and Power Grey.

Nevertheless, no changes are made to the engine and other specifications.

Powered by a 250cc, single-cylinder, SOHC engine with liquid-cooling, the Xmax comes with Yamaha’s Blue Core technology, which provides excellent power and torque outputs whilst conforming to the Euro4 emission standards.

This translates to 22.5hp at 7,000rpm and 24.3Nm of maximum torque at 5,500rpm

The 2022 Yamaha XMax 250 is available at Yamaha authorized dealership for RM21,998.


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