Kita di Malaysia ni mungkin dah biasa dengan pelbagai jenis Keeway – skuter, kapcai, dan sebagainya. Tapi gambar-gambar yang korang nampak ni menandakan satu perubahan besar dari Keeway yang kita tahu dan kenali.

Dikenali sebagai TX450R, motosikal yang berinspirasi perlumbaan rally ni menandakan satu babak baru bagi pengeluar motosikal China ni.

Reka bentuk dia taklah betul-betul baru, kita dah tengok reka bentuk yang diilhamkan oleh perlumbaan ni dengan Yamaha Tenere 700 dan Aprilia Tuareg 660.

Dan macam biasa dengan semua benda yang popular, bolehlah jangka pengeluar motosikal China ni nak mengambil kesempatan dari fesyen yang tengah hit tu.

Keeway ni adalah jenama di bawah konglomerat China, Qianjiang Motors, atau lebih dikenali sebagai QJ Motor. Dan TX450R ni pertama kali ditunjukkan kat EICMA show di Milan tahun ni.

Reka bentuk yang jelas diilhamkan oleh perlumbaan ni memang nampak lasak gila, macam sesuai je nak bawak lintas padang pasir atau hutan belantara. Tapi takde la sekadar cantik mata je, dia pun ada teknologi moden jugak, macam headlight penuh LED, skrin TFT berwarna penuh yang besar, rangka dua dulang aluminium serta fork Fast Race yang boleh disetel sepenuhnya.

Suspensi perlumbaan ni juga dikawal oleh monoshock berkemampuan multi-linkage yang menawarkan travel yang mengagumkan, iaitu 280mm, tanda yang jelas apa fungsi sebenar motosikal ni.

Kuasa enjin satu silinder 449cc menghasilkan 42hp pada 8000rpm dan 38Nm tork. Urusan tukar gear diuruskan oleh kotak gear 6-kelajuan, manakala saiz roda depan 21-inci dan belakang 18-inci.

Kuasa berhenti diberi oleh caliper Nissin.

Yang menariknya, motosikal ni ada tiga tangki minyak yang diletakkan di kawasan yang berbeza untuk menyediakan imbangan yang optimum. Kapasiti tangki minyak ialah 28 liter.

Belum lagi diketahui bila motosikal ni akan dijual dan samada ia akan ditawarkan untuk pasaran Malaysia ke tidak. Sebenarnya, tak banyak yang kita tahu tentang motosikal ni, kecuali fakta yang dia nampak sangat cool.

Asians are probably more familiar with different types of Keeway’s – scooters, undertones and the like. But the photos you see here mark a huge departure from the Keeways we know. 

Known as the TX450R, this rally race-inspired bike marks a new chapter for the Chinese bike maker. 

The design is not exactly new and we have seen such race-bred designs with the Yamaha Tenere 700 and the Aprilia Tuareg 660. 

And as with all things that are popular, you can expect the Chinese bike makers to capitalise on a popular fad. 

Keeway is a brand under Chinese conglomerate Qianjiang Motors, or better known to all as QJ Motor. And the TX450R was first shown at this year’s EICMA show in Milan.

Its race-bred design that undoubtedly looks hardcore also looks like it belong in the deserts of Dakar or the jungles. But it is not all good-looks, it also features some modern tech such as a full-LED multi-optic headlight, a massive full-colour TFT screen, a cast-aluminium double-cradle frame as well as fully adjustable Fast Race inverted forks. 

The race suspension is also part managed by a multi-linkage equipped monoshock that offers an impressive 280mm of wheel travel, which is a hint at what this bike is made to do. 

Power is provided by a 449cc, single-cylinder engine that produces 42hp at 8000rpm and 38Nm of torque. Gear shifting duties is managed by a 6-speed gearbox where else the wheels measure in at 21-inches up front and 18 at the rear. 

Stopping power is provided by Nissin callipers. 

Interestingly, it comes with three fuel tanks that is located at different areas of the bike to provide optimal balance. Fuel capacity measures in at 28 litres. 

It is not yet known when the bike will go on sale and if it will be offered for the Malaysian market. In fact, not much is known about the bike at all, except for the fact that it looks really cool. 

MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd bakal menambahkan lagi tawaran jenama motosikal di Malaysia kali ini menerusi MBP (Moto Bologna Passione) Moto. 

Pengumuman itu dimaklumkan kepada media selepas pihak MForce menghadiri program TOP68 Educational Tour Sales Campaign 2022 di Pattaya, Thailand, baru-baru ini. Pada acara tersebut, pihak MForce juga telah mempertontonkan beberapa model daripada MBP.

*MBP T1200V

Menariknya, MForce memaklumkan bahawa pelancaran rasmi dan pengenalan sulung jenama MBPMoto di Malaysia di Kuala Lumpuar Bike Show 2023 yang akan berlangsung Ogos ini di WTC Kuala Lumpur. 

Maklumat lebih terperinci akan kami bawakan dari masa ke masa. 

Dalam pada itu, kami sebelum ini juga melaporkan bahawa MBPMoto akan diperkenalkan di Malaysia. Antara model yang kami harap akan diperkenalkan di sini adalah motosikal jenis cruiser C650V dan motosikal adventure T1200V.

*MBP C650V

Untuk rekod, MBPMoto merupakan jenama dari Itali dengan kilang pengeluaran bertempat di China. MBPMoto juga merupakan anak syarikat Keeway yang juga berada di bawah payung QJ Motor bersama Benelli. 

MBP is set to expand its brand to Asia by debuting in India at the Auto Expo 2023. 

  • MBP is a Keeway-owned motorcycle company based in Italy. 
  • MBP recently made the headlines with the all-new C650V cruiser. 


The Italian-origin (Chinese-owned) company will introduce itself in India with the M502N naked bike under the Adishwar Auto Ride India Pvt Ltd (AARI). 

A quick study of the MBP M502N’s spec sheet revealed the presence of plenty of quality components all around. Amongst them too is a nifty digital dash display. This seems to bode well not just with the bike’s styling, but also with its rather welcoming 790mm seat height.

Underneath its sharp and snazzy styling, the Keeway MBP M502N underpins a twin-spar chassis frame construction with a double-sided steel swingarm assembly. As for wheels and tyres, the MBP502N adopt 17-inch cast alloys wrapped in Pirelli Angel GT rubber.

Tasked with suspension duties is a pair of upsidedown (USD) KYB fork up front, whereas braking hardware is sourced from J.Juan featuring dual-piston calipers and twin 300mm discs up front plus a 240mm disc at the rear grabbed by single-piston caliper instead.

Crucially, the MBP M502N packs a respectably peppy 486cc parallel-twin that’s reportedly loosely based off of the unit found in the Honda CB500 series. It’s claimed 47HP output sees this naked presenting itself as a viable choice new riders.

The MBP M502N is set to go up against the Benelli Leoncino 500 and Honda CB500F in India.

QJMotor has been making headlines in the global motorcycle industry over the last few years, particularly via its subsidiary, Benelli and Keeway.

  • MBP’s is the latest premium brand under Keeway that is owned by QJMotor. 
  • Similar to the Benelli, MBP also has an Italian origin. 

Benelli is going strong after the acquisition by QJMotor, with the TRK502 emerging as the most popular ADV bike in its home country, Italy. 

Also, thanks to the wide range of models including the upcoming TRK800, TNT500, BKX250 and BKX250 S, the brand will continue to grow its influence with years to come.

That said, QJMotor now wants to carve similar success with Keeway after the brand recently gave birth to a premium subsidiary called the Moto Bologna Passione (MBP).

MBP recently showcased several models at EICMA, but the one that caught our attention is the T1002V adventure-tourer. 

Mechanically, the T1002V is fitted with an all-new 997cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 80-degree V-Twin engine that pumps out 95hp @ 7,600rpm and 96Nm @ 6,500rpm. Power-wise, it is on par with the KTM 890 Adventure R and BMW F 850 GS. 

Adding to its ADV aesthetic is a set of tubeless wire-spoke wheels and adjustable KYB long-travel suspension. Braking is done via dual front disc brakes at the front and a single disc at the rear paired with Brembo-owned J.Juan callipers.

Similar to QJMotor’s current ADV range, including the SRT800 and TRK800, the MBP T1002V also features a full-colour dash, adjustable windscreen and a center stand.

However, pricing is yet to be made available, as well as when the T1002V will hit the market. Nonetheless, we’ll keep you updated on this interesting development. 

Keeway has been making great strides in the Indian motorcycle market with a wide range of models.

  • The Keeway SR125 is a retro-style motorcycle powered by a small 125cc engine.
  • The SR125 will join Keeway’s 250cc bobbers and 300cc scooters. 

Retailing at INR119,00 (RM6.8k) the SR125 is undoubtedly one of the most expensive 125cc motorcycles in the country.

Nevertheless, the SR125 stays true to the retro-style DNA, including a straightforward design, an exposed frame and a 14.5L teardrop shape fuel tank.

Meanwhile, the single-piece brown saddle and circular halogen headlamp complete the retro vibe.

More importantly, the Keeway SR125 allows for customization jobs, making it the most significant choice among younger riders.

However, the SR125 will struggle to compete in terms of power as the 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine can only produce 9.7hp and 7.7Nm.

According to Keeway, the SR125 is available in three colourways; glossy black, glossy red and glossy white.

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Keeway revealed its all-new Keeway V302C cruiser in India which is set to compete with Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

  • The Keeway V302C cruiser makes 29.5hp and 26Nm.
  • Features all-LED lighting, dual-channel ABS. 

Keeway might be unknown but it is actually a spin-off brand owned by Chinese motorcycle giants, Qianjiang (QJ Motor), who also owns the Benelli brand.

That said, the V302C cruiser is actually a rebranded Benda BD300, a bobber style cruiser that features a 296cc two-cylinder engine pumping out 29.5hp @ 9,000rpm and 26Nm @ 7,000rpm. 

Other notable features available on the V302c include USD front fork, all-LED lighthing, dual-channel ABS, full-colour digital instrument cluster and a 13.5L fuel tank.

In comparison with the Meteor 350, the V302C looks bolder, with chunky tyres, bigger fuel tank and exposed matte black painted frame.

As such, the Keeway V302C looks like a pint-size Harley-Davidson Sportster S cruiser.

According to reports the Keeway V302C is also currently on sale in Europe for EUR4,790 (RM21.4k).

New Keeway MBP M502N naked bike is the QJ-owned brand’s first entry into the EU, and it’s targeted towards newbies.


MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd debuts new Keeway-based WMoto ES250i quarter-litre maxi-scooter locally, priced from RM13,888.


MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd recently dropped a new teaser showing what could be an all-new maxi-scooter from WMoto making its way to Malaysia soon.

Despite no further details shared, it is now confirmed that the upcoming scooter will go by WMoto ES250i, as shown in a trademark documents leak online this week via Facebook user, Vanhoe Rage.


The trademark application was submitted to Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on February 10, 2022.

Based on the name, it is safe to assume that the maxi-scooter will carry a 250cc engine and will go head-to-head with Yamaha XMax 250, Honda Forza 250 and Modenas Elegan 250.


Nonetheless, MForce is yet to announce the official release date for the new motorcycle.

According to reports, the WMoto ES250i will be based on the Keeway GT270 maxi-scooter launched in Thailand last year. However, the GT270 runs on a 278.2cc engine instead of 250cc.

Chinese motorcycle company QJ Motor (Qianjiang Motorcycles) will soon distribute its range of motorcycles in Malaysia via MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd.

According to a statement, MForce is currently testing out a few models which are set to be on sale beginning Q2 2022.

For those who are not aware, QJ Motor is the holding company of Benelli and Keeway motorcycles that produces a range of motorcycles under the QJ Motor badge.

SRK 350


The entry of QJ Motor into the Malaysian market will subsequently expand the two-wheels market by offering a quality build motorcycle at an affordable price.

MForce is expected to distribute the SRT800, SRK600 and the QJ Race 250 next year.


  • Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. sedang menganjurkan sebuah Kempen Servis Selepas Banjir istimewa buat semua pemilik motosikal SYM, Benelli, Keeway, dan SM Sport yang terjejas akibat banjir yang telah melanda Pulau Pinang.
  • Ke semua pemilik motosikal bagi jenama yang telah dinyatakan berhak ke atas diskaun sebanyak 50% bagi alat ganti terpilih dan minyak enjin PJ1 beserta dengan upah kerja percuma.
  • Kempen servis ini akan berlangsung dari 15 November sehingga 18 November 2017 di pengedar yang terpilih di bahagian pulau dan di tanah besar (Seberang Perai).



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