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All the major motorcycle manufacturers here in Malaysia, specifically Kawasaki Motors Malaysia, Modenas, Boon Siew Honda, Hong Leong Yamaha, and more will be temporarily stopping their operations from now until 31 March 2020 following the partial lockdown nationwide announced by Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. (more…)

  • The Kawasaki Z900RS Café caters to the classic café racer look.

  • Changes are cosmetic while everything is shared with the naked Z900RS.

  • However, the riding experience was rather different.

“Café racers” originally bikes modified from stock which owners bring to cafés to show off. There were no Starbucks in the 60s and 70s but restaurants and cafés such as Ace Café were the haunt of modified motorcycle riders. That’s in London, but we have plenty of mamaks here, intead. However, are bikes the Kawasaki Z900RS Café factory fads to milk the nostalgia?

First off, the Z900RS Café is the factory café racer variant of the Z900RS modern classic. Kawasaki calls the latter the soul successor to one of the most iconic bikes of all time, the 1972 Z1.

Conversely, the Z900RS Café is the tarted-up version with a headlight cowling, windscreen, forward handlebar and stepped-up seat. Kawasaki has (officially) called it the soul successor to the Kz1000R which dominated the AMA Superbike series in the hands of Freddie Spencer, Wayne Gardner, John Pace and of coure, Eddie Lawson.

1982 Kz1000R

The Z900 RS Café shares everything else including the engine, suspension, chassis and electronics. The 948cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve engine produces 110 bhp at 8,500 RPM and 98.5 Nm of torque at a low 6,500 RPM.

The new handlebar puts the rider in a sportier riding position, hence more weight on the front wheel.

Firing up the engine let loose stirring “vroom” from the exhaust. To recap, Kawasaki made the exhaust system to mimic the note from the Z1. It even has that sound of a tuned inline-Four… “vroom… pause… vroom… pause”. Blipping the throttle returns a howl mixed with a growl.

The clutch take-up and throttle are still “eager.” Well, that’s a diplomatic way to say snatchy. You have to be vigilant otherwise the bike will just take off with your brain still sitting in the parking lot.

However, the sportier riding position lent a much better control over the front wheel. On the “standard” Z900RS, the front went light with hard acceleration.

Similarly, charging into corners was much easier on the Café. Now it’s not just sweeping corners but also those pesky sharp ones at intersections.

The suspension felt harsh and uncompliant at first, but it turned out that the previous tester had dialed in all the wrong settings. Imagine riding a bike with close to the forks adjusted to full compression damping and full rebound damping!

If that’s not enough, the rear shock had its preload set to the lowest (which gave the bike a low rear and high front akin to a cruiser). The shock’s rebound damping was also almost fully dialed all the way out. WTF!

Readjusting the suspension yielded a bike that’s easy to flick into corners and maneuver around traffic. Unfortunately, the rear suspension still hopped over sharp bumps. However, that wasn’t meant to say the bike’s suspension was bad. Instead, it as what we’ve always said that some Malaysian roads can be kidney-busting.

The inline-Four based on the naked Z900 is tuned for low-down and midrange torque, hence it shows especially when riding in heavy traffic. Filtering through at 60 km/h in fourth gear still leaves plenty of acceleration.

Blasting away was just a small throttle’s movement away, leaving everyting else to reverberate in the exhaust’s howl and burnt hydrocarbons.

Bad points? The fuel tank is old school as per the Z1 so it’s plenty wide between the knees. The uptick, though, it’s easier to grip it with your knees during hard braking and cornerning.

So, is the Kawasaki Z900RS Café merely a prettied-up bike? Well, depends on how you look at it. In our books, however, the revised riding position has made the bike much better. The snatchy throttle took lots of concentration at first, but you grow to manage it.

But its looks were definitely a head-turner. The headlamp cowling, plus the classic lime green paint with white stripe gave it that real old school Kawasaki look.

Just wished I had a Bell classic full-face and bomber leather jacket when I rode to Starbucks…

It’s priced from RM 72,372 (basic selling price inclusive of 10% SST).


  • Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) launched the 2019 Kawasaki Z250 ABS and Kawasaki Z400 SE ABS.

  • Both are high-performance lightweight motorcycles.

  • They are priced very competitively.

The Kawasaki Z250 ABS and Kawasaki Z400 SE ABS were launched tonight. They are priced at RM 21,998.00 and RM 28,755.00, respectively.

The new models were launched during Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.’s 30thAnniversary Gala Dinner. The guest of honour was Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin, the Home Affairs Minister of Malaysia.

2019 Kawasaki Z250 (From RM 21,998.00)

The 2019 Z250 is a facelift model to the previous Z250, to lengthen the model’s lifespan.

  • Following the Sugomi design concept, the bike has multiple slated panels.
  • The fuel tank is now more muscular.
  • New steel trellis frame that’s 4kg lighter, and inspired by the Ninja H2.
  • Wider handlebar for better leverage.
  • Raised tail section.
  • New LED taillight.
  • New LED headlight.
  • Semi-digital instrument panel (meter) inspired by the Z650.
  • Single front petal brake disc and petal rear brake.
  • Dual-channel ABS.
  • The engine is a 249cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel-Twin.
  • It produces 37.7 hp (38.2 PS) and 23.5 Nm of torque
  • The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with assist and slipper clutch.
  • Offered in Green colour scheme.

2019 Kawasaki Z400 SE ABS (from RM 28,755.00)

As with the Z250 which is the naked version of Ninja 250, the Z400 is the therefore the naked version of the Ninja 400.

  • The design also follows the Sugomi concept.
  • The fuel tank has muscular side panels.
  • New steel trellis frame that’s 4kg lighter, and inspired by the Ninja H2.
  • The handlebar and seating position is more upright hence more accessible to a wider range of riders.
  • Raised tail section.
  • New LED taillight.
  • New LED headlight.
  • Semi-digital instrument panel (meter) inspired by the Z650.
  • Single front petal brake disc and petal rear brake.
  • Dual-channel ABS.
  • The engine is a 399cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel-Twin.
  • It produces 48.3 hp (49 PS) and 38 Nm of torque.
  • New fuel injectors.
  • The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with assist and slipper clutch.
  • Offered in Grey colour scheme.

  • Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) telah menganjurkan Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya Kawasaki tahunan mereka.
  • Diadakan di tol plaza Sungai Besi, kempen ini memasuki tahun ke-empatnya dan berfokus kepada mempertingkatkan keselamatan jalan raya secara keseluruhan bagi para penunggang motosikal.
  • Pemeriksaan keselamatan motosikal 16 bahagian percuma telah dijalankan buat semua motosikal tanpa mengira model mahu pun jenama.


  • Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) organised their annual Kawasaki Road Safety Campaign.

  • Held at the Sungai Besi toll plaza, the campaign entered its fourth year focused on improving overall road safety for bikers.

  • Complimentary 16-point bike checks were conducted for all bikes of different brands and models.

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year 2019 celebrations, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) organised their annual Kawasaki Road Safety Campaign 2019 or “Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya Kawasaki 2019”. Held at the Sungai Besi toll plaza (Southbound), the campaign entered its fourth year which was jointly-organised with the Malaysia Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA) to promote riding safety. (more…)

  • Lapan orang ahli kelab komuniti motosikal “Kawasaki Versys-X 250 Community” (VEXCOM) telah memulakan perjalanan menuju ke Selatan Thailand.
  • Perjalanan ini telah dianjurkan bagi mempamerkan kebolehan ‘off-road’ motosikal tahap permulaan Kawasaki tersebut.
  • Perjalanan satu minggu itu juga bertujuan untuk menarik minat lebih ramai penunggang, penggemar, dan juga orang ramai untuk memiliki jentera mereka sendiri dan menyertai keluarga VEXCOM.


  • Eight members of the Kawasaki Versys-X 250 Community (VEXCOM) have set on a journey towards Southern Thailand.

  • The road trip was organised to promote Kawasaki’s entry-level bike off-road capabilities.

  • The one-week trip is also hoped to create more interest in owning their very own machine and joining the VEXCOM family.

A total of eight brave and adventurous Kawasaki Versys-X 250 owners are currently on an epic journey towards Southern Thailand. Called the VEXCOM Road to Southern Thailand, the Versys-X Community (VEXCOM) members pushed off from the Kawasaki Motors Malaysia HQ last night located in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. (more…)

  • Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) telah menambah satu lagi cawangan Kawasaki GT World Ninja Shop.
  • Fasiliti yang terbaru itu diuruskan oleh SC Premium Bikes Sdn. Bhd. dan terletak di Bandar Sunway.
  • Cawangan ini juga dilengkapi dengan Pusat Perkhidmatan Eksklusif Kawasaki. (Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre).


  • Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) has added another Kawasaki GT World Ninja Shop.

  • The new facility is operated by SC Premium Bikes Sdn. Bhd. located at Bandar Sunway.

  • The shop also includes a Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre.

Fans, customers and owners of Kawasaki motorcycles now have a new home in Bandar Sunway, with the official opening of SC Premium Bikes Sdn. Bhd’s Kawasaki GT World Ninja Shop and Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre (KESC).

As the Kawasaki GT World Ninja Shop is a flagship concept store, customers can expect a one-stop centre to view and purchase the latest Kawasaki motorcycles and buy the latest merchandize and riding gear.

Additionally, aftersales service is also fully supported in the Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre. KESC provides the necessary expertise and tools to maintain and repair customers’ bikes, besides ensuring only genuine parts and accessories are used.

During the grand opening, Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (KMMSB) gave the assurance that they will continue to build a “ONE KAWASAKI” spirit among Kawasaki motorcycle owners, dealers and distributor, in line with the manufacturer’s “Let the good times roll” philosophy.

SC Premium Bikes Sdn. Bhd. is well-known among large-capacity motorcycle owners in the Klang Valley as a tuner. In fact, they were among the first motorcycle shops to provide electronic engine tuning in the country.

Finally, in the spirit of being “green,” the SC Premium facility employs green technology in its daily operations. It is the first Kawasaki GT World Ninja Shop which uses solar energy to power the electrical supply for the office equipment and lighting.

Please visit SC Premium Bikes Sdn. Bhd.’s and Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.’s Facebook pages for more information.


  • SC Premium Bikes Sdn Bhd (SCPB) has launched an exciting initiative for the Tabung Harapan Malaysia Fund.

  • The initiative has been organised in conjunction with their Kawasaki GT World Ninja new showroom launch happening next month.

  • SC Premium Bikes new Kawasaki GT World Ninja showroom and service centre will be officially launched on 6 September 2018.

In conjunction with the grand opening of SC Premium Bikes Sdn Bhd (SCPB) new Kawasaki GT World Ninja showroom and service centre in Bandar Sunway, the good folks over at SCPB has launched a heart-warming Tabung Harapan Malaysia initiative to help ease the country’s financial burdens. (more…)

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) organised the year’s first Kawasaki Track Day 2018 yesterday.

Around 100 Kawasaki owners joined in the track day fun around the world-class Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

2017 ARRC champion Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman also joined the event to test out Chia Motor PJ Racing Team’s Ninja ZX-10R for MSC this season.

Ahead of the country’s 14th general election, some tensions are running high and the good folks over at Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) organised the Kawasaki Track Day 2018 yesterday to help quite a few Kawasaki owners blow off some steam. We’re talking about the highly-recommended Vitamin TD (Track Day)! (more…)


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