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The opening RST Superbike race of Isle of Man TT 2017 saw Ian Hutchinson from Tyco BMW taking the first win of the opening race.

The win marks Hutchinson’s 15th TT win which makes him the third most successful rider of the island circuit.

Second place goes to Peter Hickman (Hickman’s Smiths Racing) who managed to snatch his first ever podium finish ahead of early race leader, Dean Harrison (Silicone Racing).

Ian Hutchinson, Tyco BMW

The great Ian Hutchinson from the Tyco BMW squad took the first Isle of Man TT of 2017 with a stunning victory in the RST Superbike race yesterday. Yesterday’s victory marks Hutchinson’s 15th TT win in his racing career. (more…)

  • Perlumbaan pembukaan RST Superbike untuk Isle of Man TT 2017 menyaksikan Ian Hutchinson dari Tyco BMW meraih kemenangan pertama pada perlumbaan pembukaan.
  • Kemenangan ini menandakan kemenangan TT yang ke-15 Hutchinson yang menjadikannya penunggang ketiga paling berjaya di atas litar pulau ini.
  • Tempat kedua diduduki oleh Peter Hickman (Hickman’s Smith Racing) yang berjaya mendapatkan penamat di atas podium pertamanya di hadapan pendahulu awal perlumbaan, Dean Harrison (Silicone Racing).




  • John McGuinness telah didiagnos dengan retakan pelbagai di kaki kanannya, patah empat tulang belakang dan patah tiga tulang rusuk belakang semasa sesi latihan perlumbaan North West 200 Superbika pada 11 Mei 2017 lalu.
  • McGuinness perlu memakai kas simen sehingga enam minggu sebagai rawatan untuk kecederaan teruknya di bahagian tulang belakang dan akan kekal Hospital Diraja Victoria untuk minggu-mingu mendatang.
  • “King of The Mountain” ini mungkin sekali tidak dapat menyertai perlumbaan Isle of Man TT tahun ini pada 27 Mei 2017 dengan teman sepasukan barunya, Guy Martin.


John McGuinness was diagnosed with a compound fracture to his right leg, four broken vertebrae and three broken back ribs during the North West 200 Superbike Practice Session on 11 May 2017.

McGuinness is required to wear a cast up to six weeks as treatment for the extensive injury on his vertebrae and will remain at the Royal Victoria Hospital for the upcoming week.

The “King of the Mountain” will most probably unable to participate at this year’s Isle of Man TT race on 27 May 2017 with his new team mate, Guy Martin.

Image source: North West 200

Following John McGuinness and his crash during the practice session, Honda Racing has released an official statement regarding what happened during the 2017 North West 200 Superbike road race which was held Northern Ireland. John McGuinness went through a horrendous crash at the Primrose Section on 11 May 2017 at the final minutes of the practice session before the evening race. (more…)

  • John McGuinness atau juga dikenali sebagai “The King of The Mountain” dilaporkan telah mengalami kemalangan semasa sesi latihan di perlumbaan North West 200.
  • Pasukan Honda Racing-nya telah memuatnaik satu tweet yang juara 23 kali Isle of Man TT itu sedang dalam perjalanannya ke hospital dan berkemungkinan telah patah kaki kanannya.
  • Status perlumbaan McGuinness bersama dengan Guy Martin di Isle of Man TT 2017 pada penghujung bulan ini menjadi tanda tanya buat si ‘Morecombe Missile”.


 John McGuinness aka “The King of The Mountain” was reported to have suffered a crash during a practice session at the 2017 North West 200 race.

His Honda Racing Team reportedly tweeted that the 23-times Isle of Man TT winner is on the way to the hospital with a possible broken right leg.

The status of McGuinness to race alongside Guy Martin at the 2017 Isle of Man TT at the end of the month hangs in the balance for the “Morecombe Missile”.

John McGuinness (TT Legends Honda) celebrates winning today’s Superbike TT on the Isle of Man. (Image source: Stephen Davison)

With the 2017 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy just around the corner, bad news filled the road racing scene as John McGuinness aka “The King of the Mountain” suffered a crash during the North West 200 race during yesterday evening’s practice session earlier today according to a report made by BBC. (more…)

  • Guy will participate in the TT Zero category together with John McGuinness

  • Team Mugen’s Shinden Roku fully-electric race bike

    Photo source: Asphalt and Rubber

It was big news when Guy Martin announced that he will be returning to the Isle of Man TT races for 2017. It was even bigger news that he got a ride with the factory Honda Racing team together with John McGuinness aka “The King of the Mountain” on the new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2. Now, he’s going to participate again in the all-electric race category of Isle of Man TT, the TT Zero. (more…)

  • Guy Martin will race for the factory Honda Racing team

  • John McGuiness’s new team mate

  • Will race on the new Honda CBR100RR Fireblade SP2

Yes, you read that right. After a long hiatus away from road racing, Guy Martin has finally agreed to get into the Isle of Man TT action again this year. This time around, he will be racing for the factory Honda Racing team after being approached by Honda Racing boss, Neil Tuxworth. (more…)

Honda UK introduces new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade TT Special and Black Edition models.


23-time Isle of Man TT winner John McGuinness and Manxman Conor Cummins announced yesterday that they will remain with the Honda Racing squad for the 2016 road-racing season.

Having won the Senior TT category this year, McGuinness said that he aims to maintain the form this year as well. Meanwhile, Cummins, who also had a strong year with the squad culminating in a pair of superbike second places at the Ulster Grand Prix, says that there’s still room for improvement.

Speaking at the Motorcycle Live event, the duo said that besides the Isle of Man TT, they will also be participating in the North West 200 and Macau Grand Prix. Cummins on the other hand, will also be racing at the Ulster Grand Prix.

“2015 was a mixed season for me, I didn’t really get the results I wanted at the North West or the TT, but it all came together at the Ulster and leaving with two second-places was great. The Fireblade is a great machine and I’m so happy to be back with Honda Racing again for now my third year,” said Cummins.

According to Honda Racing Team, the ‘Morecambe Missile’ and the ‘Ramsey Rocket’ will participate in the Superbike classes at the North West 200 and also the Superbike and Senior races at the Isle of Man TT aboard the proven Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. Cummins will also take part in the 2016 Ulster GP and both riders are scheduled to race at Macau later in the year


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