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The Honda CB400 Super Four and Bol d’Or duo are saying Sayonara! in style in ‘Final Editions’ forms released in Japan this week.


Honda Motorcycle Japan telah pun mengumumkan akan memperkenalkan Honda Super Cub 110 Pro untuk pasaran negara itu bermula Mei.

Super Cub 110 Pro merupakan varian yang diperkenalkan khas untuk orang ramai yang menggunakan motosikal sebagai mod penghantar barangan.

Hasilnya, Super Cub 110 Pro dilengkapi dengan bangkul di bahagian depan secara standard serta ruang letak barang yang lebih besar dan lasak berbanding Super Cub 110 sedia ada.

Kehadiran bakul juga mengubah kedudukan lampu depan berbanding versi standard.

Honda juga menaik taraf bahagian suspensi agar membolehkan Super Cub 110 Pro membawa muatan lebih berat daripada kebiasaan.

Selain itu, Honda juga mengemas kini enjin dengan ‘stroke’ yang lebih panjang agar tork hadir lebih awal. Paip ekzos juga dinaik taraf agar mencapai peraturan emisi di Jepun.

Meskipun hanyalah sebuah moped 110cc namun Honda turut menaik taraf ciri keselamatan dengan cakera brek depan dan sistem ABS.

Menariknya, model ini juga dilengkapi tayar ‘tubeless’ yang dipadankan bersama rim aloi 14-inci.

Antara kemas kini lain yang dilaksanakan adalah kehadiran petunjuk gear di skrin LCD, jam dan meter minyak.

Updated 2022 Honda Super Cub 110 Pro announced in Japan, features a host of upgrades including a more torque, front disc with ABS, and more.


A few weeks ago, a Japanese publication, Autoby claimed that Honda plans to expand the 250 and 500cc range with an all-new scrambler-style motorcycle.

Japanese render artist Shinji Miyakubo also recently created a CG render of the CL250 and CL500.

However, in the latest report by another Japanese publication Young-Machine, patent drawings from 2018 could relate to Honda’s anticipated CL500 Scrambler.

Using Honda’s design concept all these years, YM has created their version of the rumoured CL500.

YM suggest that the CL500 will maintain most of the components from the CL250, particularly the brakes and suspension. However, the frame will be adjusted to accommodate the larger displacement engine similar to the Rebel 500.

In fact, the patent drawings showcased a similar resemblance with the Rebel.

The patent drawings also show a flat saddle, square fuel tank and a conventional shape exhaust compared to Miyakubo-san’s high-mounted twin pipe.

Meanwhile, it is safe to assume that the CL500 will carry the same 471cc DOHC parallel-twin engine that makes 46.9hp @ 8,500rpm and 43Nm @ 7,000rpm.

At the moment, there are absolutely zero words coming from the Japanese firm regarding the rumoured scrambler range; however, when YM is on to something, those rumours tend to carry something tangible.

(Source: Young-Machine)

In less than a few weeks after the bike’s first render image was first published by Japanese publication, Young Machine, it looks like the real deal is already upon us.

Honda just officially confirmed the existence of the new Hawk by dropping a teaser image of the upcoming motorcycle, the Hawk 11.

The Honda Hawk 11 is set to premier worldwide at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show, which runs from 19 to 21st of March.

While the image did not reveal much, as of other teasers, it does showcased an extreme closeup of the headlight, cowl and turn indicators of the Hawk 11.

Nevertheless, the teaser itself is not far of the render image published by Young Machine a couple of weeks ago.

More importantly, as confirmed by previous reports, the Hawk will carry the same 1100cc parallel-twin engine (hence the “11”) widely shared among the CRF1100L Africa Twin, Rebel 1100 and NT1100.

While earlier reports suggest the Hawk 11 is intended as a replacement for the outgoing CB1100 and the CB1100 RS, rumours persist that it could end up replacing the CB1000R as well.

Honda has upgrade its entry-level game in the Japanese market by updating the CB400X and CBR400R for 2022.

The 400cc motorcycle now gets a host of upgrades which in turn making them a better performing road-bike in the country.

The 400cc displacement is built specifically to cater lower displacement license owners in Japan who finds obtaining a license for higher-capacity motorcycle painstakingly expensive. This in turn, is why the CBR400R and CB400X is popular in Japan.

Nevertheless, the CB400R and CB400X received premium components for 2022, which includes a Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) forks similar to the one available on the CBR650R. The SFF BP improve handling and cornering remarkably well, hence traslate to an engaging ride.

Following the footsteps of the recently updated CBR500R and CB500X, the 400cc variants now features dual front disc brakes and radial mounter callipers.

The 2022 CB400X also follows the same design language as the CB500X which includes a taller windscreen, full LED lights and longer travel suspension, inverted front forks and dual front disc.

Despite rolls out with dual-purpose tires, the CB400X is a more road oriented bike.

Both models are powered by Honda’s 399cc, liquid-cooled, 180-degree parallel-twin engine that produces 45hp, more than enough for young and inexperience riders to enjoy the ride without getting into too much trouble.

Honda has revealed its challenger for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R and unsurprisingly, it’s the 2021 Honda CBR250RR. Packed with more power this time around, the new Honda 250cc sports bike now produces 41hp @ 13,000rpm and 25Nm of torque @ 11,000rpm. (more…)


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