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For the past two years, radar sensor technology was all the hype with motorcycle manufacturers fitted with adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection.

However, the effort to increase rider’s safety saw Honda’s taking a different approach, with the company now developing a counter-steer system for the GL1800 Gold Wing.

The advanced steering assistance has been Honda’s main agenda for quite some time. After introducing its Riding Assist-E system, the Japanese firm is currently deep into the development stage of a new system.

While the concept focused on keeping the bike upright at a standstill, Honda’s latest self-counter steer works in an entirely different way.

Unlike the Riding Assist-E system that uses gyroscopes flywheels to keep it upright, the new system uses electric motors located at the front to help counter-steer the bike if it senses the motorcycle is about to slide.

Although the working mechanism is complex, the configuration is simple.

An electronic actuator is mounted near the steering head and it is connected to the top yoke of the bike by a lever and a rod. During a sliding incident, the actuator will kick in and predetermine the amount of opposite force needed to counteract the misalignment of the front or rear wheel.

While it could help the rider to avoid crashes or any unwanted incident, the thought of having hardware that allows the bike to turn by itself seems pretty scary.

Nevertheless, the counter-steer system could only be a feature specifically built for the Gold Wing and might not find its way on the other Japanese company’s two-wheel range.

Considering the Gold Wing weighs 382 kilograms, it needs all the fancy features to increase the rider’s safety.

  • Honda telah mengeluarkan sebuah video usikan Gold Wing.
  • Model yang baru ini dibikin untuk mematuhi piawaian emisi baru.
  • Keselesaan, kehalusan, dan keserbabolehannya menjadikan motosikal Gold Wing yang baru ini sebagai motosikal kembara yang muktamad.


  • Honda releases Gold Wing teaser video

  • New model to comply with new emission standards

  • Comfort, refinement, utility makes it the ultimate touring bike

After months of heavy speculation, Honda has just released the Gold Wing teaser video.

2017 Honda Gold Wing

As Japan’s regulators tighten emissions standards to match that of Euro4 and beyond, Honda will soon stop production of the current model and a number of models. As such, Japan’s largest motorcycle manufacturer went ahead with creating an all-new Gold Wing.

News of the new bike was leaked out into the grasps of the world’s media last month, followed by pictures of what may be the final bike. (Click here for our report.)

Leaked photo of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing

But instead of disproving those photos, Honda has released a teaser video called “Beyond the Standard,” highlighting the evolution of the ‘Wing through the ages.

2016 Honda Gold Wing F6B

Ever since its inception in 1975, the Honda Gold Wing has been known as the ultimate touring motorcycle to many of its fans. Creature comforts, utility, chock full of features, refinement are what the bike is about.

The model proved to be a huge hit in the North American market that Honda Corporation actually started a factory just to build them in the USA. The production facilities were shifted back to Japan a few years ago.

There are many Gold Wing owners and clubs here in Malaysia too. You can see hundreds of them when they come together for special gatherings or motorcycle events.


  • Selepas kejayaan perjalanan Honda Asian Journey yang julung kalinya diadakan pada tahun lalu dari Thailand ke Litar Antarabangsa Sepang, Honda telah mengumumkan bahawa akan adanya konvoi buat kali ke-dua dirancang untuk tahun 2017.
  • Perjalanan tahun ini akan memberikan para peserta peluang untuk menguji beberapa motosikal berprestasi tinggi Honda seperti model CB500, CBR1000RR, Africa Twin, Goldwing dan sebagainya.
  • Honda Asian Journey 2017 sepanjang empat hari ini akan bermula dari 26 Oktober hingga 29 Oktober 2017 di mana para peserta akan menunggang dari Melaka hinggalah ke Genting Highlands sebelum turun kembali menuju ke Litar Antarabangsa Sepang untuk Pusingan MotoGP Malaysia.


After last year’s success with the first ever Honda Asian Journey trip from Thailand to the Sepang International Circuit, Honda has announced that there will be a second convoy planned for 2017.

This year’s journey will give participants a chance to test out some of Honda’s high performance motorcycles such as the CB500, CBR1000RR, Africa Twin, Goldwing and many more.

The four-day long 2017 Honda Asian Journey will be from 26 October to 29 October 2017 where participants will ride from Melaka all the way to Genting Highlands before heading back down to SIC for the MotoGP Malaysian round.

Honda has made an exciting announcement that the Honda group of companies in Asia and Oceania will organise the second ever Honda Asian Journey 2017. This time around, the Honda boys will be going on a 600km adventure across Peninsular Malaysia in a period of four days. (more…)

Honda has confirmed that their first production electric scooter will come into existence as early as 2018.

The recent comments made by Honda’s president and CEO Mr Takahira Hachigo, there will be a lot more electric and hybrid motorcycles in the works as part of their effort for the future.

Rumours have also been circulating that their next generation Goldwing will indeed be a hybrid variant powered by a 1,200cc petrol electric engine with an additional electric motor.

According to a recent report made by Visordown, Honda’s President and CEO Mr Takahira Hachigo has finalised all the necessary details to put launch their latest electric-powered scooter for 2018 in an effort to promote more sales and awareness towards electric vehicles worldwide. (more…)

Ageing Honda Goldwing rumoured to have a new replacement in development. (more…)


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