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Honda has temporarily stopped accepting orders for 10 models due to a supply chain issue.

  • Honda has stop taking orders for 10 motorcycles due to logistic and manufacturing issues.
  • Honda ADV150, CRF250 and Rebel are among affected by the announcement. 

The ten models affected by the temporary halt includes the Honda ADV150, MSX125, Monkey 125, Hunter Cub 125, CRF250L, CRF250 Rally, Forza, Rebel 250, Rebel 500 and Rebel 1100.

Honda in a statement said that they are suspending the orders for the ten motorcycles due to a number of factors including the current breakdown of logistics system.

Due to multiple factors such as lockdowns due to the new coronavirus infection overseas, congestion in marine transportation and harbors worldwide, and semiconductor supply shortages, product and parts arrivals have been delayed,” said Honda.

In addition to the logistic issue, Honda also said that the current law regarding exhaust regulation in Japan are also affecting bike’s production.

Unfortunately, Honda could not confirm when will they be taking new orders again.

“Regarding the resumption of orders for the target products, we will inform you again from this site and Honda motorcycle authorized dealers. We will continue to do our best to deliver products to our customers as soon as possible, so we appreciate your understanding.”

Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether the temporary suspension is just for the Japanese market or it will also affect the global market as well.

(Source: CarWatch)

We’re merely days away from the official launch of the 2021 Honda CFR250L and CFR250 Rally and all of us are eager to know what the major updates for these two entry-level dual-purpose machines will be. We have some details to share to get your appetite going before its global debut. (more…)

  • A new black colour option is added to the 2019 Honda CRF250 Rally.

  • The CRF250 Rally is a dual-sport motorcycle, compared to the CRF250L.

  • Both colour options are priced from RM 26,999.00 (basic selling price without insurance, registration and road tax).

There is an additional colour for the 2019 Honda CRF250 Rally. The new black colour is for riders who want something low-key yet neat in appearance, over the usual Extreme Red offering.

We’ve tested and came to like the Honda CRF250 Rally. Its great looks were borrowed heavily from Honda’s CRF450 Rally bike which is the basis for the manufacturer’s Dakar Rally effort. While the engine and chassis are shared with the CRF250L trail bike, the CRF250 Rally trumps in having a windscreen and larger bodywork. Thus, the Rally is a dual-sport motorcycle which allows the rider to seek adventures off the tarmac path.

Being a lightweight machine also means that the CRF250 Rally is easy to handle when situations turn tough. But the rider can rest assured of surviving those situations due to its Honda’s high build quality and reliability.

Three CRF250 Rally and the five CRF250L were entered in the punishing Rimba Raid Rally at Mat Daling in 2018. Two CRF250L occupied the first two spots on the podium, another in fourth and a CRF250 Rally rounded out the Top 5. The rest finished the race, too.

The CRF250 Rally is equipped with ABS on both ends, asymmetrical LED headlamps, fully-digital LCD clock, floating windscreen, Showa upside-down forks and 10.1 litre fuel tank.

Both Extreme Red and Black options are priced from RM 26,999.00 (basic selling price without insurance, registration and road tax).



  • Boon Siew Honda telah membuat pratonton beberapa motosikal yang cukup mengujakan semalam, termasuk Rebel 500, CRF250L, dan CRF250 Rally 2017.
  • Tambahan terbaru ini telah dipratontonkan bersama beberapa model yang diperkemaskini seperti skuter NSS300, CBR250R, dan rangkaian 500cc dan 650.
  • Ketiga-tiga motosikal terkini ini akan boleh didapati dalam suatu masa dalam bulan Ogos tahun ini dalam jangka harga antara RM25,000 hingga RM35,000.


Boon Siew Honda previewed a few exciting bikes yesterday which includes the 2017 Rebel 500, CRF250 Rally and CRF250L.

The new additions were previewed together with a number of reworked models like the NSS300 scooter, CBR250R, the 500cc and 650 ranges.

The three new bikes will be available sometime in August somewhere between the RM25,000 to RM35,000 price range.

During yesterday’s media breaking of fast event held at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Boon Siew Honda (BSH) gave the media members a sneak preview on their upcoming new models for 2017. Together with a number of face-lifted models, BSH organised a quick track session with all of the new bikes prior to the breaking of fast which includes the new 2017 Honda Rebel 500, CRF250L and CRF250 Rally. (more…)

Japanese motorcycle powerhouse Honda is set to expand the CRF250 dirt bike model range very soon following reports of its intent at putting the Honda CRF250 Rally concept bike into production.

The news comes following patent and trademark files leaked online. No targeted release date was disclosed, but we are led to believe we will see one as soon as EICMA 2015 later this month.


Essentially, the Honda CRF 250 Rally concept underpins the red wing marque’s CRF 250 dirt bike, with the concept donning a new dressing akin to HRC’s Dakar Rally enduro. Minus the enduro-styled aesthetic enhancements, the concept still retains much of the production bike’s mechanicals.

The leaked design patents revealed that the production-bound version gains several predictable changes such as the adoption of a street-legal exhaust silencer and tail light set.

A baby HRC Rally bike replica available for purchase in showrooms worldwide? Count us in Honda!

Sources: Asphaltandrubber via Visordown


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