Honda CRF250 Rally coming soon

Japanese motorcycle powerhouse Honda is set to expand the CRF250 dirt bike model range very soon following reports of its intent at putting the Honda CRF250 Rally concept bike into production.

The news comes following patent and trademark files leaked online. No targeted release date was disclosed, but we are led to believe we will see one as soon as EICMA 2015 later this month.


Essentially, the Honda CRF 250 Rally concept underpins the red wing marque’s CRF 250 dirt bike, with the concept donning a new dressing akin to HRC’s Dakar Rally enduro. Minus the enduro-styled aesthetic enhancements, the concept still retains much of the production bike’s mechanicals.

The leaked design patents revealed that the production-bound version gains several predictable changes such as the adoption of a street-legal exhaust silencer and tail light set.

A baby HRC Rally bike replica available for purchase in showrooms worldwide? Count us in Honda!

Sources: Asphaltandrubber via Visordown

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