– Seri RPHA adalah pilihan terbaik bagi mereka yang gemar dengan jenama HJC, dengan RPHA 91 Carbon menjadi pilihan utama bagi rider yang menginginkan pilihan helmet yang ringan, selesa, dan selamat.

– Selepas pelaksanaan berperingkat piawai helmet ECE 22.06 bermula pada tahun 2022, HJC memulakan penambahbaikan menyeluruh terhadap rangkaian helmetnya. Di puncak rangkaian touring nya terdapat RPHA 91, kini tersedia dalam edisi Carbon yang elegan.

– Iterasi ini mewakili versi yang lebih ringan dan maju daripada RPHA 91 premium yang diperkenalkan pada tahun 2023, yang membezakannya adalah konstruction yang ringan.

– RPHA 91 Carbon menggunakan teknologi matriks PIM Evo dalam pembinaan cangkerang nya, yang bukan hanya mengurangkan berat tetapi juga meningkatkan perlindungan dan keselamatan.

– Ciri-ciri premium model standard disertakan dalam RPHA 91 Carbon termasuk sistem ventilasi ACS HJC, skrin 3D dengan penyelesaian tanpa menggunakan alat, dan filem anti-kabus Pinlock 120.

– Helmet ini juga dilengkapi dengan visor gelap yang boleh diturunkan dengan tetapan yang boleh disesuaikan untuk keselesaan dan penglihatan optimum.

– Untuk rider yang memakai kacamata, pembukaan dalaman termasuk pemetasan, dan helmet ini juga direka untuk menerima sistem pengkomunikasi pintar HJC.

– Harga dan ketersediaan helmet HJC RPHA 91 Carbon berbeza-beza di pasaran tertentu, oleh itu harga mungkin berbeza bergantung kepada lokasi anda.

– Namun, sebagai rujukan, harga Carbon bermula dari 699.99 euro atau kira-kira RM3595 untuk versi biasa.

– Helmet ini juga ditawarkan dalam warna hitam biasa serta pilihan grafik dengan skema warna merah dan putih, dengan varian grafik dijual pada 779.90 euro atau kira-kira RM4000.

For those seeking top-tier quality with the HJC brand, the RPHA series stands out, with the RPHA 91 Carbon offering a lightweight, yet comfortable and safe helmet option.

Following the gradual implementation of the ECE 22.06 helmet standard starting in 2022, HJC embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its helmet lineup. At the pinnacle of its touring range sits the RPHA 91, now available in a sleek Carbon edition. This iteration represents a lighter and more advanced version of the premium RPHA 91 introduced in 2023, distinguished by its lightweight shell construction.

The RPHA 91 Carbon employs PIM Evo matrix technology in its shell construction, which not only reduces weight but also enhances protection and safety. Carbon fiber’s exceptional impact absorption and dissipation properties contribute to the helmet’s lightweight design, with a weight of approximately 1,600 grams (1.6kg) for a size M. The carbon shell is available in four sizes, covering a range from XS to XXL.

In addition to its lightweight construction and premium materials, the RPHA 91 Carbon retains the high-end features of the standard model. These include HJC’s ACS ventilation system, a 3D screen with tool-free disassembly, and a Pinlock 120 anti-fog film.

The helmet also features a drop-down sun visor with adjustable settings for optimal comfort and vision. For riders who wear eyewear, the internal foam includes cutouts, and the helmet is designed to accommodate HJC’s smart communicator system.

As for pricing and availability, the HJC RPHA 91 Carbon is priced differently in specific markets, as such prices may vary depending on your location. But just for reference, the Carbon commands a premium price starting at 699.99 euros, or approximately MYR3595 for plain versions. The helmet is offered in plain black as well as graphic options featuring red and white color schemes, with graphic variants retailing for 779.90 euros, or about MYR4000.

HJC unveils its latest addition to the helmet lineup, the HJC RPHA 12.

  • The new HJC RPHA 12 was built upon the success of its predecessor, the RPHA 11.
  • The new offering promises significant improvements and features that cater to rider safety and comfort.

The HJC RPHA 12 boasts a Premium Integrated Matrix Evo (PIM-Evo) shell, combining carbon-aramid hybrid and natural fibers for enhanced shock resistance, comfort, and reduced weight. While the overall shell design remains similar to the RPHA 11, it introduces several key upgrades and adjustments.

One notable enhancement addresses the visor mechanism, a previous pain point for RPHA 11 owners. The RPHA 12 incorporates a new HJ-42 visor with a Pivot Ratchet, ensuring improved movement and sealing, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Ventilation has also seen an update, with the helmet featuring updated chin, forehead, and brow vents. The exhaust vents, however, have been reduced in number, totaling four intake and three exhaust vents. The familiar spoiler from the RPHA 11 makes a return with slight updates, emphasizing its “aerodynamic shell structure for extreme performance at maximum speeds.”

Additional features include a wide eye port, an emergency release cheek pad system, an interior with advanced anti-bacterial fabric and moisture-wicking properties, and a package that includes a Pinlock 120 anti-fog insert, a dark smoke visor, a chin curtain, and a breath deflector.

The HJC RPHA 12 is available in various options including the flagship carbon version, which is expected to be particularly appealing. The initial graphic choices include Ottin, Lawin, Spasso, and Enoth, with more options expected in the future, including licensed designs.

For motorcycle enthusiasts seeking an upgraded helmet experience, the HJC RPHA 12 is set to provide an enticing option, combining safety, comfort, and style. Stay tuned for further developments and additional graphic choices from HJC.

The iconic Le Mans racing circuit celebrated its 1,000th MotoGP race in style back in May as racers and fans gathered to mark the historic milestone.

  • Since its inception over a century ago, the legendary track has been a cornerstone of the racing world, hosting some of the most exhilarating competitions in history. 
  • The HJC RPHA 1 Quartararo Le Mans Special helmet is to commemorate the iconic race track. 

To commemorate this momentous occasion, HJC, the renowned helmet manufacturer, unveiled a special edition helmet: the HJC RPHA 1 Quartararo Le Mans Special, paying homage to Fabio Quartararo’s incredible talent and achievements during the 2023 French GP.

The HJC RPHA 1 Quartararo Le Mans Special is a custom-designed version of HJC’s highly acclaimed RPHA 1 helmet, which was the brand’s first FIM homologated race helmet. The special edition helmet embraces Quartararo’s signature style with colors inspired by his home country – blue, white, and red. A prominent feature on the top of the helmet is Quartararo’s iconic devil logo, along with his race number 20, stylized with devil horns, leaving no doubt about the helmet’s association with the former world champion.

Aside from its eye-catching appearance, the HJC RPHA 1 boasts impressive technical features. Constructed with HJC’s latest PIM Plus fiber technology, the outer shell combines carbon fiber infused with hybrid fiberglass. 

This innovation ensures the helmet is remarkably lightweight, rigid, and proficient in absorbing and dissipating impact forces. The interior includes a multi-density EPS liner, complemented by interchangeable cheek pads of various sizes, guaranteeing a secure and customized fit for riders of all shapes and sizes. Safety is paramount, and the RPHA 1 adheres to the latest ECE 22.06 safety standards, standing as the first and only FIM-homologated helmet in HJC’s lineup to date.

Fabio Quartararo, one of the brightest stars in the MotoGP universe, expressed his pride and gratitude for the special edition helmet honoring his achievements. “It’s an incredible honor to have a helmet designed in celebration of my performance at Le Mans,” Quartararo said. “The design is fantastic, and knowing that riders can wear this helmet to feel connected to my journey means a lot to me.”

The release of the HJC RPHA 1 Quartararo Le Mans Special helmet aligns perfectly with Le Mans’ rich racing history and the passion of MotoGP enthusiasts worldwide. Racing fans and collectors alike can now own a piece of MotoGP history while experiencing the exceptional performance and safety features of HJC’s top-tier helmet.

HJC has once again captivated the motorcycle community with the release of its latest addition to the RPHA 11 Pro line. In a bid to enthrall Spider-Man fans worldwide, HJC has introduced the RPHA 11 Pro Miles Morales graphic, featuring a stunning design inspired by the beloved web-slinging hero.

  • The RPHA 11 Pro Miles Morales graphic showcases a vibrant red web pattern that adorns the entire helmet, paying homage to Spider-Man’s iconic suit.
  • A striking representation of Spidey’s eyes can be found near the top vents, accompanied by a Spider insignia at the rear and the Marvel logo on the spoiler. HJC’s recognizable RPHA logo is proudly displayed on the helmet’s sides.

Built on the foundation of the highly acclaimed RPHA 11 Pro, this sporty full-face helmet boasts a PIM Plus fiber shell for enhanced protection. The adjustable ventilation system allows riders to customize airflow through the chin, top, and rear sections. 

Inside, the helmet features a removable antibacterial MultiCool liner, which can be easily washed for prolonged freshness. Additionally, the RPHA 11 Pro Miles Morales graphic is equipped with the RapidFire II screen for effortless visor removal and incorporates a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog film.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the helmet is available in a comprehensive range of sizes, catering to riders from XS to 2XL. As for the price, the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Miles Morales graphic is offered at an affordable range of USD629.99 (RM2,600).

With the highly anticipated film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” slated for release on June 2, 2023, HJC’s latest offering promises to delight fans and riders alike. Whether swinging through the city or cruising down the open road, the RPHA 11 Pro Miles Morales graphic allows enthusiasts to embody their favorite web-slinging hero in style and safety.

HJC Helmets has collaborated with DC Comics once again to produce a new graphic for its RPHA 11 Pro Series lineup, this time featuring the infamous Batman villain, Two-Face. 

  • RPHA 11 Pro comes with a HJ-26 shield that offers 95% UVA and UVB protection.
  • The RPHA 11 Pro helmet is available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

The RPHA 11 Pro helmet was originally created by HJC for the racetrack and is now a solid option for a sport full-face helmet that meets DOT and ECE 22.05 standards. Its shell is built with Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) construction, which combines carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fabrics to create a lightweight, comfortable, and shock-resistant helmet.

The RPHA 11 Pro comes with a HJ-26 shield that offers 95% UVA and UVB protection, tear-off posts, and a dark smoke tinted shield. The removable interior features glasses grooves, MultiCool fabric with Polygiene antibacterial treatment, and is both moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

HJC’s MotoGP-derived ventilation channels, Emergency Kit cheek pads, and Rapid Fire shield replacement system are all standard on the RPHA 11 Pro. Additionally, all interior and exterior parts are replaceable, including the exterior vents, chin curtain, breath deflector, gear plate set, cheek pads, and headliner, as well as the shields.

The RPHA 11 Pro helmet is available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The pricing for the Two-Face graphic in the US is $629.99 (RM2.7k). While HJC helmets are sold worldwide, not all graphics may be available in all markets. Interested buyers are advised to contact their local authorized HJC retailer for pricing and availability.

Thanks to Europe’s latest ECE22.06 regulations, HJC were motivated to update its current range of helmets.

  • HJC adds the new i71 to its range of ECE22.06-approved helmets.
  • The i71 replaces the previous i70 sport-touring helmet. 

As a result, HJC replaced the long-running CS-15 with a new C10 while also introducing new models including a new RPHA range and the retro-styled V10. 

The latest to join the lines of HJC new range is the i70 full-face helmet.


Replacing the i70, the sport-touring helmet not only meet the latest ECE22.06 certification but also features revised shape, reworked air vent for better air flow and additional air duct a the chin bar to help improves aerodynamics. 

Also the newly advanced polycarbonate shell offers better protection as a result from the more rigorous testing including energy attenuation, penetration resistance and chin strap structural integrity. 

As a sport touring helmet, the i71 also features a drop-down sun visor. According to HJC, the new sun visor provides a 3-position option for the rider to adjust the sun shield forward thus delivering ideal sun visor protection.

Also, the i71 comes with three shell sizes throughout the six available sizes to help optimise weight and comfort. 

Interestingly, despite a major reworked to replaced the i70, the i71 still retains the same affordability thanks to its EUR229.90 (RM1,075) price tag. 

HJC (Hong Jin Crown) is ready to take on the Shoei Glamster, Arai Rapide Neo, Biltwell Lanesplitter and Bell Bullit with the new V10 retro full-face helmet.

  • HJC finally has its own retro-style full face helmet.
  • The V10 will go up against the Biltwell Lanesplitter and Arai Rapide Neo. 

The South Korean brand has been busy in the last few weeks as the company launched a range of new RPHA ranges, including the RPHA 1, RPHA 11, RPHA 71, RPHA 91 and the latest RPHA 31. 

Nevertheless, the HJC V10 has captured our attention thanks to its retro build. 

Unlike the rest of its competitors, HJC has never produced a full-face retro-style helmet, with the V90 being the closest you could get to vintage-style headgear. 

That said, the V10 marks a new direction for HJC.

The HJC V10 seems to be inspired by the Biltwell Lanesplitter, especially the boxy chin bar.

In addition, the V10 features premium components, including a fibreglass construction shell and emergency release cheek pads. More importantly, the new V10 helmet meets the UN’s new ECE 22.06 safety standard.

According to their website, the V10 is listed for EUR329.90 (RM1.5k) and is available in seven different colours ranging from White, Black, Flat Black, Nardo Grey, Deep Green, Deep Red and Depp Yellow. 

Meanwhile, the graphic option comes with a slightly higher price tag at EUR369.90 (RM1.7k). 

Helmet manufacturer HJC has introduced another pop-culture-inspired character for the brand’s flagship RPHA 11 helmet.

  • HJC celebrates another iconic character with the RPHA 11 Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • Features Sonic The Hedgehog graphics and colourway. 

After the Call of Duty series, Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog is the latest graphic to join the RPHA 11 helmet range. 

Underneath the striking Sonic The Hedgehog colourway, the RPHA 11 continue to offer world-class protection with the Advanced PIM (Premium Integrated Matrix) Plus fibreglass shell. 

The aerodynamic shape of the helmet blends well with the Sonic graphics, including the six-stage top vet and Advanced Channeling Ventilation System for maximum airflow.

 One feature we like on the HJC RPHA 11 is the anti-bacterial MuliCool Interior that helps to get rid of moisture and ensure the helmet dries quickly.

The cheek pads are also removable and washable. 

Most importantly, the emergency cheek pad system allows first responders to act quickly in case of emergency.

The HJC RPHA 11 is also fitted with built-in speaker pockets, which allows riders to install motorcycle comms easily. 

According to HJC, the RPHA 11 Sonic The Hedgehog meets both DOT and ECE standards and retails for EUR629.90, which translates to RM2.8k. 

If you ride bikes and is into the Call of Duty (CoD) video game, than perhaps the new HJC RPHA 11 Ghost Call Of Duty full-face helmet should top your buying list for 2022.

  • The Call of Duty is a widely popular first person shooter-type video game.
  • The new collaboration celebrates the CoD gaming community.

The helmet features graphics and livery that showcased a skull drawing on top of the helmet while on the side features a tactical pack with radio.

At the back, the Call of Duty nameplate is written in white paint scheme. 

Also, the entire helmet is painted with a matte black as base. 

The new RPHA 11 Call of Duty might make an appearance in the upcoming MotoGP with the likes of Pol Espargaro (MotoGP) and Albert Arenas (Moto2).

Similar to the standard HJC RPHA 11, the helmet is equipped with shock-resistant shell and enlarged visor for better visibility. 

The helmet also features reflective patches at the back and an emergency release system. 

The HJC RPHA 11 Ghost Call of Duty is currently on sale in Europe for EUR629.99 (RM2.8k). 

HJC has established itself as one of the top brands in the motorcycle industry thanks to the firm vast array of helmets.

  • The HJC RPHA 11 now comes in Toothless, Green Goblin and Punisher graphics for 2022.
  • The RPHA 11 is HJC’s most popular and highly seek helmet thanks to its menacing designs like Venom, Carnage and Joker.

However, what sets HJC apart from the rest is perhaps the multitude of graphics to pick from. The Korean-based company is famous for its themed helmets from the likes of Marvel, DC, Disney and Pixar.

Currently, the company’s flagship RPHA 11 helmets comes in Captain America, Deadpool, Monster Inc, and, not to forget, Star Wars graphics.

This time, the already impressive repertoire of cartoon and superhero characters will join by three new graphics.

Marvel characters, Green Goblin and Punisher, including Toothless from the movie How To Train Your Dragon, are the latest lineup for 2022.

The Green Goblin showcased the most vibrant graphics among the three new designs, combining the classic green and purple colours associated with the iconic villain from Spiderman’s franchise.

While the Toothless graphics look cute and clean, the iconic Skull logo from The Punisher is robably our favourite. The overall design looks neat and, most importantly, bad-ass.

Currently, there’s no word when will all three new graphics make its way to our shores but once they do, we be sure to let you know about it!

HJC Helmets will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and to kick things off, they’ve announced that newly-signed Repsol Honda MotoGP rider, Pol Espargaro, will be a HJC rider until the end of 2021. (more…)


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