HJC Unveils New I71 With ECE22.06 Ratings

Thanks to Europe’s latest ECE22.06 regulations, HJC were motivated to update its current range of helmets.

  • HJC adds the new i71 to its range of ECE22.06-approved helmets.
  • The i71 replaces the previous i70 sport-touring helmet. 

As a result, HJC replaced the long-running CS-15 with a new C10 while also introducing new models including a new RPHA range and the retro-styled V10. 

The latest to join the lines of HJC new range is the i70 full-face helmet.


Replacing the i70, the sport-touring helmet not only meet the latest ECE22.06 certification but also features revised shape, reworked air vent for better air flow and additional air duct a the chin bar to help improves aerodynamics. 

Also the newly advanced polycarbonate shell offers better protection as a result from the more rigorous testing including energy attenuation, penetration resistance and chin strap structural integrity. 

As a sport touring helmet, the i71 also features a drop-down sun visor. According to HJC, the new sun visor provides a 3-position option for the rider to adjust the sun shield forward thus delivering ideal sun visor protection.

Also, the i71 comes with three shell sizes throughout the six available sizes to help optimise weight and comfort. 

Interestingly, despite a major reworked to replaced the i70, the i71 still retains the same affordability thanks to its EUR229.90 (RM1,075) price tag. 

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