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Thanks to Europe’s latest ECE22.06 regulations, HJC were motivated to update its current range of helmets.

  • HJC adds the new i71 to its range of ECE22.06-approved helmets.
  • The i71 replaces the previous i70 sport-touring helmet. 

As a result, HJC replaced the long-running CS-15 with a new C10 while also introducing new models including a new RPHA range and the retro-styled V10. 

The latest to join the lines of HJC new range is the i70 full-face helmet.


Replacing the i70, the sport-touring helmet not only meet the latest ECE22.06 certification but also features revised shape, reworked air vent for better air flow and additional air duct a the chin bar to help improves aerodynamics. 

Also the newly advanced polycarbonate shell offers better protection as a result from the more rigorous testing including energy attenuation, penetration resistance and chin strap structural integrity. 

As a sport touring helmet, the i71 also features a drop-down sun visor. According to HJC, the new sun visor provides a 3-position option for the rider to adjust the sun shield forward thus delivering ideal sun visor protection.

Also, the i71 comes with three shell sizes throughout the six available sizes to help optimise weight and comfort. 

Interestingly, despite a major reworked to replaced the i70, the i71 still retains the same affordability thanks to its EUR229.90 (RM1,075) price tag. 

Sempena sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang semakin hampir, HJC Helmet Malaysia menawarkan diskaun sehingga 30 peratus.

HJC RPHA 11 Deadpool

Promosi Hari Raya ini telah pun bermula sejak 1 Mei lalu dan akan berlangsung sehingga 31 Mei.


Berikut senarai diskaun bagi model helmet yang ditawarkan:

  • siri RPHA – diskaun 20 peratus
  • siri FG – diskaun 30 peratus
  • siri IS – diskaun 30 peratus
  • siri CS – diskaun 30 peratus
  • lain-lain model – diskaun 30 peratus

Orang ramai yang berminat boleh kunjungi pengedar rasmi HJC seluruh negara untuk menikmati diskaun di atas.

Diskaun sama turut boleh dinikmati di Modenas Power Store Kota Damansara dan menerusi atas talian di

Jangan lupa ikuti kami di YouTube dan Instagram!

HJC Helmet Malaysia bakal memperkenalkan beberapa koleksi baharu menjelang suku kedua 2020.

Kami berpeluang untuk melihat lima sampel terbaru yang terdiri daripada HJC F70, i90, V90, i40 dan V30.

Menariknya, setiap daripada helmet ini menawarkan rekaan dan fungsi yang sesuai untuk segala jenis penunggang motosikal.


Diperbuat daripada gentian kaca, helmet segmen sport touring ini didatangkan dengan rekaan kompak, ringan dan sangat selesa.


Ciri lain:

  • sun visor
  • visor anti-fog dan anti-calar
  • pinlock
  • padding anti-bakteria

Menariknya, menurut HJC, F70 ini menawarkan ciri seakan RPHA 70. Bagaimanapun, perbezaan kedua-dua helmet ini akan kami bawakan dalam reviu akan datang.

HJC i90

Helmet modular terbaru dari HJC bagi segmen mampu milik – RPHA 90 bagi yang premium – yang sesuai bagi tunggangan harian dan jarak jauh.

Bagi menajamin perlindungan terbaik, i90 menggunakan ‘Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell’.

Ciri lain:

  • Padding anti-bakteria
  • sun visor


Bagi peminat motosikal retro/vintage ala cafe racer dan scrambler, HJC turut menawarkan HJC V90 dengan rekaan ‘ol-skool’!

Menariknya, helmet unik ini turut menawarkan ciri modular dan tidak ketinggalan visor bubble! Ini baru ‘rare’!

Ciri lain:

  • sun visor
  • anti-fog
  • fabrik anti-bakteria

HJC i40

Bagi pengguna skuter dan kapcai, HJC turut menawarkan helmet jenis ‘open face’ yang sesuai untuk kegunaan harian.

Ciri ‘semi-jet’ ini amat sesuai buat semua jenis penunggang yang mahu tampak santai namun masih mengekalkan ciri keselamatan terbaik.

Ciri lain:

  • Silvercool Interior
  • sun visor
  • visor anti-fog
  • ruang pengudaraan
  • sistem micro-buckle


Tidak lupa juga bagi pemilik motosikal jenis Harley-Davidson, HJC menawarkan V30 yang menjamin gaya ranggi dan ol’skool namun masih dengan ciri terkini.

Bagi memudahkan pemasangan sistem Bluetooth, V30 didatangkan dengan ruang khas di bahagian dalam.

Rekaan klasik lebih menonjol dengan kemasan kulit dan jahitan berwarna merah.

Kesemua helmet ini boleh didapati di pengedar HJC terdekat menjelang Suku Kedua tahun ini.

Bukan itu sahaja, HJC turut akan membawa masuk helmet jenis gentian karbon yang merangkumi RPHA 11 Carbon, RPHA 70 Carbon dan RPHA 90S Carbon.

  • The new HJC i70 is a mid-range fullface helmet.

  • It’s ideal for daily commuting and sport-touring.

  • We tested it on different bikes and a variety of riding needs.

Reviewing helmets is sometimes a tricky affair. Everyone has a different head shape, although classifiable to general types. The new HJC i70, on the other hand, seems to fit most.

The HJC i70 has just made it to our shores after being released late last year. Although most foreign reviewers call it an “entry-level fullface helmet,” it’s actually slotted midway in the 2019 HJC catalogue. In fact, it’s a midrange helmet judging by its features and price point.

You could classify it as a sport-touring fullfaced helmet since there’s a sun visor, although the shape looks very sporty. But since it uses the micrometric chinstrap, it shouldn’t be used on the track and it isn’t rated as such anyway. Personally, I call it an everyday helmet.

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite (APC) for a stronger and lighter shell.
  • Vision Plus faceshield that has 10mm more view.
  • Faceshield is anti-UV coated to cut UV by 99%.
  • Sun Visor with Wider-Vision: Better peripheral and vertical coverage.
  • New vents for airflow and exhaust.
  • Micro adjustment buckle.
  • Pinlock-ready faceshield.
  • Pinlock anti-fog insert included.
  • Supercool comfort padding.
  • Eyeglass pockets.

Testing the HJC i70

We managed to log many useful kilometres with the helmets since picking it up about a month ago. As such, we’re able to test it while riding on different bikes and in various riding conditions.

First was the final Modenas Dominar 400 “Explore the Unexplored” convoy. The ride took us from Juru Auto City to Cameron Highlands and finally Janda Baik which lasted 12 hours in total.

Soon after that, we picked up the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R for test and review. It’s one fast bike! We tested it up and down Karak Highway and Genting Highlands, besides commuting on it over the weekend and to the Sepang International Circuit.

We continued with our daily commuting on this writer’s personal Kawasaki ER-6f since returning the test bike and continues to wear it today.

Experiencing the HJC i70

First off, the helmet’s shell design is quite a departure from HJC’s norms. They South Korean usually produces helmets that are of the “traditional” shape i.e. flatter sides and larger opening. The i70, on the other hand, features a shell that’s like if you took an egg and cut off a side. Consequently, the entire helmet shell is rounder.

That in turn brings up the point about fit.

I’d like to state that I’ve a round-oval head, biased towards round. Therefore, I need helmets that are more Asian in fit. Caucasians i.e. Mat Sallehs generally have long-oval head shapes.

The helmet is snugger or (tighter for those with bigger faces) compared to other HJC models such as the RPHA series of the same size. As for me, I personally like my helmet fitting slightly tighter due to necessity, in the case of testing bikes at high speeds (sportbikes!). In this case, the large size I chose felt slightly looser than a medium size fitting. This means you may have to go one size larger for a more comfortable fit. But bear in mind that the paddings will compress and conform to your facial features over time.

Being snug means the helmet feels natural on the head rather than an extension which bobs around. This is turn made the helmet feel lighter than its rated weight of 1620 grams. It also made turning the head sideways much easier, especially at high speeds.

Still, as with all HJC helmets, the comfort padding is very comfortable without noticeable pressure points. Additionally, the crown (top of the head) doesn’t smash into the EPS unlike in some helmets I’ve worn. Apart from that, they wick up sweat very well too and never left my face feeling sticky.

The shell has plenty of “panels” that work to smooth airflow. We’ve tested the helmet to 180 km/h on the ZX-6R without much turbulence. There’s some movement above that speed but it becomes stable supremely stable once I dropped my chin onto the fuel tank.

Peripheral vision has been improved by a lot. You can test this when turning your head sideways to check what’s beside you. This is very important since a rider cannot spend too much time looking over his shoulders, especially in traffic. You need as much information as possible in that one quick glance.

Vertical vision is also very good, even on a sportbike. The top part of the eyeport is only slightly visible while the head is pointing downwards in corners (see picture).

The drop-down sun visor does an awesome job of filtering out bright lights, so much so it seems to be polarized. But since the main faceshield is 99% anti-UV, the sun visor isn’t even needed at times. The sun visor has a large coverage area and drops down to just above the top of the chinbar to shield against outside light escaping through.

The “switches” on the helmet are all within easy reach, so I didn’t have to “hunt” for them. The faceshield lock is the same central type on the RPHA series. The sun visor’s switch toggle is on the left side of the bottom gasket.

Ventilation is fair, I would say. There’s a large amount of airflow on top of the head which could be felt discernibly. The front vent needs a little more ventilation but it’s fair and you could feel outside air coming up behind the faceshield. The top exhaust vents that look like shark gills work as stabilizers, too.

Sound levels are similar to those in modular helmets. But the shallow ear pockets kept most of it away. It goes all quiet with a set of Alpine MotoSafe active earplugs (they allow speech and Bluetooth media to get through while filtering out wind noise).

There is one thing to watch out, though. The shallow ear pockets may interfere with your ear lobes when you install Bluetooth speakers, although it depends on what brand and type. The Cardo Packtalk Bold uses thick JBL speakers, so they are not truly compatible. The “normal” speakers are alright, conversely, but make sure you position them properly.


All in all, the HJC i70 is a nice helmet to wear. I personally like the snugness, stability and peripheral vision. It’s a good-looking helmet and I’ve received many positive comments when I posted the pictures on my personal Facebook.

It’s ideal for your daily commute as well as sport-touring duties.

It’s priced between RM 1,029 and RM 1,419 depending on graphics, and good value for money.

For more updates on HJC helmets, please follow

  • HJC Helmet Malaysia organized a selfie contest for RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 wearers.

  • The winners went on to join the RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 Appreciation Night.

  • They were treated to Deadpool 2 at the cinema.

HJC Helmets has tied up with Marvel Comics for a time now, hence we see superhero themed helmets from the Korean helmet manufacturer hitting the streets and track.

Referring to the link below, you should be able to spot your favourite Marvel Comics characters, including Captain America, Spiderman, Venom, Ironman, The Punisher, Black Panther, and not forgetting everyone’s favourite anti-hero and “The Merc with the Mouth” Deadpool.

HJC Helmet Malaysia Introduces New Models

The themes are spread across HJC’s range of helmets, from the CS-15 to the FG-ST, IS-17, RPHA 70 and RPHA 11.

Hence in order to commemorate the opening of Deadpool 2 movie in Malaysia, HJC Helmet Malaysia organized an RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 contest on their Facebook page, calling for followers and fans to post selfies of themselves in the two helmets.

HJC Helmet Malaysia then picked out the winners. The winners joined members of the media at the RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 Appreciation Night, to catch the much anticipated Deadpool 2 at the cinema.

HJC Helmet Malaysia had also brought along the IS-17 Deadpool helmet for display and preview.

Besides Marvel Comics, HJC has also tied up with Star Wars and the animated movie series Cars. Helmets with those themes are also available or on the way to Malaysia. So stay tuned!

HJC Helmets Featuring Marvel’s Deadpool and Ghost Rider!

  • Tawaran terbaru dari HJC ini datang dalam bentuk sebuah helmet RPHA 70 Black Panther.
  • Dengan kerjasama bersama “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, helmet sport touring terbaru dari HJC ini telah dilengkapi dengan pelbagai perincian halus adiwira dari Wakanda tersebut.
  • Tiada sebarang berita mengenai bila helmet ini akan disediakan bagi pasaran Malaysia, namun, harganya dijangkakan akan berada di bawah paras RM3,000.


The latest offering by HJC comes in the form of the RPHA 70 Black Panther helmet.

Following the Marvel cinematic universe, the latest HJC sport-touring helmet comes ready with all of the Wakanda superhero’s fine details.

No news on when the helmet will be made available here in Malaysia but expect the price to be below RM3,000.

The creator of some of the world’s best helmets that is HJC has unveiled their latest addition yet in the form of the RPHA 70 Black Panther helmet. The sport-touring lid is perfect for daily use, long tourers and even approved for track use. (more…)

  • HJC Helmet Malaysia telah membawa masuk helmet sport-touring terkini, HJC RPHA 70 Iron Man Homecoming.
  • Helmet Iron man terbaru ini telah diilhamkan daripada filem Spider-Man: Homecoming keluaran Marvel.
  • Ditetapkan pada harga RM2,779 (harga runcit disarankan), helmet RPHA 70 ini sesuai untuk kegunaan jalan raya yang mana ianya juga diperakui sedia lumba untuk kegunaan di atas litar.


HJC Helmet Malaysia has brought in the latest HJC RPHA 70 Iron Man Homecoming sport-touring helmet.

The latest Iron Man helmet was inspired from the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie by Marvel.

Priced at RM2,779 (recommended retail price), the RPHA 70 is perfect for street use which is also race-certified for track riding.

Attention to all Marvel fans and motorcycle enthusiasts, lend me your ears! The all-new HJC RPHA 70 sport touring helmet now comes in the latest Marvel’s Iron Man graphics based on the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie which was released back in July of 2017. (more…)


  • NKS Sports Bikers sedang menganjurkan sebuah acara teramat istimewa NKS Max Out bersama dengan KM Orange Day.
  • Para hadirin boleh menunggang uji motosikal-motosikal KTM terkini seperti KTM 250 Duke dan 390 Duke dan pemeriksaan motosikal KTM percuma dan pelbagai tawaran mengagumkan untuk helmet-hemet HJC dan Gracshaw, tayar Michelin, minyak pelincir Elf Lubricants, serta bermacam-macam lagi.
  • Datanglah ke Jalan Sentul dari jam 10 pagi hingga 6 petang bagi mendapatkan tawaran serta diskaun yang hebat tetapi ianya hanya untuk hari ini dan esok (29 hingga 30 Disember 2017)!


NKS Sport Bikers is organising a very special NKS Max Out event together with KTM Orange Day.

Attendees can try out the latest KTM 250 Duke and 390 Duke and get free KTM health checks as well as other amazing deals for HJC and Gracshaw helmets, Michelin tyres, Elf Lubricants, and many more.

Head over to Jalan Sentul from 10am to 6pm for amazing deals and discounts but it’s only for today and tomorrow (29-30 December 2017)!

NKS Sport Bikers Sdn Bhd over at Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur is organising a two-day extravaganza where those who attend can test out the latest bikes from KTM Malaysia as well as other amazing offers. Dubbed the NKS Max Out event, all discounts and offers are only for today and tomorrow (30 December 2017) together with KTM Orange Day. (more…)


  • HJC Helmet Malaysia akan menghadiahkan sebuah helmet ‘open-face‘ HJC IS-33 serba baru kepada seorang pemenang bertuah dengan komen yang paling kreatif dan terbaik sebagai hadiah terakhir peraduan Facebook mereka.
  • Topik terakhir telah pun dimuat naik di laman Facebook MotoMalaya dan Bikes Republic dan komen terbaik akan dipilih sebagai pemenang hadiah helmet HJC IS-33 beserta hadiah misteri yang lain.
  • Peraduan HJC Helmet Malaysia ini akan berakhir pada hari Ahad ini (22 Oktober 2017) pada jam 12 tengah malam.



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