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Honda has filed a patent for a new self-balancing system that will be used in the next-generation Gold Wing and other models. The system is not as advanced as the Riding Assist concepts but still uses the same technology to make it easier to push the bike around.

  • the system will allow big bikes especially the Gold Wing to be push around easily. 
  • The DCT version of the Gold Wing already has a “walking speed mode,” and adding a steering assist to this mode will make it easier to prevent low-speed toppling.

The main component is a steering actuator that will keep the bike tilted toward the rider and prevent it from getting out of control.

The system is designed to reduce the weight that the rider has to hold up while pushing the bike. The steering actuator is connected to a computer that takes signals from an onboard tilt sensor. If the bike leans too much toward the pusher, it will steer closer to them, making itself more upright to reduce the weight they’re holding up. If the bike gets completely vertical, the steering will turn the other way to prevent it from falling away from the pusher.

*while pushing the bike, the actuator located at the handlebar will steers the bike closer to the rider to stand it up if it detects the bike is leaning too much.

The DCT version of the Gold Wing already has a “walking speed mode” that allows it to move forward or backward at low speeds under its own power. Adding a steering assist to this mode will make it easier to prevent low-speed toppling. The existing sensors and computers used for traction control and ABS systems can already monitor the bike’s lean angle, so adding the steering servo to the system would be easy to adopt.

Honda has filed many patents for a next-generation Gold Wing, which is at the center of a large R&D project. It’s not clear when we’ll see the results, but Honda will want to establish itself as a tech pioneer sooner rather than later since rival brands are already offering rider-assist technology that Honda doesn’t have yet.

Honda is working on a new navigation system as confirmed by latest patents. 

  • Honda latest navigation system could provide better convenient to riders. 
  • The navigation system collects data from weather reports and Honda cars. 

According to reports, the new system will not only showcased the typical navigation information but also will take into account  weather conditions before presenting the safer route to take. 

Interestingly, the system will also collect data from other Honda vehicles including cars to gain a more accurate result. 

That said, it’ll help to reroute the bike’s navigation and be ahead of oncoming bad weather.

In addition, Honda also plans to connect the bike’s electronics to the new navigation system allowing the bike to adjust its electronic windscreen and heated grip automatically as per the weather change. 


Nevertheless, the system is currently in early development stages and it could take a while before Honda puts them in a production motorcycle, in this case the said bike is likely the GL1800 Gold Wing. 

Kenan Sofuoglu took the term ‘start them young’ to a whole different level as the ex-MotoGP and WorldSBK rider recently let his three-year-old son, Zayn Sofuoglu, take the Honda Gold Wing for a spin!

  • The Honda Gold Wing is a 1800cc motorcycle that weighs more than 300kg. 
  • The Gold Wing featured in the video is equipped with Honda’s DCT transmission. 

Before we show you the video, it’s probably wise to remind you not to let your kids take on a bike as massive and heavy as the Gold Wing, especially if he’s been around for only 1,095 days. 

In the video posted on Sofuoglu’s son’s Instagram account, we can see his kid approaching the Gold Wing, which is evidently taller and way bigger than him. 

Zayn continues to fire up the bike as if he is not bothered by the bike’s size before taking it for a spin under the watchful eyes of his dad.

A quick scan through Zayn’s social media accounts shows that he’s ridden several motorcycles, including the Yamaha TMAX, Italjet’s Dragster and a Honda Ruckus.

So for someone who was born in April 2019, it’s a surprise that a kid at that age can ride a full-size motorcycle.

However, perhaps the video somehow proves how easy it is to ride a Gold Wing, even for a kid who can’t even reach the footpegs to ride it.

But then again, we wouldn’t advise you to try this with your kids. 

Susulan peraturan baharu emisi yang akan dilaksanakan di Jepun, empat jenama besar motosikal di negara itu, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki dan Suzuki dilaporkan bakal memberhentikan pengeluaran beberapa model bermula hujung tahun ini.

Rombakan tersebut akan dilakukan bagi mencapai standard emisi terbaru di Jepun.

Pelaksanaan peraturan emisi di Eropah juga telah menyaksikan beberapa model jenama Jepun telah dihentikan pengeluaran dan jualan antaranya Yamaha R6 dan FJR1300.

Yamaha kini hanya meneruskan pengeluaran R6 Race, sebuah model yang hanya khas untuk kegunaan litar lumba.

Pemberhentian beberapa model itu juga akan berlaku di Jepun dengan laporan terbaru mendakwa Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki dan Suzuki akan menghentikan 10 peratus daripada 190 model yang ditawarkan ketika ini.

Honda akan menghentikan 10 daripada 80 model sedia ada dengan khabar angin mengatakan model ikonik, Gold Wing akan turut menjadi mangsa. Baru-baru ini, Honda telah pun menghentikan pengeluaran CB400 Super Four.

Langkah sama akan turut diikuti Suzuki yang dikatakan akan menghentikan beberapa model termasuk GSX-R250.

Bagaimanapun, keempat-empat jenama ini dijangka akan memberi fokus pada jentera elektrik bagi kembali memperkembangkan tawaran model baharu untuk pasaran dunia.

Namun, dengan keempat-empat jenama ini merangkumi 40 peratus daripada bekalan motosikal dunia, penyingkiran lebih 20 model itu pastinya akan memberi impak besasr pada pasaran motosikal dunia.

European manufacturers are already in the market with big bore machines that feature radar-powered adaptive cruise control.

The Ducati Multistrada V4, KTM 1290 Super Adventure and the BMW R 1250 RT are among the motorcycles fitted with the fancy radar technology developed by Bosch.

Kawasaki emerged as the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce the technology with the H2 SX.

However, Honda is about to enter the game with the upcoming Gold Wing and Africa Twin, as reported by Motorrad Online.

While some manufacturers had to compromise the design to allow the sophisticated device to be fitted on (as showcased by the awkward nose section of the Multistrada V4), Honda will use the Gold Wing large fairing to integrate the radar unit seamlessly.

The Gold Wing will also get a rear-mounted radar system for a blind spot detection feature. We fancied the blind-spot function when we tested the Multistrada V4.

Meanwhile, we can expect the Gold Wing and the Africa Twin to get a more comprehensive instrument cluster to accommodate the radar warnings.

Some reports also suggest Honda might adopt the fancy heads-up display on the upcoming model.

Although some might think that all of these technologies is a bit too fancy for a two-wheeler, we, on the other hand, agree that it will make motorcycles, especially bikes like the Gold Wing, even safer to ride than it ever was.

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) proudly announced the 2021 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing for the local market.

The big cruiser now offers better usability with increased carrying capacity and improve pillion comfort.

The updated Gold Wing now features a bigger luggage capacity, from 11L to 61L (top case), a revised pillion backrest angle for better comfort and new audio with lightweight speakers. The new Gold Wing is also equipped with Android Auto on top of the already available Apple CarPlay.

Nevertheless, The GL1800 continue to make 125hp @ 5,500rrpm and 170Nm @ 4,500rpm from its liquid-cooled 1,833cc 4-stroke SOHC horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine.

According to BSH, the riding ergonomics has been adjusted further forward to create a better feel.

Braking is done by a combination of ABS and D-CBS (Dual-Combined Brake System) which contributes to better brake distribution to the front and rear wheels.

The 2021 Gold Wing also feature Throttle By Wire (TBW) which offers up to 4 rider modes, Tour, Sport, Econ and Rain.


Other electronics features include:

  • Hill Start Assist and Idling Stop – offers better control while improving fuel efficiency
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) – helps maintain rear wheel traction
  • Integrated Starter Generator – combines generator and starter motor into one, with the generator operating as the starter motor when supplied with reverse power

The 2021 Hoda GL1800 Gold Wing is available only in Pearl Glare White for a price of RM210,888.

  • Sebuah Honda GL1800 Gold Wing baharu versi lebih ringkas telah diperkenalkan.
  • Ia mendiami segmen motosikal bagger,tetapi tanpa kotak bagasi atas (top case) dan mempunyai penghadang angin yang lebih rendah.
  • Fungsi dan ciri yang lain masih dikekalkan.


  • A new cutdown version of the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been revealed.

  • It fits in the bagger sub-segment with no top case and has a lower windscreen.

  • All other functions and features are retained.

A new more stylish Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been introduced, just a year after its launch.

There’s great demand for less “touring” and more stylish bagger style tourers and other manufacturers enjoy brisk sales for them. A “bagger” is a more stylized and cutdown touring motorcycle with panniers but without the top case.

This new Gold Wing hence harks back to the previous Gold Wing F6B. It features a low windscreen, no top case, and more blacked-out parts for a slimmer, custom look.

Deleting the top case also removes 50 litres of storage space, rear speakers and passenger backrest, but it saves 40 kg.

However, owners still get to enjoy the bike’s 1833cc flat-Six engine which produces 125 hp and 169.5 Nm of torque. Electronic niceties such as ride-by-wire throttle, riding modes, traction control, keyless ignition, electronic suspension, LED lighting and infotainment system which integrates Bluetooh connectivity, music, maps and Apple CarPlay are retained.

The new “standard” Gold Wing will on have a standard 6-speed transmission i.e. no Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

  • Honda telah mengeluarkan sebuah video usikan Gold Wing.
  • Model yang baru ini dibikin untuk mematuhi piawaian emisi baru.
  • Keselesaan, kehalusan, dan keserbabolehannya menjadikan motosikal Gold Wing yang baru ini sebagai motosikal kembara yang muktamad.


  • Honda releases Gold Wing teaser video

  • New model to comply with new emission standards

  • Comfort, refinement, utility makes it the ultimate touring bike

After months of heavy speculation, Honda has just released the Gold Wing teaser video.

2017 Honda Gold Wing

As Japan’s regulators tighten emissions standards to match that of Euro4 and beyond, Honda will soon stop production of the current model and a number of models. As such, Japan’s largest motorcycle manufacturer went ahead with creating an all-new Gold Wing.

News of the new bike was leaked out into the grasps of the world’s media last month, followed by pictures of what may be the final bike. (Click here for our report.)

Leaked photo of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing

But instead of disproving those photos, Honda has released a teaser video called “Beyond the Standard,” highlighting the evolution of the ‘Wing through the ages.

2016 Honda Gold Wing F6B

Ever since its inception in 1975, the Honda Gold Wing has been known as the ultimate touring motorcycle to many of its fans. Creature comforts, utility, chock full of features, refinement are what the bike is about.

The model proved to be a huge hit in the North American market that Honda Corporation actually started a factory just to build them in the USA. The production facilities were shifted back to Japan a few years ago.

There are many Gold Wing owners and clubs here in Malaysia too. You can see hundreds of them when they come together for special gatherings or motorcycle events.

Legendary Japanese motorcycle maker Honda reaches milestone after building its 300-millionth motorcycle.



Gold Wing 40th Anniversary edition celebrates model’s fourth decade.



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