Honda builds 300-millionth bike

Legendary Japanese motorcycle maker Honda reaches milestone after building its 300-millionth motorcycle.

Historic Gold Wing Models

Japanese bikemaker Honda has a glorious history to continues to this day, having supplied the planet with a wide variety of motorcycles since 1955. Perhaps what founder Soichiro Honda did not anticipate after becoming Japan’s biggest bikemaker was how far the red wing marque would grow worldwide.

Historic Gold Wing Models

Recently, Honda made the announcement that it has successfully built its 300-millionth bike. Yes, you read that right: 300-millionth. And just in case you were wondering as to how many zeroes are in that figure, it is 300,000,000.

That figure covers all types and models that bear Honda’s red wing logo: superbikes, scooters, mopeds, scramblers, etc. And just to fill you in on more facts, Honda motorcycles are built in 32 facilities located in 22 different countries (ours included).

Historic Gold Wing Models

Honda also revealed that its 300-milionth unit happens to be one of its most celebrated model nameplates ever, the Gold Wing. The lucky model was produced in the firm’s Kumamoto factory in its homeland of Japan.

In celebration of that, we’ve put up a special gallery of images of the Gold Wing model and its history released by Honda below.

With the way things are going for the red wing marque, it looks set to produce maybe another 300-million units for at least another 50 years or so.

Honda Gold Wing history

Source: Asphaltandrubber and Autoblog

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