New More Stylish Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

  • A new cutdown version of the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been revealed.

  • It fits in the bagger sub-segment with no top case and has a lower windscreen.

  • All other functions and features are retained.

A new more stylish Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been introduced, just a year after its launch.

There’s great demand for less “touring” and more stylish bagger style tourers and other manufacturers enjoy brisk sales for them. A “bagger” is a more stylized and cutdown touring motorcycle with panniers but without the top case.

This new Gold Wing hence harks back to the previous Gold Wing F6B. It features a low windscreen, no top case, and more blacked-out parts for a slimmer, custom look.

Deleting the top case also removes 50 litres of storage space, rear speakers and passenger backrest, but it saves 40 kg.

However, owners still get to enjoy the bike’s 1833cc flat-Six engine which produces 125 hp and 169.5 Nm of torque. Electronic niceties such as ride-by-wire throttle, riding modes, traction control, keyless ignition, electronic suspension, LED lighting and infotainment system which integrates Bluetooh connectivity, music, maps and Apple CarPlay are retained.

The new “standard” Gold Wing will on have a standard 6-speed transmission i.e. no Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

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