Ves D-Air rekaan Dainese – Sumber imej: Dainese
  • Sebuah mahkamah di Jerman telah memihak kepada Dainese dalam kes saman pencabulan paten menentang Alpinestars.
  • Mereka pada mulanya telah menyaman Alpinestars pada tahun 2015 kerana menggunakan sebahagian daripada ves D-Air Dainese dalam rekaan ves Tech-Air Alpinestars tanpa bayaran untuk paten berkenaan.
  • Mereka juga turut memfailkan litigasi di Itali, UK, dan Perancis.


  • A court in Germany ruled in favour of Dainese in their airbag patent infringement suit against Alpinestars.

  • They first sued Alpinestars in 2015 for using a part of their D-air vest in the latter’s Tech-Air vest without payment for the patent.

  • They also filed litigations in Italy, UK and France.

The Munich Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Dainese in their airbag patent infringement suit against Alpinestars (A-stars).

The case had been going on since 2015. A German court found Alpinestars had infringed on the patent previously in 2017. A-Stars brought the case to the Munich Court of Appeals and they lost again. Their next and last course of action is to refer the case to the German Federal Supreme Court.

Dainese sued A-stars in 2015 after finding the latter had copied an essential part of the D-air vest. The part was then used in A-stars’ Tech-Air airbag vests, without payment to Dainese for licensing.

Alpinestars Tech-Air vest – Photo credit Alpinestars

A-stars could well be in deep trouble, pending the German Supreme Court appeal. Dainese did not only file litigations in Germany. They also sued A-stars in Italy, the United Kingdom and France. The litigation floodgates could swing open in those countries should they lose in the German Supreme Court.

The confusion started in 2015 when Dainese released the D-air technology as an open platform as a responsibility to rider safety. This meant that other riding gear manufacturers can use the technology in their own products. But that did not mean they shouldn’t pay Dainese to use the patented technology. Unfortunately, this was what A-stars did.

So, what happens now? If A-stars loses their last appeal, German riders may not be able to keep their Tech Air vests. There’s no word of the case in other countries, so far but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear of something.

Source: Motorcycle-USA

Dainese has unveiled their latest Speed Leather range called the Dainese Settantadue of “72”.

Three leather jackets are offered which comprises of their history in producing leather suits from the 1970s and combining them with the latest technology.

The Freccia 72, Toga 72, and Rapida 72 are priced from £449.95 to £529.95(RM2,426 to RM2,856) for the UK market.

The folks over at Dainese have launched their latest retro Speed Leather range called the Dainese Settantadue or Dainese 72. They’ve basically gone back to the golden age of Dainese riding wear for racing and unveiled a contemporary version for the modern day and age. (more…)


  • Musim 2018 MotoGP akan menyaksikan ke semua penunggang tetap memakai sut perlumbaan berbeg udara sekiranya mereka ingin bertanding di dalam kategori perlumbaannya.
  • Ke semua sut perlumbaan mestilah dilengkapi dengan sistem beg udara yang akan memberikan perlindungan pada bahagian bahu dan tulang selangka.
  • Ini adalah satu langkah yang baik memandangkan para pengeluar akan melabur dengan lebih lagi untuk sebuah sistem beg udara yang mana akan membuatkannya lebih tersedia untuk para pengguna.


The MotoGP 2018 season will see all permanent riders wearing an airbag racing suit if they wish to compete in the race categories.

All racing suits must be fitted with an airbag system that will provide protection for the shoulders and collarbone.

This is a good move considering the manufacturers will invest more on airbag system which in turn will be made more available for consumers.

A very interesting update has just been confirmed by the folks over at MotoGP where beginning of the 2018 season, all riders must wear a racing suit equipped with airbag systems. The rule applies to each and every rider across all three categories (MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3) except for wildcard riders. (more…)

The future of motorcycles and the motorcycling industry are slowly getting closer to a turning point which will lead to the next big thing in the two-wheeled universe.

From hybrid motorcycles to fully electric-powered bikes, the options of innovations are endless for motorcycle manufacturers.

The same can be said to the development of riding gears to ensure higher levels of safety and performance using the latest technologies.

As we head into the future, there are many folks out there whose trying their level best to embrace the inevitable and develop things that are truly extraordinary in many aspects of our lives. From the way we eat to how we travel, the future is all about improving our quality of living. (more…)


  • Dainese menerima tiga Anugerah Rekabentuk Red Dot di bawah kategori Rekabentuk Produk 2017 untuk rekaan Mugello R D-air® sut perlumbaannya, helmet AGV Pista GP R-nya dan produk perlindungan terbaru Pro-Armor.
  • Mereka juga telah dianugerahkan ‘Excellence of the Year/Innovation and Leadership’ dari Aungerah Le Fonti dalam kategori Pakaian Perlindungan Teknologi Tinggi.


  • Dainese received three Red Dot Design Awards under the Product Design 2017 category for its Mugello R D-air® race suit, the AGV Pista GP R helmet and the latest Pro-Armor protective products.

  • They have also bagged the ‘Excellence of the Year / Innovation and Leadership’ awards from Le Fonti Awards in the Hi-tech Protective Wear category

The Dainese Group has received three awards at the Red Dot Design Awards in the esteemed Product Design 2017 category. The Awards panel gave its seal of approval to the new Dainese Mugello R D-air® race suit, the AGV Pista GP R helmet and the latest generation Pro-Armor protective products, the three items were selected from 5,500 products, submitted from 54 countries.

Dainese Mugello R D-air® race suit

[button color=”” size=”” type=”round” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about the Misano D-air® race suit and the AGV Pista GP R helmet.

Dainese was also honoured with another international award at the Le Fonti Awards for Innovation and Human Resources, where the company was presented with the ‘Excellence of the Year / Innovation and Leadership’ award in the Hi-tech Protective Wear category. With a contribution of a community ranging over 40,000 business contacts, Dainese came up on top and bagged the Le Fonti Awards.

Valentino Rossi has protection from Dainese D-air racing suit and AGV Pista GP-R helmet in the MotoGP races

The Italian safety apparel manufacturer is responsible for the world’s first wireless airbag system known as the D-air® that protects world motorcycling figures like Valentino Rossi from MotoGP, Tom Sykes from WorldSBK and Guy Martin from the road racing division like the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. Check out the history of Dainese’s D-air® technology below.

They have also endeavoured into space and beyond by providing space-aged protection apparel for astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his six-month mission at the International Space Station. No other racing apparel provider has even done or even attempted coming up with designs to be utilised outside the planet Earth.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”round” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about their suits used in space.

Cristiano Silei with the Le Fonti Award

According to the CEO of the Dainese Group Cristiano Silei, he commented “The Dainese Group has always pursued its mission of advocating and delivery safety in dynamic sports, inspired by the potential of the human being, we study the protection needs of the human body in the most extreme conditions; riding a motorbike on track, downhill skiing, sailing and reaching zero gravity in space. These awards celebrate all the hard work and dedication of the staff put in embracing new challenges and we will continue to raise the bar of innovation.”

Dainese and MrMartini partner up for a new series of gear plus a matching one-off custom café racer.


The 2017 Ducati MotoGP livery debuts while brand CEO confirms V4 superbike project.


Groundbreaking Dainese spacesuit scheduled for second stint in November 2017 mission.


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