Dainese spacesuit heading into space again

Groundbreaking Dainese spacesuit scheduled for second stint in November 2017 mission.

Not too long ago, we brought you news that leading Italian motorcycle apparels specialist Dainese successfully developed a series of suits designed to protect astronauts in space. In fact, the Dainese spacesuit had a stellar first run when astronaut Andreas Mogensen wore it during the IRISS Mission back in September 2015.

Mogensen donned the Dainese SkinSuit which, as previously reported, was designed to compress from shoulders to feet, thus re-creating the effects of gravity on the body. This helps to reduce post-space trauma such as herniated discs and spine elongation – the result of spending long durations in zero gravity.

Following its initial success with Mogensen, the famed Italian devil-horned brand has confirmed that it will supply another SkinSuit for Proxima Mission astronaut Thomas Pesquet when he blasts off into space this November.

Like Mogensen, Pequet will have his suit made-to-measure in his size as well. The suit features grey lines running the length suit are nylon belts whilst the white lines running horizontally are tasked with constriction duties. Positioning of these lines are customisable to each individual, which are determined based on studies by the ESA (European Space Agency) on the optimal placement.

You read up about the specially developed Dainese spacesuits in our previous report by clicking here. Though we haven’t seen it just yet, we reckon that Dainese will have technologies developed in its spacesuits transferred into its Earth-bound riding gears sometime in the near future.

Surely, this is one brand that’s now a cut above the rest by being out of this world – literally.

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