Riding gear manufacturer TCX has just released a new pair of riding boots explicitly designed for the cold weather.

  • TCX released a new riding boots called the S-TR1 WP.
  • The S-TR1 WP keeps you dry all day long while offering the usual protection. 

The S-TR1 WP is an all-weather riding boot that provides all the usual protection but ensures it keeps you warm and dry on any occasion. 

The S-TR1 WP features an abrasion-resistant synthetic leather upper and a breathable mesh inner similar to other boots.

However, the TCX S-TR1 WP is equipped with T-Dry material that offers impermeability and keeps you dry all day long. As an added comfort, the boot is fitted with an Ortholite footbed. 

The S-TR1 WP also offers easy fitting thanks to a side-opening zip and a huge Velcro flap at the top, allowing for easy removal. 

In terms of safety, the boot features toe sliders and additional reinforcements on the heel. In addition, the boot is also fitted with polypropylene internal reinforcement parts and TCX’s TCX system that prevents ankle twisting. 

There’s also a non-waterproof version of the S-TR1 that offers similar styling and function but without the all-weather protection. 

Lino Dainese keeps a small share of the brand he founded which is now owned by Carlyle Group.


US private equity firm Carlyle Group acquires Dainese brand from Investcorp for €630 million.


Investcorp has officially sold the Dainese group of brands to an American private equity firm for a reported EUR630 million (RM2.9 bil).

In a statement by the company dated 11 March 2022, Investcorp has reached an agreement on the sale of Dainese SpA to global investment firm the Carlyle Group.

The sale figure represents a nearly five times return that Investcorp spent when it purchased 80 per cent of Dainese SpA from founder Lino Dainese back in January 2015.

Under the Investcorp’s ownership, Dainese doubled its sales to EUR250 million. The Italian also evolved from product-focused business into a global standard for dynamic sport protection.

“Six years ago when we invested in Dainese, the founder Lino Dainese said he wanted a partner that shares his passion and ambition for his company.

“It’s satisfying to know that Investcorp have been that partner to Dainese, as under our leadership we facilitated EBITDA growth of more than five times and created a business well positioned for continued success.

“We will continue on our mission to support exceptional Italian brands in their journey to become world leaders. Gucci, Riva Boats and Dainese are just a few of Italy’s best that we had the honour to partner with and support – that mission shall continue at Investcorp,” said Hazem Ben-Gacem, Co-CEO at Investcorp.

Meanwhile, The Carlyle Group is looking to expand Dainese’s distriibution network by adding other brands into the group.

The new acquisition will also boost Dainese’s effort in increasing rider’s safety on and off the track typically in the airbag safety apparel market.

Ducati terus kekal komited dalam mempertingkatkan tahap keselamatan penunggang motosikal dengan memperkenalkan Ducati Smart Jacket.

Selain daripada membina motosikal dengan ciri keselamatan terkini, Ducati Smart Jacket merupakan ves inovatif terkini dengan beg udara terbina D-air® hasil kerjasama dengan Dainese.

Ves tersebut berupaya menganalisi data 1,000 kali sesaat dengan bantuan unit kawalan elektronik bagi mengesan insiden tergelincir, high-side, pelanggaran serta impak dengan objek asing.

Beg udara tersebut juga akan diaktifkan secara sama rata dan meliputi seluruh kawasan ves sekaligus melindungi penunggang.

Menurut Ducati, ves tersebut menyamai tujuh pelindung tubuh Level 1 tanpa memerlukan pelindung keras di bahagian dalam.

Ducati Smart Jacket boleh didapati pada harga RM4,299 di Ducati Malaysia.

In an attempt to further amplify its footwear offering, Italian apparel manufacturer Dainese has acquired another famous Italian motorcycle footwear maker, TCX. This takeover will indeed give way to a whole new line-up of premium motorcycle boots and shoes thanks to TCX’s vast experience and knowledge. (more…)

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all of the racing suits, gloves, boots, and helmets that have been used and worn by nine-time MotoGP world champion, Valentino Rossi, Dainese is here to let you know. Hidden away from the public, they’ve posted a four-series video on YouTube showcasing Valentino Rossi’s ‘secret room’. (more…)

If you want to be the track day rider or motorcycle racer, you’ll definitely need to learn from the best. Who better to do so than the GOAT himself, Valentino Rossi. This coming April, you can get some personal training from the nine-time world champion himself if you can get a slot at the Dainese Riding Masters MotoGP class. (more…)

  • Khabar angin yang mengatakan Dainese bakal dijual telah bertiup kembali.
  • Pakar kelengkapan penunggangan premier dari Itali itu kini adalah milik Investcorp.
  • Syarikat pelaburan itu dikatakan mahu wang tunai bagi 80% saham mereka dalam jenama berkenaan.


  • Rumours of Dainese being up for sale is circulating again.

  • The premier Italian riding gear specialist is currently held by Investcorp.

  • The investment group may be looking to cash in on their 80% stake in the brand.

Rumours of Dainese being up for sale is circulating again.

The premier Italian brand is currently held by InvestCorp, and investment group from Bahrain. They are holding a controlling stake in Dainese S.p.A. and are looking to sell their shares, according to rumours.

It was also said that Investcorp have enlisted the assistance of asset management company Lazard. In turn, Lazard will begin looking for buyers of Investcorp’s 80% shares in Dainese.

Whether true or otherwise, time is ripe for Investcorp to cash in on their shares. The group has taken the brand to newer heights and higher profits since their takeover in 2014.

Prior to Investcorp’s involvement, Dainese’s turnover was € 117 million in 2013. It grew € 187.4 million in 2017, allaying initial fears of the brand being ruined by profit hunters. Employees increased from 609 to 757 in March 2018, too. The company earned € 30 million (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) in 2018 alone and is expected to grow to € 35 million by the end of this year.

Consequently, the company could be evaluated at nearly half-a-billion Euros.

Founder Lino Dainese holds the remaining shares and continues to be the President, while Cristiano Silei took over as CEO from 2015.

Since then, Lino Dainese founded the D Airlab, dedicated to research on applying D-Air technology not only to motorcycle riders, but in other applications such as aerospace, worker safety, sailing and the elderly.

ESA stands for European Space Agency

Dainese also continues to work with the Trauma Team at the Niguarda Ca’Granda Hospital in Milan as part of the Dainese Advanced Research Program. The program analyses the effects of motorcycle accidents in order to improve the design of protective gear.

Dainese’s spacesuit for Mars mission

Ves Tech-Air Alpinestars – Sumber imej: Alpinestars

  • Alpinestars telah mengeluarkan jawapan mereka mengenai kes Mahkamah Rayuan Munich.
  • Mahkamah berkenaan telah membuat keputusan yang memihak dengan Dainese.
  • Alpinestars tetap dengan pendirian bahawa mereka tidak mencabuli hak paten Dainese.


  • Alpinestars published their response to the Munich Court of Appeals’ case.

  • The court sided with Dainese in their ruling.

  • Alpinestars maintains that they did not infringe on Dainese’s patents.

Alpinestars (A-Star) published their response to the recent German court decision with regards to a patent infringement case involving fellow Italian gear maker Dainese.

The decision by the Munich Court of Appeals will cause a huge effect to A-Stars’ Tech-Air airbag vests in the German market. In siding with Dainese, the court has issued an injunction against selling the product in the country. In addition to having their products pulled from the shelves, A-Stars also need to pay a huge sum in damages.

A-Stars is challenging Dainese’s charge that the they infringed on the latter’s patents. Judging from the wordings and language in the Press Release, the fight is not over. It’s going to be the Clash of Italian Titans.

The focal point of the contention is how the airbag vest is held in a garment.

Alpinestars’ Press Release

On February 7, 2019 the Higher Regional Court of Munich issued judgment upholding the claim that Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® vest infringes upon patent EP 2 412 257 B1 held by Dainese S.p.A.

Alpinestars wants to clarify that this action never involved the core of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology; at no point, either past or present, has any action or patent infringement involved the electronic management, algorithm, or deployment mechanism, or any other part employed within Alpinestars entirely unique and advanced Tech-Air® technology.

Furthermore this judgment is limited to the territory of Germany only. It has no bearing on any other territories within Europe or the wider world market where Tech-Air® is available throughout Alpinestars’ Dealer network.

Originally Dainese alleged infringements based on three patents in Germany, none of them refer to Tech-Air® technology: one complaint was withdrawn by Dainese on 22nd December 2016, relating to patent EP 2 373 188, after this patent was revoked by the European Patent Office. The remaining two patents have been contested in Germany. The second, EP 2 373 190, concerning only some specific features of the air bladder used in the Tech-Air® vest, was wholly annulled by the German Federal Patent Court on 15 May 2018. Dainese appealed this decision.

The third, EP 2 412 257 B1, concerning the general installation of an inflatable air bladder construction within a ‘pocket’ of a garment, featuring elastic panels, is the point on which the patent infringement claim was upheld last week. As soon as the Court serves the written judgment, Alpinestars will study the details prior to taking any decision on its next steps.

Alpinestars needs to point out that it has an appeal pending on the validity of this patent (EP 2 412 257 B1) within the German Federal Court of Justice.

As consistently stated throughout this legal process, Alpinestars fully respects and honors third parties’ intellectual property rights and expects the same with respect to its own IP rights. Alpinestars’ highly innovative Tech-Air® products are based upon years of its in house research and development conducted by its own team of leading research and development staff.

Since the very beginning of the Tech-Air® project, which commenced in 2001, the freedom to ride with the most advanced innovations of performance protection has been the objective relentlessly pursued by Alpinestars and the result is uniquely advanced and capable technology. Tech-Air® is the world’s first airbag providing full upper torso protection in a transferable vest which incorporates a completely independent electronic management system, with no reliance on any external devices (sensors or GPS), to give accident detection and full airbag inflation before the first impact, dual charge for the track and off-road capability as demonstrated in the 2019 Dakar Rally.

Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® products represent an enormously innovative contribution to increased rider safety in motorcycling.


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