Zero, the US electric motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled its latest concept motorcycle, the SR/X, in partnership with designer Huge Machine. 

  • The SR/X is the latest concept machine introduced by Zero in partnership with Huge Machine. 
  • The SR/X features a distinctive design with half-fairing in light grey with red strip. 

The SR/X was created as part of Zero’s “Design the Future Development Program” and is a reimagined version of the Zero SR/S sports bike. The bike features a distinctive design with a half-fairing in light grey with a red strip around the front, and a single wide headlight at the front. At the rear, the tail section appears to ‘float’ above the shock.

While there are not many specifications available yet for the concept bike, Zero says it is powered by their ZF75-10 electric motor and the ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery. 

Bill Webb of Huge Machine said that the SR/X is an attempt to define a new sub-category for high-performance electric motorcycles, which combines clean lines and disciplined design with the aggressive proportions and raw functionality found in more traditional race bikes.

Webb explained, “The team wanted to create a dramatic and low ‘front-heavy’ silhouette with the bodywork that could juxtapose the fully exposed mechanicals towards the back of the bike in an unconventional way. 

“The SR/S chassis/mechanicals that zero designed are impressive to look at and we wanted the raw bike underneath to be part of the final composition.”

Zero and Huge Machine have previously collaborated on the design of the Zero FXE and its concept motorcycle. 

The SR/X is the latest example of their visionary concepts and Zero’s commitment to innovation. The new motorcycle strives to hit a design sweet spot for the near future of electric motorcycles, combining clean lines and disciplined design detailing with the aggressive stance and raw performance feel of modern litre bikes. 

The concept bike aims to bridge the gap between a streetfighter and a track bike, with partial fairings and aero performance, as well as the raw attitude of the street.

BSA has revealed a beautifully-built scrambler-style concept motorcycle at the Motorcycle Live Show 2022. 

  • BSA showcased the Scrambler concept bike alongside the BSA Gold Star at Birmingham.
  • The Scrambler is equipped with a 652cc single engine. 

The BSA Scrambler features long-travel suspension, off-road-ready tires, and a stealthy paint job with a #28 side plate.

At the heart of the concept sits an all-new 652cc single-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, BSA did not disclose the engine’s detailed information at the time.

From the photos, we can see the bike is also fitted with wide handlebars, a tall front fender, a retro-style fuel tank and wired-spoke wheels at the front and rear.

There is also a single-disc brake setup with a dual-exit exhaust system and dual-shock absorbers.

According to reports, there are no official words regarding the BSA Scrambler’s availability despite the bike already looking ready for production. 

Italjet recently launched the premium-built Dragster’s scooter range in Malaysia via its authorised dealership, Chear Global. 

  • Italjet is to reveal a bigger 300cc Dragster prototype and a concept bike in November.
  • The Italjet Dragster 125 and Dragster 200 are now available in Malaysia for RM29,500 and RM34,800. 

During the official launch held at Chear Global headquarters, the local press had the opportunity to sit down with Italjet’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Sandro Caparelli, who flew from Bologna, Italy. 

Caparelli not only explained to us the exciting development of Italjet’s Dragster 125 and Dragster 200 but also was kind enough to disclose the Italian company’s next project.

According to Caparelli, Italjet is currently working on a bigger displacement Dragster and is scheduled to showcase the prototype at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this November.

The Dragster prototype will feature a single-cylinder DOHC 300cc engine that was built from the ground up. Apparently, there is a high demand for a bigger Dragster in its home country. 

“In EICMA we will show a prototype of the same Dragster but with a bigger displacement because the market in Italy had asked for a bigger engine. 

“It will use a bigger engine, a 300cc engine,” he said. 

In addition, Caparelli revealed that Italjet would also showcase a concept bike at EICMA alongside the 300cc Dragster prototype.

“There will be a big concept which I can’t disclose now, but the new concept will be the star of the show at EICMA,” he added. 

That said, Caparelli also mentioned that the bigger displacement Dragster could materialise in a couple of years, while the concept bike will take a while to be in the near-production stage. 

Meanwhile, the Italjet Dragster 125 and Dragster 200 are now available in Malaysia for RM29,500 and RM34,800, respectively. 

Reapplied trademark rights indicate the Harley-Davidson Bronx streetfighter might be revived.


The Puig Diablo is in in fact a custom Yamaha MT-09 SP hypernaked that’s both futuristic and extreme enough to be in Cyberpunk 2077.


E-bicycle brand Super73 signals intent to break into e-motorcycles segment with its new C1X concept.


Upcoming new and updated concepts by Yamaha highlights target for carbon neutrality by 2050.


  • Motosikal BMW S 675 R Concept ini telah dilakar oleh pereka industrial Nicolas Petit.
  • Terdapat hanya segelintir sahaja pengeluar yang masih menghasilkan motosikal 600cc.
  • BMW belum mengumumkan sama ada mereka akan menjinakkan diri dalam segmen supersport 600cc.


  • This BMW S 675 RR Concept was drawn up by industrial designer Nicolas Petit.

  • There a very few manufacturers who are still producing sub-600cc bikes.

  • BMW has not announced if they are venturing into the 600cc supersport segment.

It’s probably an understatement that BMW Motorrad has done it right with the S 1000 RR supersport bike. The model continues to sell well, despite BMW not competing in both MotoGP and WSBK, and the shrinking supersport segment.

That fact is probably attributable to it being a BMW and that it features the latest motorcycle technologies, besides being priced to rival the Japanese superbikes.

However, there’s a huge hole in the 600cc segment, pretty much abandoned by almost every manufacturer except a few. While 1000cc supersport bikes are more appealing due to their higher power outputs and specs, it’s actually more fun to ride a 600cc supersport bike in the real world.

If BMW is interested, who knows if the S 675 RR (or whatever cc) may look like in these conceptual art, produced by freelance industrial designer Nicolas Petit, for Wunderlich.

Petit’s concept bears the familiar lines of the S 1000 RR and is instantly recognizable. But what we like best is its simplicity, eschewing the unnecessary and leaving only those parts that serve their purpose.

Petit had also “stylised” the S 675 R naked bike and S 675 XR sport-tourer concepts.

BMW Motorrad has been caught testing what could be the new S 1000 RR for 2018 or 2019, but will they dip into the 600cc category? The world’s motorcycle market is kind of soft lately and more and more buyers are looking into buying smaller displacement bikes, after all. Besides that, it seems that BMW Motorrad has the habit of outselling their competitors.


  • CrossHelmet X1 mendakwa yang ianya bayangan rupa helmet pada masa hadapan.
  • Bercirikan HUD ‘built-in’, Bluetooth, kamera pandang belakang, dan pemprosesan bunyi persekitaran.
  • Projek CrossHelmet X1 ini dibiayai awam melalui Kickstarter.


  • CrossHelmet X1 claims to be how future helmets will come to be

  • CrossHelmet X1 features built-in HUD, Bluetooth, rearview camera, ambient noise processing

  • CrossHelmet X1 project is crowd funded on Kickstarter

While traditional helmet companies stick to producing helmets in the tried and true sense in terms of design and features, that focus has given room for “independents” to produce helmets with features that are eschewed by the traditionalists. That statement doesn’t mean we’re insinuating that these new helmets are bad, instead, we meant that these helmets feature out-of-the-square thinking.

A Tokyo-based company called Borderless Inc. has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its CrossHelmet X1 smart helmet. So, what are inside this Alien/spaceman-looking helmet? It features not only integrated Bluetooth connectivity, but also ambient sound control and a heads-up display (HUD) which provides a claimed 360-degree view.

The features may sound similar to the Skully AR-1 (now in the hands of new investors – click here to read more), but the CrossHelmet X1 has a few extra notable features.

The HUD isn’t a plug-in item, instead is integrates all the technologies of the helmet. The rearview camera offers a 170-degree view which is paired to the front faceshield to provide 30 degrees more peripheral vision for a 360-degree view. Additionally, the HUD presents information such as speed, compass direction, weather, time and navigation on the foldable bifocal lens.

The CrossHelmet X1’s smartphone app provides access to the helmet’s features. You can listen to music, make/receive phone calls, and Group Talk just like if you’ve attached a Bluetooth communication device.

Unique to the CrossHelmet X1 at this moment is the CrossSound Control – the patented noise control system. It’s designed to reduce or enhance environmental sounds, depending on the rider’s needs via the smartphone app. Its algorithm is claimed to filter out road, engine and windnoise, while allowing through critical sounds such as screeching brakes and emergency sirens. Although SENA had been developing their Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise-Control) Pro helmet, the CrossHelmet is the first to make it to production with the noise control technology.

That’s not all, the helmet’s “sidepod” has a capacitive sticker which doubles up as a touch panel. Specific gestures will activate certain functions, just like smartphone.

There are also LED lightstrips on the sidepods, functioning as position lights for safety.

All these technologies are processed by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Cortex A9 processor, powered by a safe solid-state lithium-ceramic battery.

As it is, the CrossHelmet X1 isn’t cheap, costing USD 1,799. Click here to head over to CrossHelmet site or click here for the Kickstarter site, in case you’d like to invest in one. The first units are expected to delivered in the autumn or winter of 2018.

The CrossHelmet X1 has passed the ECE, DOT and JIS standards.

Divergent 3D Dagger is a supercharged and 3D-printed custom streetfighter that could change motorcycle manufacturing.



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