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Honda’s recent press conference unveiled ambitious plans for the future, signaling a substantial investment of $3.4 billion in the development and production of its electric motorcycle lineup.


Boon Siew Honda, pembikin dan penyebar moto Honda di Malaysia, dah update RS-X dengan dua warna baru.

Honda RS-X kini boleh di dapat dalam Trico White Edition dan Radiate Gray Metallic, RS-X yang diminati ramai, nampaknya akan terus jadi kegemaran.

Benda lain pasal Honda RS-X ni memang jadi kegemaran dalam scene kappa di Malaysia, dan tetap dengan engine 150cc yang sama macam dulu.

Engine DOHC satu silinder ni masih couple dengan transmission 6-speed dan menghasilkan 15.8hp dan 13.6Nm torque.

RS-X ni juga ada single-channel ABS braking, lighting penuh LED, dan digital speedometer.

Honda RS-X dengan warna baru boleh didapat sekarang kat semua showroom yang diiktiraf seluruh negara dengan harga cadangan RM9,748 untuk Trico White Edition dan RM9,698 untuk Radiate Gray Metallic.

Harga ni tak termasuk road tax, insurans, dan pendaftaran.

Boon Siew Honda, the assembler and distributor of Honda Motorcycles in Malaysia, has updated the RS-X with two new colours.

Now available with Trico White Edition (above) and Radiate Gray Metallic (below), the much loved RS-X seems set to continue on its path before an eventual update. 


Calling all movie enthusiasts and Honda fans! Boon Siew Honda is back with a thrilling opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

  • get tickets to catch the highly anticipated MALBATT: Misi Bakara by purchasing the new Honda Vario 125 and Vario 160.
  • the campaign period is from 13 July 2023 until 31st July 2023. 

Introducing the “BUY Honda VARIO AND WIN” campaign, where you stand a chance to win two tickets to the exclusive premiere of the highly anticipated movie, MALBATT: Misi Bakara, starring the charismatic and beloved actor, Hairul Azreen.

The campaign is set to run from the 13th of July 2023 until the 31st of July 2023. During this limited time, customers who purchase a Honda Vario 160 or Vario 125 motorcycle will automatically be entered into the contest. This means that not only will you be getting your hands on one of Honda’s finest two-wheelers, but you’ll also have the chance to experience a memorable night at the movies.

*Honda Vario 160

The premiere of MALBATT: Misi Bakara is scheduled to take place on the 8th of August 2023 at the prestigious IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. Be the first to witness the thrilling action and gripping performances in this new movie.

*Honda Vario 125

For those eager to know if they have won, mark your calendars for the 2nd of August 2023, as the lucky winners will be announced on that date. Keep an eye out for the official announcement, and who knows, you might just be one of the fortunate recipients of the prized movie tickets.

Honda enthusiasts are in for a treat as Boon Siew Honda (BSH) unveils the Repsol Limited Edition for the popular Honda Vario 160.

  • This limited edition model promises a thrilling riding experience coupled with a striking new color scheme that is sure to turn heads on the road.
  • The Repsol Edition is limited to just 2,000 units. 

One of the key highlights of the Repsol Limited Edition is its captivating new color, aptly named the Repsol Edition. This vibrant and eye-catching design pays homage to Honda’s successful partnership with Repsol, the renowned energy company. The Repsol Edition adds a touch of sportiness and exclusivity to the Honda Vario 160, setting it apart from the standard models.

The Honda Vario 160 Repsol Edition will be available in a limited quantity of 2,000 units at all authorized Boon Siew Honda dealerships nationwide starting from July 20th, 2023. Priced at an attractive recommended showroom price of RM10,498, riders can get their hands on this unique edition, but it’s important to note that the price excludes road tax, insurance, and registration fees.

Under the hood, the Honda Vario 160 boasts a powerful 157cc 4-valve engine featuring the enhanced Smart Power Plus (eSP+) technology. This technology delivers a maximum power output of 15hp @ 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm @ 7,000 rpm.

To enhance maneuverability, the Honda Vario 160 is built with an enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF), making it more agile and responsive. Safety features are also a priority, as this limited edition model comes equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) on the front wheel. The inclusion of ABS instills confidence in riders, especially when navigating unpredictable road conditions.

Other feature includes:

  • Honda Smart Key System with keyless ignition and anti-theft alarm.
  • full LED light system
  • built-in USB charger


The 2023 Honda CBR1000RR-R SP Fireblade now lands in Malaysia in the form of the unique 30th Anniversary edition. Priced at RM208,800 the updated model gets engine updates and more for the new year.

Although major parts of the CBR1000RR-R SP remains the same, the flagship superbike from Honda has been refined for better mid-range acceleration, something that could also help HRC at the WorldSBK.

While peak power remains at 214hp @ 14,500rpm, Honda has revamped the intake ports, airbox and mid-section exhaust. Interestingly, Honda also increased the final drive sprocket to 43 from the previous 40.

Moving on to electronics, Honda has improved the traction control with a new algorithm for better rear-wheel traction followed by revised Nissin callipers while the front is equipped with Brembo callipers.

Other key features include:

  • LED light setup
  • TFT dash
  • engine braking
  • traction control
  • wheelie control
  • launch control
  • cornering ABS

Nonetheless, the main aspect that caught our attention is of course the 30th Anniversary livery that gives a nod to the 1992 Honda Fireblade.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the bodywork is carried out by Hiroaki Tsukui, the same man behind the original Fireblade livery in 1992.

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has unveiled exciting updates for the ever-popular scooter, the Honda BeAT. 

Known for its affordability and maneuverability, the Honda BeAT has captured the hearts of Malaysian riders since its debut in 2015. Now, the 2023 Honda BeAT arrives with a stunning new visuals, accompanied by an affordable price tag of RM5,990.

The latest iteration of the Honda BeAT showcases a fresh Sporty Modern visual design. The scooter’s graphics concept draws inspiration from modern abstract art, creating a captivating aesthetic that will surely appeal to the trendy youths and scooter lovers across Malaysia.

In terms of colour options, the 2023 Honda BeAT offers a range of choices to suit every rider’s taste. The classic Red and Blue shades continue to be available, exuding a sense of timeless elegance. Additionally, the ever-popular Black option remains a sleek and sophisticated choice for riders who prefer a more understated appearance. 

However, the highlight of the new color lineup is undoubtedly the introduction of a vibrant Yellow shade. This fresh and energetic color choice adds a bold statement to the Honda BeAT’s overall appeal, allowing riders to stand out on the road with confidence.

Boon Siew Honda has ensured that the new 2023 Honda BeAT will be readily accessible to enthusiasts across the country. The scooter will be available for purchase at all Honda authorized dealers starting from 30th June 2023. 

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has introduced a new colour update for the 2023 Honda CBR150R priced at RM13,299. 

The Honda CBR150R now comes in a bolder Pearl Nightfall Blue which suspiciously looks like the iconic ‘Spoon’ colour combination. However, while the ‘Spoon’ colourway combines a balance between blue and yellow, the blue on the 2023 CBR150R is more prominent. 

Aside from the new visuals, the Honda CBR150R continue to feature the same specifications, including the same 150cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine capable of producing 16hp @ 9,000rpm and 13.7Nm @ 7,000rpm. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a 6-speed transmission with a final chain drive.

Mechanically, the 2023 CBR150R still features the same equipment and electronics, including the wavy disc brake, fully digital speedometer and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Dalam tempoh enam bulan ini, Boon Siew Honda (BSH) telah memperkenalkan beberapa model berkapasiti kecil untuk pasaran Malaysia antara Vario 125, Vario 160, diikuti Wave Alpha terbaru pada Januari lalu. 

Bagaimanapun, setakat hari ini, tiada perkembangan baharu mengenai model kapcai popular, Honda EX5 yang telah pun berada di pasaran sejak diperkenalkan pada 1987. 

Tinjauan di laman web rasmi Boon Siew Honda juga mendapati hanya lima model disenaraikan bagi segmen ‘Cub’ termasuk Honda RS150R, RS-X, Dash 125, Wave 125i dan Wave Alpha. 

Ini secara tidak langsung membuktikan bahawa BSH tidak lagi menawarkan Honda EX5 untuk pasaran Malaysia. 

Untuk rekod, kali terakhir nama EX5 dibangkitkan adalah pada 24 Februari tahun lalu apabila BSH melancarkan model edisi ulang tahun ke-35 yang hanya terhad kepada 2,000 unit sahaja. 

Pencarian di juga mendapati hanya beberapa model EX5 dalam keadaan baru sahaja yang masih dijual. 

Namun begitu setakat ini masih tiada pengumuman rasmi daripada pihak BSH yang mengesahkan bahawa penjualan dan penghasilkan EX5 telah dihentikan serta-merta untuk pasaran Malaysia. 

Coming in new for the Malaysian market is the Honda Vario 125 compact scooter priced at RM7,080 excluding registration and insurance. 

  • Boon Siew Honda introduces the Vario 125. 
  • The Vario 125 features a compact 125cc single-cylinder engine that makes 11hp. 

Adopting a similar bodywork to the outgoing Vario 150, the 125cc variant also offers the same features albeit with a slightly updated package. 

That said, the Vario 125 still features the same 18L under-seat storage, Honda SMART key system with Anti-theft alarm, Answer Back system, full LED lighting and a fully digital instrument cluster. 

However, the 125cc gets a USB charger port which was not available on the Vario 150. 

Powering the Vario 125 is a single cylinder 125cc 4-stroke with liquid-cooled Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine capable of cranking 11hp @ 8,500rpm and 11.74Nm @ 5,000rpm. 

The Honda Vario 125 runs on a pair of 14-inch wheels shod with 90/80 at the front and 100/80 at the rear. 

According to Boon Siew Honda, the Honda Vario 125 comes in three exciting colours; Yellow, Blue and Red. 

Boon Siew Honda, a leading motorcycle manufacturer in Malaysia, has introduced a new colour for its popular adventure-style scooter, the X-ADV 750 now priced at RM68,899. 

  • The X-ADV has been well-received by adventurous rider since its launch in 2018.
  • The DCT is the most outstanding feature of the X-ADV. 

The latest addition to the X-ADV lineup is the Shasta White colour, which enhances the bike’s elegant design and aggressive front look when paired with its dual LED headlights and spectacular Daytime Running Lights. The X-ADV still comes with a digital instrument console, LED taillamp, and five-step adjustable windscreen that can be adjusted on the go, making it convenient for long-distance rides.

Powering the X-ADV is a Euro 5-compliant 745cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine that is linked to a 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox. The bike generates a maximum power of 43kW @ 6,750rpm and 69Nm @ 4,750rpm of peak torque. 

The X-ADV’s DCT feature is a standout characteristic that sets it apart from other scooters in the market. Safety features include disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), and ABS, which offer an immersive braking experience.

The X-ADV’s 5-inch TFT display panel features the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS), which allows riders to connect their smartphones while on the move and manage phone calls, email, music, and navigation using voice commands.

The 2023 Honda X-ADV is available in three colour options, including Mat Ballistic Black Metallic, Pearl Deep Mud Gray, and the new Shasta White.

Planning to purchase a 160cc and below motorcycle for Boon Siew Honda? Well, you are in luck as BSH is giving away a brand-new motorcycle and many other prizes worth RM999,999 for its latest ‘Buy Honda Win Kaw Kaw’ campaign. 

  • Purchased any 160cc (and below) motorcycle from Boon Siew Honda and stand a chance to win a new bike. 
  • The ‘Buy Honda Win Kaw Kaw’ is the latest excitement from Boon Siew Honda for its loyal customers. 

Starting from 1st February 2023 until 31st March 2023, customers who purchased any of the new Honda motorcycles (160cc and below) will stand a chance to win the Honda CBR250RR, Forza 250, CBR150R and the newly launched ADV160. 

To qualify, all you need to do is to follow these three steps:

  • capture the most exciting photo of you and your newly purchased Honda motorcycle and share it on Facebook/Instagram. 
  • please ensure that every posting includes the hashtag #BuyHondaWinKawKaw and don’t forget to tag Honda Motorcycle Malaysia.
  • Also, submit the Google Form with your full details.

Winners will be announced on 13 March 2023 and on 17 April 2023 via the Honda Motorcycle Malaysia Facebook page. 

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