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Boon Siew Honda has officially introduced the all-new Honda ADV160 for the Malaysian market priced at RM12,999.

Malaysia is the latest South East Asian country to get the ADV160 after Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillippines. 

The most significant upgrade done to the 2023 compact ‘adventure’ scooter is a bigger 156.9cc 4-valve with eSP engine that now makes 15hp and 14.7Nm replacing the outgoing 149.3cc single-cylinder platform.

Other significant changes include the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control (traction control), which helps to improve rider’s handling while ABS remains standard. 

Despite the similar look to the previous generation, there is a slight changes done to the bodywork including the dashboard.

The signal and high beam indicator, which previously appeared on a separate display, are now integrated with the digital instrument cluster.

The 2023 Honda ADV160 is available in two colour selection, Mat Charcoal Gray Metallic and Vivacity Red. 

New for the Malaysian motorcycle market is the 2023 Honda Wave Alpha, priced at RM5,179.

The popular ‘kapcai’ has been upgraded for 2023, including a new fuel injection 110cc engine that meets the Euro4 emission standard. 

According to Boon Siew Honda, the reworked engine offers smooth power delivery and better fuel efficiency. The new Wave Alpha can now go up to 70.9km/l according to the fuel consumption measurement mode (WMTC), making it the best in its class.

In addition, the new Wave Alpha makes 8.7hp @ 7,500rpm and 8.67Nm @ 5,500rpm. 

Other improvements include a new taillight design for a fresher look.

Other notable improvements include a bigger fuel tank, 4.1L from the previous 3.7L and a bigger under-seat storage, rated at 7.3L, which is twice larger than the previous generation.

The new Honda Wave Alpha is available in three exciting colours: Vivacity Red, Pearl Nightfall Blue and Clipper Yellow.

Boon Siew Honda introduced three new colours for the 2023 Honda RS-X including the iconic Trico colour. 

The Honda RS-X now comes in a bolder colourway of Lemon Ice Yellow and Caribbean Blue alongside the Trico.

In addition, the Trico edition now equipped with a gold-painted rims. 

Aside from the new visuals, the Honda RS-X continue to feature the same specifications, including the liquid-cooled 150cc DOHC single-cylinder and six-speed manual powertrain setup delivering a peppy 15.8hp and 13.6Nm. 

According to BSH, the standard trim (Lemon Ice Yellow/Caribbean Blue) is available for RM9,698 while the Trico edition is priced at RM9,748. 

The 2023 model year will be available across all authorised Honda dealership beginning 4th January 2023. 

If you’re in the market for a new scooter then you’re in luck as Honda Motorcycles Malaysia (Boon Siew Honda) has officially launched the all-new Vario 160.

  • The Honda Vario 160 features bigger and more powerful engine than the previous generation.
  • The 160cc scooter now fitted with ABS as standard. 

First introduced in Indonesia earlier this year, the Honda Vario 160 make its way to Malaysia in three exciting colours; Vivacity Red, Pearl Nightfaall Blue, Sword Silver Metallic – available for RM9,998. 

However, the fourth colour scheme; Mat Charcoal Grey Metallic is priced at RM10,298 and will be available from February 2023. 

Coming in new for 2022 is a bigger 157cc 4-valve, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that now makes 15.3hp @ 8,500rpm and 13.8Nm @ 7,000rpm replacing the previous 150cc engine. 

The Vario 160 also shod with a chunkier tires with 100/80-14 at the front and 120/70-14 at the rear.

In addition, the Vario 160 gets single-channel ABS as standard replacing the CBS system on the previous model and hydraulic disc brake at the front and rear.

Other notable features include:

  • Smart Key system
  • UBS-A charging port
  • 18L storage
  • 5.5L fuel tank

Tidak dinafikan, masalah kekurangan bekalan semi-konduktor menjejaskan pengeluaran motosikal dan kereta dunia.

Jadi, tidak hairanlah jika penjual motosikal dan kereta memaklumkan kepada pelanggan bahawa tempoh menunggu memakan masa sehingga berbulan.

Bagaimanapun, kami diberitahu terdapat sebuah motosikal yang tempoh menunggunya mencecah sehingga dua tahun.

Demikian respon yang kami terima apabila menghubungi beberapa cawangan Honda Big Wing mengenai model Honda X-ADV 750.

Kisahnya, ada antara kami yang berminat dengan motosikal tersebut jadi langkah pertama adalah mengenal pasti tempoh menunggu.

Kami terkejut apabila diberitahu tempoh menunggu bagi Honda X-ADV 750 adalah sekitar setahun hingga dua tahun.

Ada juga cawangan Honda Big Wing yang memaklumkan kami bahawa mereka tidak lagi menerima tempahan bagi model skuter ADV itu.

Sebuah cawangan di Pulau Pinang pula berkata lebih 170 pembeli masih menanti untuk mendapatkan motosikal berkenaan. 

Ini secara tidak langsung membuktikan Honda X-ADV 750 itu sememangnya cukup popular dikalangan peminat dua roda di Malaysia.

Persoalannya, sanggup atau tidak untuk menunggu selama itu bagi mendapatkan motosikal tersebut?

Kami juga pernah menguji kemampuan Honda X-ADV 750 (2021) sebelum ini dan sememangnya tidak dinafikan motosikal tersebut serba boleh dan praktikal.

Kami turut meninjau ke laman web e-perdagangan popular dan mendapati terdapat beberapa model terpakai X-ADV generasi pertama dijual pada harga sekitar RM60,000.

It seems like the global semi-conductor shortage has not only affected cars, but also motorcycles.

These days it is common to wait a few months for your new car or bike, but to wait over a year? Wow!

But that is exactly the response we got when we contacted a few Honda Big Wing outlets in search of a Honda X-ADV.

A member of our team was poking around to see how long it would take to get a brand new Honda X-ADV, and to our surprise, the general answer was that the waiting period was at least a year! AT LEAST!

We called a few Honda Big Wing outlets in KL, Selangor and the one in Penang, and shockingly the general answer was that the waiting period is now at least a year and a half to two years.

One outlet even said that the waiting period is now two years and the booking list is closed and they are no longer accepting any more bookings for the X-ADV.

An outlet in Penang said that it has over 170 people in its waiting list waiting to get their Honda X-ADV delivered.

Why would anyone wait more than a few months for a new motorcycle is beyond us when there are so many options out there, and there’s no telling if a better bike may become available in the next few months.

The global semi-conductor issue has truly affected all industries, and there is no telling when it will end.

The Honda X-ADV is undoubtedly popular, but is it worth waiting 2 years for?

But the good thing is, those that already own the Honda X-ADV can expect the second hand prices to go up!

Coming in new for the Malaysian market is the 2022 Honda CB250R that now features Showa Separate Fork Function Big Piston (SFF-BP).

  • The Honda CBR250R gets new Showa 41mm SFF-BP front forks.
  • The new CBR250RR is available two new colours; RM23,999. 

The ‘neo-sports cafe’ motorcycle finally received a proper update for 2022 after its last revision in 2019. 

The 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD front forks feature a separate damper in one tube and a spring mechanism in the other capable of delivering better dampening performance.

Together with a larger-sized piston, the front-end feel of the motorcycle is significantly improved, thus enhancing the riding experience.

Meanwhile, the rear shock offers a 5-stage of spring preload adjustment.

Other notable improvements include a new fully digital LCD that features a clearer gear indicator than the previous generation. 

Mechanically, the 2022 Honda CB250R continue to draw power from its 250cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces 27.2hp @ 9,500rpm and 23.4Nm @ 7,750rpm. 

Other features include:

  • Bosch ABS (dual-channel)
  • slipper clutch
  • full LED lighting
  • 10.1L fuel tank

According to Boon Siew Honda, the 2022 CBR250R is available in two colour options; Matt Gun Powder Black Metallic and Candy Chromosphere Red and are priced at RM23,999 (exclude registration and insurance). 

Boon Siew Honda dengan rasminya melancarkan Honda CB250R 2022 untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga RM23,999 (sebelum cukai jalan dan insurans).

Model ‘neo-sport cafe’ ini menjalani kemas kini bagi tahun 2022 yang merangkumi naik taraf suspensi.

Hasilnya, Honda CB250R 2022 kini didatangkan dengan fork depan 41mm Showa Separate Fork Function Big Piston (SFF-BP). 

Fork terbaru itu meningkatkan lagi tahap kendalian motosikal terutamnya ketika melalui selekoh. 

Sementara itu, monoshock belakang pula menawarkan pelarasan lima peringkat mengikut kesesuaian penunggang.

Bagaimanapun, bahagian enjin kekal sama dengan platform silinder tunggal DOHC menawarkan 27.2hp pada 9,000rpm dan 23.2Nm. 

Kuasa disalurkan kepada tayar belakang menerusi transmisi enam kelajuan dengan bantuan ‘slipper clutch’.

Sementara itu, sistem brek pula dikelola sistem ABS dwi-saluran.

Untuk pasaran tempatan, Honda CB250R ini tampil dengan dua pilihan warna, Mat Gun Powder Black Metallic dan Cany Choromosphere Red.

The 2022 Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition are now available in Malaysia.

  • the Repsol Edition features the iconic orange colour scheme taken from Honda’s RC213V MotoGP machine ridden by Marc Marquez.
  • priced at RM13,499. 


Limited to 800 units, the CBR150R Repsol Edition features the same orange livery as Honda’s RC213V MotoGP machine.

The iconic orange colour scheme can be seen on the tank, side panels, above the front headlamp on the front and rear wheels. The Repsol wording is also noticeable on both sides of the bodywork.

Mechanically, the CBR150R Repsol edition still features the same equipment and electronics, including the wavy disc brake, fully digital speedometer and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Powering the CBR150R Repsol edition is the same 150cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine capable of producing 16hp @ 9,000rpm and 13.7Nm @ 7,000rpm. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a 6-speed transmission with a final chain drive. 

For those interested, the Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition is priced at RM13,499

Honda CBR150R kini tampil dengan edisi Repsol bagi tahun 2022 menyertai pilihan warna sedia ada yang ditawarkan di pasaran.

Livery Repsol ini secara tidak langsung menyerlahkan lagi rupa CBR150R secara menyeluruh terutamanya dengan penggunaan warna terang sama seperti yang terpampang pada jentera RC213V Honda di MotoGP.

Penggunaan warna oren juga diterapkan di bahagian rim, tangki dan di bahagian atas lampu depan.

Bagaimanapun, tiada perubahan lain dilakukan terhadap bahagian spesifikasi dan enjin yang masih lagi digerakan enjin satu silinder 150cc DOCH yang menawarkan 16hp pada 9,000rpm dan 13.7Nm @ 7,000rpm.

Kuasa disalurkan kepada tayar belakang menerusi transmisi 6-kelajuan manakala sistem brek pula dikendalikan ABS dwi-saluran.

Menariknya, BSH mendedahkan bahawa CBR150R edisi Repsol ini hanya terhad kepada 800 unit sahaja dan ditawarkan pada harga RM13,499.

Honda RS-X Repsol edition with special MotoGP colourway option announced, but only 5,000 units planned, each retailing for RM9,948.


Boon Siew Honda telah melancarkan Dash 125 yang telah dikemas kini bagi tahun 2022.

Kemas kini itu menyaksikan Dash 125 kini mencapai emisi Euro4 berserta EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle).

Antara naik taraf lain yang turut dilaksanakan adalah rekaan dan grafik lebih segar, meter dail baharu dan jelas dan visor depan lebih sporty.

Bagi menjaminkan tahap penglihatan penunggang yang lebih baik, Dash 125 2022 kini juga menampilkan lampu LED.

Bagaimanapun, naik taraf terbesar adalah bahagian enjin, dengan platform satu silinder 124.3cc SOCH dengan penyejukan udara, 4-stroke 2-valve itu kini berstatus Euro4 lantas lebih bersih untuk persekitaran.

Enjin tersebut juga menghasilkan 9.8hp pada 8,000rpm dan 9.54Nm pada 6,500rpm dan dipadankan bersama transmisi 4-kelajuan.

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan:

  • tangki 4L
  • electric starter/tendang
  • PGM-Fi (suntikan bahan api)
  • berat 105kg (dengan tangki penuh)
  • fork depan teleskopik
  • tayar 70/90-17 depan
  • tayar 80/90-17 belakang
  • cakera hidraulik depan dan belakang

Menurut BSH, Honda Dash 125 2022 ini didatangkan dengan tiga warna pilihan; Pearl Nightfall Blue, Candy Scintillate Red dan Clipper Yellow.

Honda Dash 125 2022 ini boleh dimiliki pada harga RM6,449.


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