BMW Motorrad telah pun memperkenalkan BMW R nineT 100 Years edisi terhad sempena meraikan ulang tahun jenama motosikal Jerman itu, pada Disember tahun lalu. 

Menurut BMW Motorrad pada waktu itu, hanya 1,923 unit dihasilkan untuk pasaran global. Menariknya, daripada jumlah itu, 10 unit kini ditawarkan untuk pasaran Malaysia dengan harga RM129,500

BMW R nineT 100 years itu datang dengan beberapa ciri istimewa termasuk gabungan warna metalik Black Storm dan tangki bersalut krom sebagai penghargaan terhadap model R 75/5 1969. 

Kelengkapan standard yang ada pada R nineT 100 Years termasuk gabungan lampu LED dengan DRL (daytime running light), panel meter berkembar, ASC (automatic stability control), dua mod menunggang (Rain dan Road), dan penyerap hentakan belakang boleh laras (preload) dan fork depan telekskopik boleh laras.

Sementara itu, BMW R nineT 100 Years ini kekal dikuasakan enjin Boxer 1,107cc dengan penyejukan udara/minyak yang berupaya menjana 109hp dan 116Nm. 

Kuasa membrek dikendalikan cakera brek berkembar depan dengan kaliper brek 4-pot dan turut dibantu sistem ABS Pro yang didatangkan secara standard. 

Bagi yang mahu menjadi sebahagian daripada sejarah 100 tahun BMW Motorrad, BMW R nineT 100 Years ini pastinya wajib dimiliki. 

In conjunction with BMW Motorrad celebrating its centenary year, BMW Motorrad Malaysia introduces the limited edition version of its retro-inspired roadster, the BMW R nineT. 

Coming in at RM129,500, the New BMW R nineT 100 Years is a tribute to the company’s passion-driven and soul-fueled heritage that spans a century of motorcycle construction. The model has been limited to only 1,923 units worldwide, with just ten units available for the Malaysian market.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, said, “The BMW R nineT encapsulates the great roadster tradition of BMW Motorrad in a particularly refined and sophisticated manner, culminating 100 years of motorcycle construction and a persevering passion for the Boxer engine.” He added that the ten exclusive units of the New BMW R nineT 100 Years will be available for passionate riders in Malaysia, representing SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

The New BMW R nineT 100 Years has a reduced design language that skilfully sets the scene with a compact tank and upright seating position, along with high-quality materials and stylish design elements.

The exclusive centennial edition of the classic roadster is characterized by numerous special features, alongside an elaborate surface concept. The Black Storm metallic paintwork on the chrome-plated tank is a vital, special feature of the 100 Years edition, paying homage to the 1969 R 75/5.

The New BMW R nineT 100 Years revives the almost 100-year tradition of combining paint finishes and chrome surfaces with the Classic Chrome surface concept. The sophisticated interplay of paint and chrome is represented by a combination of black with chrome and white double-lining on the tank, complemented by tank grips and a 100 Years badge.

Standard equipment for the New BMW R nineT 100 Years are LED headlights with daytime riding light, dual speed indicator and rational-speed sensor instruments, Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Riding Modes Rain & Road, drive train and final drive in black finish, rear suspension with fully adjustable spring preload by handwheel, and fully adjustable upside-down telescopic front forks.

The New BMW R nineT 100 Years is powered by the legendary 1,170cc air/oil-cooled flat twin four-stroke Boxer engine, capable of generating 80 kW (109 hp) and 116 Nm of torque. The model is equipped with twin-disc brakes with four-piston callipers for the front and a single-disc brake with double-piston floating callipers for the rear, ensuring reliable braking. The latest generation of BMW Motorrad ABS Pro is featured as standard for greater riding safety.

The exclusive centennial edition of the classic roadster is characterized by numerous special features, paying homage to the company’s 100-year history and tradition. The model has been limited to only ten units for the Malaysian market, making it a must-have for passionate riders who want to own a piece of BMW Motorrad’s history.

The limited edition R nineT 100 Years is priced at RM129,500. 

BMW Motorrad Malaysia officially launched the new BMW R nine T range for the Malaysian market.

The 2021 range comprises the based R nineT, the R nineT Pure and R nineT Scrambler, which has been updated with several technical modifications, including advanced standard equipment while staying true to its DNA.

*2021 BMW R nineT

For starters, all of the 2021 range is now equipped with Headlight Pro as standard, which features adaptive headlights and indicator lights in LED technology followed by a chrome-plated header pipe fitted on the R nineT Pure and R nineT Scrambler.

The classic appearance is now enhanced with a redesigned circular instrument with an analogue speedometer display and integrate indicator lights that are ‘invisible when not illuminated. You also get an additional USB charging socket.

*2021 BMW R nineT Scrambler

Moving on to the best bits, the 1,170cc air/oil-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine now runs even smoothly thanks to technical and visual fine-tuning to meet the Euro 5 requirements.

The engine peaks at 109hp @ 7,250rpm and 116Nm @ 6,000rpm but pulling power levels are now better than before thanks to an even full-bodied power and torque curve, especially between 4,000 and 6,000rpm.

*2021 BMW R nineT Pure

Other exciting features include:

  • ABS Pro (available across all ranges as standard)
  • new suspension strut with travel-dependent damping
  • two riding modes (Rain/Road)
  • Automatic Stability Control (ASC)

The 2021 BMW R nineT range are available as follows:

  • BMW R nineT – RM96,500
  • BMW R nineT Pure – RM82,500
  • BMW R nineT Scrambler – RM86,500

BMW Motorrad launched five new models today, the 2021 BMW R 18 Classic Edition and four new updated models of the 2021 BMW R nineT. The four models are the standard R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Scrambler, and the R nineT Urban G/S. (more…)

The BMW R nineT has been a symbol of the brand’s Heritage line and a lot of owners around the globe have been putting their own personal touches to call the bike their own. For one particular AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building winner, the garage has taken it to a whole new level with this custom BMW R nineT and it is out of this world! (more…)

Auto Bavaria BMW Motorrad telah menganjurkan sebuah konvoi buat para pemilik R nineT ke acara Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2018 di Melaka.
Tiga puluh orang penunggang telah mengambil bahagian dalam tunggangan ini.
Terdapat pelbagai aktiviti menyeronokkan telah diadakan selain daripada tunggangan tersebut buat para peserta.


  • Membina motosikal buatan khas tidak semesti bermakna anda seharusnya ‘membogelkan’ motosikal kesayangan anda.
  • Konsep ini telah didemonstrasi di sini oleh binaan BikeBiz ini, BMW R nineT Sun Kist.
  • Satu pilihan yang menarik buat para pemilik BMW R nineT dan R NineT Racer.


  • Building a custom bike doesn’t mean having to tear your pride ‘n’ joy into pieces.

  • The concept is demonstrated here by this BikeBiz build.

  • A good option for BMW R nineT and R nineT Racer owners, perhaps?

We’ve featured a number of custom bikes that’ve totally reworked the entire bike to something else but this BikeBiz BMW R nineT Sun Kist was built to augment the stock BMW R nineT and R nineT Racer.

One may argue that the work done on this bike was minimal, we believe it serves as an option for R nineT owners who don’t wish (read: too sayang) to have their bikes torn to pieces, since BMW did a great job of making the stock bike look plenty good out of the box.

There’s another reason to this bike looking rather stock, actually – warranty. BikeBiz is a motorcycle retailer and accessories supplier based in Sydney, Australia who supplies parts and accessories to owners to build the bikes themselves, besides selling ready-built customized bikes. Customers will not void their bikes’ warranty if they installed BikeBiz’s accessories or purchase ready-made customs.

Mark Condon of BikeBiz said, “Our team really know their bikes, so depending on the customer we can give some direction on design and performance, supply a BMW and parts and let them build it themselves, or we can really get hands-on and custom-build the whole bike from scratch.”

This R nineT Sun Kist, however, is a ready-built custom. Designer Alex Bianchini-Kometer worked together with BikeBiz’s Boris to come up with something out of the ordinary while still retaining the R nineT Racer’s original lines.

BMW fans will instantly note the gradated orange/silver paintwork, hence the “Sun Kist” name. It’s an homage to the legendary R90S’s “Daytona Orange” which commemorated the bike’s victory at the very first AMA Superbike race at the Daytona International Speedway in 1976. Additional red pinstripes on the bodywork and wheels were added to match the red frame.

The team replaced the stock Racer’s half-fairing with a larger classic half-fairing for a more retro look.

Other stock parts such as the fender/taillight/number plate holder assembly and turn signals were stripped to present a cleaner look. A custom-made 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust system ends with a pair of high-mounted mufflers to leave the single-sided swing arm and rear wheel in full view.

Other bits include Rizoma footpegs, mirrors, and turn signals while the clocks, brake system, wheels , seat, handlebars are all stock.

So there you go, a BMW R nineT that’s “different by same-same.”

Sourced from Return of the Cafe Racers. Photography by Saxon Shing

Prefer to watch a video? Click here to view our review of the R NineT Urban G/S.
  • The BMW R nineT Urban G/S is a the grandson of the original BMW R80 G/S from 1980. 
  • It is powered by a 1,170cc engine and has a purposeful sitting position, giving it good performance and handling. 
  • Priced at RM87,900, there aren’t many of this BMW around.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcom X

Somebody at BMW must have been a fan of Malcom because if the design of the BMW R NineT Urban G/S is anything to go by then it is quite clear that that somebody had heeded the activist’s words and prepared for the future way back in 1980. And we’re thankful to that somebody.

Let me explain:

Above is the original BMW R80 G/S that made its debut back in 1980. It is the grand-daddy of all modern BMW GS motorcycles. And below is the new modern reincarnation of the same bike. The apple really didn’t fall too far from the tree. In designing the Urban G/S, BMW has given the world a masterclass in how to design a modern classic without sacrificing too much to modernity.

People loved the Urban G/S. Whether it was at a highway rest and service area, a stop for fuel and even at a dim sum shop in Ipoh, people kept wanting to walk over to take a closer look and take photos of it. People may be used to superbikes, but there is a very good chance that they would have never seen anything quite like an Urban G/S.

“Apa moto ni bang?”

“How come I don’t see more of this bike?”

“Is this a new bike, or did you restore a classic?”

“What! It costs only RM87,900? This would have been a better buy than my T****** B*********! It’s a friggin BMW for god’s sake!”

Just some of the questions I was asked during the ride.

I rode the bike for over a week – in the city, on the highway, on kampung roads and off-road. To nights out with friends, to the solo “tapau” ride to the local mamak. Near and far. And though the seat of the bike is not suited for long-distance rides, which I must add is seriously uncomfortable after about 100km or so, but the all important fun factor and the styling makes it all worth it.

You don’t need to look very hard to see that the retro motorcycle scene is healthy and thriving. Almost every motorcycle manufacturer has a retro model these days. There is a market for such bikes, and the Urban G/S suggests that it will be here to stay for a while.

On the Urban G/S, you sit upright, very much like you would on a motard naked bike. The wide handle bars and balls up front sitting position gives you a confident feel, almost as if you could chuck this bike down towards a corner, get on the throttle hard, and let the rear slide out. Like you would a motard or dirt bike.

It even has the power to back up its purposeful feel. Powering the Urban G/S is the new air and oil-cooled four-stroke boxer engine featuring twin camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder with a central counterbalance shaft. Which means that it manages the natural side-to-side tug of a boxer layout, well it doesn’t tug as violently as an older boxer engines at least. You still get the classic boxer left-right twitch when you start the engine though, which is great and I hope BMW doesn’t over engineer its boxer-powered bikes and eliminates this characterful touch.

With a capacity of 1,170cc, the Urban G/S gives you 110hp and 116Nm of torque to mess around with. And with a weight of just 221kg’s, it makes mince of just about everything until it reaches its top speed of about 230km/h. But since it does not have a screen and the puny little wind deflector above the headlight is more for show than anything else, you have to hunk down low and hold on to the bike with your hands and thighs. I only managed a top speed of 218km/h before it became too uncomfortable and too scary.

The tall suspension adds to the “motard-ness” of the Urban G/S, this is after all a bike that was originally designed as a “do-it-all” bike in its original R80 G/S form. So staying true to form meant that it could not deviate much from its original design and purpose, but BMW has done a fantastic job at adding on an element of fun to it. It is that combination of a powerful engine, a great sitting position and a well sorted and soft-ish suspension that makes the Urban G/S such a wild child, especially through the corners.

And best of all, you don’t have to worry about electronic gremlins eating away on your pride and joy when there aren’t that many electronics to begin with. Heck the Urban G/S doesn’t even have a fuel gauge, it just sort of warns you that fuel is running low and begins a countdown from the remaining 50km range from your tank, which I guess is good enough considering this bike was built for urban areas. But on the highway though, not fun at all, and if you don’t handle range anxiety very well then this bike is not for you.

But other than that, there are no electronic riding modes, no electronic suspension settings, no cruise control, nothing. The only thing it has in terms of electronics is ABS brakes, a digital engine management system, an electronic intake pipe injection and a few sensors around the bike and that’s about it. It is a pure back to basics motorcycle that has a Steve McQueen cool ‘kinda’ aura, the one that everybody wanted but only a few had.

I loved my time with the R nineT Urban G/S but it wasn’t well suited to the type of riding I took it on. It handled the city and trunk roads perfectly, but not for the mile-munching highway rides. So would I spend money on it? If I were in the market for a R NineT, I would go for the standard model just for the added cushioning of the seat. But if you want a cool design, fantastic power and not much else to run around town with, and as long as you’re not riding very far, forget about the pretenders and get an Urban G/S. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about that seat.

BMW Motorrad recently announced that their Heritage R nineT family is now complete with five models.

This also means that there will be no more new additions to the R nineT line-up.

They also report a 7.2% worldwide sales increase for the first two months of 2018 with 18,627 unit sales.

The latest BMW Motorrad annual report has stated that their Heritage line which comprises of five different R nineT models is now ‘complete’. This also means that there will be no more retro additions in that particular family which already have the standard R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Racer, R nineT Scrambler, and the R nineT Urban G/S. (more…)


Artikel oleh: Wahid Ooi Abdullah

  • Motosikal BMW R nineT Racer adalah motosikal cafe racer dalam rangkaian motosikal R nineT.
  • Ianya sebuah motosikal moden retro yang bersusur-galur dari motosikal R90S.
  • Pengendalian yang baik, enjin yang penuh dengan daya kilas, serta rupa paras yang menawan adalah tanda pengenalannya.



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