Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are capitalizing on the growing popularity of cruisers, and the trend continues with the introduction of a new cruiser model by Benda. 

This latest addition, named the Napoleon, exemplifies Benda’s penchant for bold and unique designs. With its neo-retro styling, including a round headlight and sleek bodywork, the Napoleon stands out in the crowd.

One of the most striking features of the Benda Napoleon is its massive dual-purpose tires, which provide a visual contrast to the bike’s low-slung and streamlined appearance. The cruiser also boasts fork covers that create the illusion of a cantilever front end, although it actually incorporates telescopic forks. The cockpit of the Napoleon features low-slung drag bars and forward-set foot controls, ensuring a riding position that mimics the characteristic hunch of a bobber.

Powering the Benda Napoleon is a 488cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-Twin engine, which generates a respectable 50 horsepower. Weighing in at 190 kilograms, it competes in terms of performance with models like the Rebel 500. It should be noted, however, that Benda has not clarified whether this weight refers to the dry or wet weight of the bike.

While the Benda Napoleon is slated to debut in the Chinese market by the end of June 2023, its global availability remains uncertain.  Enthusiasts eagerly await further details, including the pricing of the Benda Napoleon. Its release is eagerly anticipated, with hopes that it will soon become available on a global scale, satisfying the growing demand for unique and stylish cruisers

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Keeway revealed its all-new Keeway V302C cruiser in India which is set to compete with Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

  • The Keeway V302C cruiser makes 29.5hp and 26Nm.
  • Features all-LED lighting, dual-channel ABS. 

Keeway might be unknown but it is actually a spin-off brand owned by Chinese motorcycle giants, Qianjiang (QJ Motor), who also owns the Benelli brand.

That said, the V302C cruiser is actually a rebranded Benda BD300, a bobber style cruiser that features a 296cc two-cylinder engine pumping out 29.5hp @ 9,000rpm and 26Nm @ 7,000rpm. 

Other notable features available on the V302c include USD front fork, all-LED lighthing, dual-channel ABS, full-colour digital instrument cluster and a 13.5L fuel tank.

In comparison with the Meteor 350, the V302C looks bolder, with chunky tyres, bigger fuel tank and exposed matte black painted frame.

As such, the Keeway V302C looks like a pint-size Harley-Davidson Sportster S cruiser.

According to reports the Keeway V302C is also currently on sale in Europe for EUR4,790 (RM21.4k).

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Benda, has just launched a new cruiser in its home market.

  • The BD500 V4 is the latest middleweight cruiser from Benda.
  • The motorcycle features a 496cc liquid-cooled V4 engine. 

Dubbed the BD500 V4, the cruiser-style motorcycle features an appealing design and a unique engine configuration.

That said, the Benda B500 features a 496cc, liquid-cooled V4 motor that pumps out 55.5hp @ 10,000rpm and 45Nm @ 8,000rpm. That’s ten horses more than the Honda Rebel 500. 

Unfortunately, the BD500 V4 tips the scale at 241kg compared to the Rebel’s 185 kilograms. 

Nevertheless, the BD500 looks the part with the chunky bodywork, long profile, beefy USD forks, fat tyres and a distinctive flat exhaust.

Unlike some Chinese two-company that tends to copy other established bike designs blatantly, we certainly praised Benda’s originality.

Meanwhile, the Benda BD500 rides on 17-inch wheels and is suspended by upside-down forks and dual shocks. Braking is done by a single disc front and rear and regulated by a dual-channel ABS.

Jenama motosikal China, Benda, telah pun memperkenalkan enjin V4 yang bakal diguna pakai pada model akan datang.

Enjin V4 tersebut tampil dengan dua versi, 1198cc dan 496cc dengan kedua-duanya dijangka akan menggerakan jentera ‘power cruiser’ yang akan diperkenalkan Benda tidak lama lagi.

Jika dibandingkan dengan enjin V4 pada Ducati Panigale, kapasiti V4 Benda lebih besar – 1198cc berbanding 1103cc – namun enjin baharu itu menghasilkan kuasa lebih rendah 154hp pada 9,500rpm dan 120Nm pada 7,500rpm.

Nisbah mampatan enjin V4 Benda juga lebih rendah 11.5:1 berbanding 14:1 pada Panigale V4 S.

Bagaimanapun, jalur kuasa yang dihasilkan enjin Benda ini bukanlah satu isu kerana pengeluar motosikal China itu tidak bercadang untuk menggunakan enjin tersebut pada jentera ‘supersport’ sebaliknya pada sebuah ‘power cruiser’ seperti Benda  LFC700 yang diperkenalkan tahun lalu.

Sementara itu, turut mencuri perhatian adalah versi 496cc – dengan stroke 55.2mm dan bore 53.5mm -mampu meghasilkan 57hp dan 44.7Nm. Menariknya, nisbah mampatan sama seperti versi 1198cc – 11.5:1 – turut diguna pakai pada enjin ini.

Chinese manufacturer Benda reveals new self-developed V4 engines, one of which being the biggest seen yet from the republic.


Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Benda, made the headlines in 2021 with the unveiling of the all-new LFC 700.

Benda was instantly given credits for not taking the easier route by copying the design by European and Japanese motorcycles; instead, the company came up with a unique design.


While it may look like a typical power cruiser, underneath the “Cybertronian” bodywork sits a 680cc inline-four engine, making it the only cruiser that runs an inline-four powerplant.

Shortly after, Benda unveiled the LFS 700, a neo-retro flat-track-esque motorcycle based on the same platform as the LFC 700.

Benda has since received a flood of demands in China for the LFS 700. So much, in fact, Benda had to stop accepting bookings to keep up with the requests.

Retailing at just USD6,100 (RM25k), the LFS 700 is a remarkable value for money considering it is the only Chinese motorcycle company to feature an inline-four engine, apart from the Benelli TNT600.

The LFS 700 features some nifty components despite the affordability, including Brembo brakes, KYB suspension, and a full-colour TFT instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity.

Power-wise, the LFS 700 puts out 92.5hp @ 11,000rpm, similar to the Honda CB650R.

Jenama motosikal China, Benda seakan tidak pernah wujud sebelum era-Covid-19, namun mula mencuri tumpuan sejak melancarkan dua modek unik, LFC 700 dan LFC 700.

Bagaimanapun, Benda bakal memperkenalkan sebuah lagi motosikal unik, menerusi VTR-300, jentera bersesaran 300cc V-Twin yang dikuasakan enjin turbo.

Perkara itu didedahkan menerusi satu paten terbaru yang telah difailkan Benda di China.

Meskipun paten tersebut tidaklah menunjukkan kehadiran enjin turbo namun rekaan model tersebut merujuk kepada adanya penggunaan turbo yang digabungkan bersama enjin 298cc V-Twin DOCH yang menjana sekitar 30hp.

Kehadiran sistem turbo tersebut dijangka akan meningkatkan kuasa enjoined kepada 50hp, angka sama seperti ditawarkan Kawasaki ZX-25R.

Paten tersebut juga mendedahkan VTR-300 itu bakal dilengkapi komponen premium antaranya fork upside-down dan brek Brembo. Model itu juga dilengkapi rim aloi dan ekzos jenis ‘underbelly’.

Ciri lain yang turut dikenal pasti adalah penggunaan lampu LED dengan DRL (daytime running light).

Benda was almost unknown pre-Covid; however, the Chinese motorcycle company instantly caught the world attention ever since the introduction of the LFC 700 and LFS 700.

However, new design patents have revealed that the company is currently working on another unique motorcycle, a turbocharged 300cc, to be exact.

That’s right, folks, Benda is working on a 300cc turbocharged motorcycle.

While the patents did not confirm the presence of a turbo, the design work itself possibly points towards a turbo system being nestled together with the 298cc V-Twin DOCH unit that makes around 30hp.

The turbocharged system could quickly boost the power up to 50hp, a similar figure currently available on the Kawasaki ZX-25R.

Looking at the patents, the Benda VTR-300 Turbo V-Twin features premium components, including an upside-down fork and Brembo brakes. The bike also is fitted with 10 spoke wheels and an underbelly exhaust.

Elsewhere, it appears that the Benda VTR-300 also comes with LED light with DRL (daytime running light) as standard.

Benda merupakan antara jenama motosikal terbaru dari China yang pada awal tahun ini telah pun mencuri perhatian dengan melancarkan LFS 700 dan LFC 700.

Benda LFS 700 merupakan motosikal segmen ‘cruiser’ yang dikuasakan enjin inline-4 680cc.

Syarikat itu juga sedang giat membangunkan enjin turbo V-Twin 300cc sebelum ini.

Bagaimanapun, dalam perkembangan terbaru, Benda membuat kejutan apabila mendedahkan dua enjin baharu, membabitkan 1,200cc V4 dan 500cc V4 ketika di CIMA Motor show baru-baru ini.

Berdasarkan info dikongsikan enjin 1,200cc V4 tersebut menghasilkan sekitar 151.5hp pada 9,500rpm dan 121Nm pada 7,500rpm dengan nisbah mampatan berada pada 11.5:1.

Kedua-dua enjin 1200cc dan 500cc ini datang dengan tetapan 70-darjah V4 dengan DOHC dan 16-valve.

Buat masa ini, Benda belum mendedahkan model apakah yang bakal mendapat suntikan enjin V4 baharu ini namun melihat kepada barisan sedia ada, pastinya enjin ini akan diguna pakai pada model berkonsepkan ‘sport cruiser’.

Pada masa sama, enjin 1200cc V4 ini juga paling berkuasa pernah dihasilkan di China, mengetepikan 140hp yang ditawarkan CFMoto 1250TR-G yang dilancarkan tahun lalu.

Sementara itu, enjin 496cc V4 pula berupaya menghasilkan 56hp pada 10,000rpm dan 45Nm pada 8,000rpm.

Meskipun jauh lebih kecil berbanding versi 1200cc namun kedua-duanya tampil dengan reka bentuk sama.

Menurut Benda, model baharu yang akan mengguna pakai kedua-dua enjin V4 ini hanya akan didedahkan sekitar tahun depan.

Baru-baru ini, pengeluar motosikal China, Benda, mencuri tumpuan apabila melancarkan model terbaru, LFC 700.

*Benda LFC 700

LFC 700 merupakan motosikal segmen sport cruiser yang tampil dengan dua varian, dengan standard menawarkan 84.5hp pada 10,000 rpm manakala model premium (High Power) hadir dengan 92.5hp pada 11,000rpm.

*Benda LFS 700

Menariknya, Benda turut memperkenalkan LFS 700, sebuah motosikal segmen naked yang juga dihidupkan dengan enjin 680cc sama yang terdapat pada LFC 700.

Model baharu ini – yang akan dipasarkan bermula Oktober – menawarkan 92.5hp pada 11,000rpm sama seperti varian High Power LFC 700.

Bukan itu sahaja, LFS 700 ini turut dilengkapi dengan ciri premium lain antaranya brek Brembo, dan sistem ‘suspension’ KYB.

Namun, ketika LFC 700 mengguna pakai kerangka jenis ‘cast alloy’, LFS 700 dilengkapi dengan gabungan kerangka aloi dan besi.

Berbanding LFC 700 yang menawarkan tayar berukuran 310mm di belakang, LFS 700 lebih konvensional dengan 120 depan dan 180 belakang yang dipadankan bersama rim 17″.

Benda turut mendakwa LFS 700 ini lebih ringan, dengan 217 kg dan mampu merekodkan kelajuan maksima 209km/j.

Benda LFS 700 ini akan dijual dengan harga CNY38,800 (RM24,900).

Benda makes the news again this week after presenting another variant to its current 300cc cruiser, weeks after launching the LFC700.

The BD300-16 is an upgraded and slightly premium version of the BD300-15 currently available in the market.

The new variant now comes with twin exhaust, revised fuel tank and fenders, including new alloy wheels.

Moreover, the BC300-16 gets a conventional handlebar, wider footpegs, and split sits to improve riding ergonomics for both rider and pillion.

Other features include:

  • 130mm front/150mm rear with 16″ wheels
  • all-LED lighting
  • TFT display
  • dual-channel ABS

Nonetheless, the BD300-16 remains powered by the same 298cc V-Twin capable of producing 30hp @ 8,500rpm and 25.3Nm @ 7,000rpm mated to a 6-speed gearbox with slipper clutch.

The BD300-16 is expected a rival the Honda Rebel 300 and a range of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Subaru telah berkongsi teaser baharu yang dicanang merujuk kepada model WRX 2022.

Meskipun teaser tersebut sekadar menampakkan siluet, namun jelas model WRX ini tampil dengan ‘hood scoop’ ikonik di bahagian depan.

Menurut Subaru, WRX akan datang ini akan dikagumi semua pihak terutamanya peminat model itu.

Sebelum ini beberapa gambar ‘spy shot’ WRX 2022 ini telah pun didedahkan kepada umum.

Menurut laporan, terdapat khabar angin yang mendakwa WRX 2022 ini akan digerakan enjin 2.4L turbocharge dengan varian STI (yang akan dilancarkan kemudian) menawarkan 400hp dan dipadankan bersama transmisi 6-kelajuan manual.

Meskipun tiada tarikh didedahkan ketika ini namun dijangka model ini akan diperkenalkan lewat tahun ini.


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