Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda officially launched its cruiser, the LFC700, a year after unveiling it at China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition as a concept.

Interestingly, the production-ready LFC700 looks pretty similar to CIMA’s concept and comes in two variants, Standard and High-Power.

The Benda LFC700 s powered by an 680cc inline-four liquid-cooled engine with the Standard making 84.4hp @ 10,000rpm and 60Nm @ 8,000rpm while the High-Power offers 92.5hp @ 11,000rpm and 63Nm @ 8,500rpm.

According to Benda, the base variant can reach a top speed of 170km/h and 195km/h for the flagship version.

While both variants get a 20L fuel tank, only the High-Power variants come equipped with a slipper clutch.

Unlike the concept, the production version does not come with a ride-by-wire and cruise control function, which we assume keeps the cost low.

The High-Power variants also get an inverted front fork and rear monoshock from KYB, Brembo callipers (Nissin for the Standard variant) and ABS dual-channel.

Other notable features include:

  • all LED lighting
  • TFT display with navigation function
  • 310mm rear tyre
  • 235kg (kerb weight)

You can get your hands on the all-new LFC700 for a starting price of CNY38,800 (RM24,000) for the Standard and CNY45,800 (RM29,400) for the high-end model.

Meanwhile, the LFC700 is expected to be available in selected countries across Asia and Europe soon.

In July, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Benda, is expected to reveal the company’s latest model, the LFC700.

Firstly introduced as a concept cruiser last year with the codename LF-01, Benda will pull the wrap over the new model in an official event scheduled at Xi’an, China.

While China motorcycle brand is known to copy other established motorcycle in the market, Benda puts in an original design altogether.

Combining a futuristic element, the LFC700 is powered by a 680cc inline-four engine capable of producing around 97hp, making it the most powerful motorcycle ever produced by Benda.

Based on the concept bike, the LFC700 is expected to offer a full TFT display, assist and slipper clutch, ABS, and a hill start assist.

To make things even better, the LFC700 is expected to be priced at around CNY50,000 (RM31,800), making it very desirable for new and experienced riders.

(source: BikeDekho)

The 18th China International Motor Expo (CIMA) is at full swing where a lot of Chinese bike manufacturers are strutting their stuff. One of the brands that caught a lot of attention is Benda and its latest concept cruiser baby, the Benda LF-01 Concept. (more…)

Pengeluar motosikal di China semakin rancak memperkenalkan beberapa jentera baharu untuk pasaran tempatan dan antarabangsa.

Baru-baru ini, Benelli menayangkan beberapa model dibina Zhejiang Qianjiang di China antaranya QJ SRK600 dan QJ1200.

Pasaran motosikal China akan terus rancak apabila Benda Motorcycle, pengeluar motosikal negara itu bakal memperkenalkan crusier 700cc menerusi BD700.

Perkara itu disahkan menerusi paten baharu yang difailkan syarikat motosikal terbabit.

Jentera ini dianggap sebagai revolusi baharu motosikal jenama China tatkala rata-rata jenama lain menggunakan enjin ‘twin-cylinder’ (silinder berkembar), BD700 didatangkan dengan enjin empat-inline – ketika ini hanya ditawarkan motosikal 600cc daripada Benelli.

Berdasarkan paten yang difailkan, saluran ekzos ditempatkan di bahagian bawah sementara radiator besar berada di belakang tayar depan.

Sementara itu, rekaan keseluruhan tampak seakan diinspirasikan daripada Ducati Diavel dengan kedudukan ‘handle bar’ menawarkan tunggangan yang selesa.

Menarik untuk menyaksikan rupa sebenar jentera ini sebaik dihasilkan dalam masa terdekat.


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