Someone Just Bought A Shoei J-Force 2 Jack Yellow For RM86,000!

Only in Malaysia is someone willing to pay a huge sum of money for things that were relatively cheap a few years ago. 

For example, a new-old-stock (NOS) Yamaha RX-Z two-stroke motorcycle could cost more than RM30,000. A few years ago, someone allegedly paid RM70,000 for the bike, making it one of the most sought models today.

However, the ludicrous price tag involved not only motorcycles but also helmets. 

A few days ago, a seller on Facebook managed to sell the Shoei J-Force 2 Jack Yellow for an insane RM86,000

While some might think that the price tag is absurd, according to the post, the sale was legit. The buyer – who is a lady – paid the amount in cash, which can be seen clearly in the shared photos. 

The question is, are you willing to spend that much for a motorcycle helmet?



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