Qabil Irfan Azlan is Ready for ESBK

Malaysia’s young racer, Qabil Irfan Azlan is ready to challenge the international riders in the first round of the Spanish Superbike Championship (ESBK) 2024 at the Jerez Circuit, this weekend.

Qabil is the country’s sole representative at the tournament in the Moto4 class. He feels he has adapted to the machine in a test session last month.

“This is my first experience in Europe, I usually come here for the race only. My preparation is to practice with the machine and do fitness training. I also train as usual in this month of Ramadan.

“Before this, I participated in the test session in Jerez. I am confident with the bike and also the management of the team. Regardless, I have to learn more and I hope to be able to compete in the front group and win,” said Qabil as a rider for VHC Frando Racing from Spain .

Previously, the move of ZK Racing and the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) to ESBK was to expand the wings of Qabil’s career after he showed excellent performance to emerge world champion in the 2023 MiniGP World Series Championship.

In the meantime, the Chief Executive Officer of SIC, Azhan Shafriman Hanif said, his side has high hopes for the young rider.

“It’s not easy for a young man like Qabil, who is only 12 years old but has the opportunity to race in Europe. Our hopes are quite high for Qabil to do his best. Under Zulfahmi, we are confident that Qabil will achieve the excellence he deserves.

“For KPI, in the first year, we estimate to be in the top 15. He will also race in the 190cc Malaysian MiniGP Series,” said Shafriman when met after the SIC 2024 Ramadan Iftar, yesterday.

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