GoPro Hero5 Black & Session lands in Malaysia

New generation GoPro Hero5 Black & Session action cameras arrive in the local market.


We’re not foremost experts on the subject of tech and gadgets, but when leading action camera giant GoPro extended an invite to us for the local launch of its newest offering, we were indeed tempted to see it first hand.


Held last Saturday in the vibrant new Zouk KL superclub in TREC, Kuala Lumpur, authorised distributor FunSportz Sdn Bhd held a special and swanky launch ceremony for the new generation GoPro Hero5 Black & Session action camera for the local market.


Also present here were two representatives from the specialist American tech firm who gave guests, avid tech journalists and fellow geeks alike a detailed presentation of the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session, its new range of accessories plus a detailed walkthrough of the new softwares and apps available too.

Here’s a quick walk through of the new Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session action cams.

GoPro Hero5 Black – RM1,849 (RRP)
Dubbed as the its finest creation yet, the flagship GoPro Hero5 Black stands lightyears – literally – ahead of its predecessor. Smaller, lighter and packed with even more functions and features, this is the mack daddy of all action cams.


For starters, the Hero5 Black now shoots high definition videos up to 4k quality at a rate of 30 frames per seconds. Complementing that is this seemingly tiny action camera’s ability to shoot high-resolution photos of up to 12MP quality.


Enhancing those capturing abilities are the Hero5 Black’s professional-grade electronic video stabilisation, a new linear-view setting for distortion-free wide angle videos and photos, as well as the ability the shoot in RAW format and WDR photo modes. Capping things off is the fact that this action cam is now GPS-enabled as well, allowing you to geo-tag all your videos and photos.

The user interface, on the other hand, has been enhanced further as well. You still get GoPro’s signature one-button control and the 2-inch touch display. However, the Hero5 Black is now loaded with voice command as well – a segment-leading feature in fact.


Other notable improvements include the camera’s enhanced waterproofing of up to 33 feet (10 metres) without a housing, increased battery life, not forgetting a heavily revised audio capturing abilities via three on-board mics offering stereo recording and GoPro’s Advanced Wind Noise Reduction functions.

Available for purchase now via authorised dealers, distributors FunSportz Sdn Bhd has set a recommended retail price of RM1,849 for the all-new GoPro Hero5 Black.

GoPro Hero5 Session – RM1,399 (RRP)
Also launched alongside the flagship Hero5 Black was its smaller ‘mini’ sibling, the Hero5 Session. Essentially, the Hero5 Session picks up from GoPro’s original pint-sized Session and comes loaded with a volley of upgrades.


The Hero5 Session can shoot videos up to 4k quality at 30 frames per second, but it makes do with high quality photos at a slightly lower 10MP resolution instead. Electronic video stabilisation plus distortion-free wide-angle video and photos abilities come standard in this pint-sized action cam.

Whilst the Hero5 Session makes do without the nifty touch display interface and GPS-enabled functions of the flagship Hero5 Black, it still offers other segment-leading features, namely voice-command and Advanced Wind Noise Reduction.

Available now through authorised dealers, FunSportz Sdn Bhd’s recommended retail price for the smaller yet equally capable Hero5 Session stands at RM1,399 – RM450 less than the flagship Hero5 Black.


Cloud connection
Besides all that we’ve laid out above, both the new GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session share yet another segment-leading functionality, which is instant connectivity with GoPro Plus – a subscription-based Cloud Drive service developed by GoPro.

Designed to complement and fully capitalise on the built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity that both the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session are primed with, GoPro Plus makes it easier for users to access, edit and share GoPro contents anytime, anywhere through both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, the GoPro Plus service isn’t available in Malaysia just yet. Nevertheless, GoPro assures that the service will be offered to Malaysian customers and distributors FunSportz Sdn Bhd will announce its availability here at a later date.

Karma drone
Also arriving at a later date is the revolutionary new GoPro Karma drone suite. FunSportz Sdn Bhd says that this revolutionary all-in-one solution will only arrive in the local market sometime next year.


In the meantime, you can get to know more about the Karma drone through the featured video or via this link.


Quik app
Beyond hardware and accessories comes the new GoPro Quik app for desktop and mobile devices. The new editing software or app is now much more user-friendly than GoPro’s previous software, allowing users to import, edit and select soundtracks easily for their videos before sharing them.


Interestingly, both the desktop and mobile versions of the Quik app are able to automatically edit videos according to the beat of the music selected. You can download the Quik app for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play whilst the desktop version can be downloaded via this link.

Enhanced accessories – Quik Key and REMO
Last but not least comes the volley of new accessories made available for the new Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session. Highlights here besides an array of casings and mounts include the Seeker Backpack, Karma Grip stabiliser stick plus the Quik Key and REMO.


Quik Key is a key-chain-shaped micro-USB card reader that compatible with a variety of mobile devices. It allows users to plug in and quickly transfer photos and and videos from a GoPro into a mobile device.


REMO, on the other hand, is a new voice-activated remote that further extends the Hero5 series’ voice-command abilities whilst offering the same one-button control interface as well.

FunSportz Sdn Bhd
For more information regarding, you can get in touch with authorised distributors FunSportz Sdn Bhd via its official Facebook page, its official site, email via or by calling its hotline at +603-7733 8939

GoPro Hero5 Black & Session launch @ Zouk KL

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