KTM Drops Toby Price as Factory Rally Rider

KTM drops Toby Price as factory rally rider. Price is a two-time Dakar Rally champion, both times with KTM.

The legendary Aussie rider said that the Austrian factory dropped him after the the 2024 Dakar Rally. “Everyone has been asking me about what events I’ll be riding in this year, but in some personal news, KTM has decided to not renew my contract so Dakar 2024 was my last event with them,” he announced on social media.

This sad news marks the end of a 14-year racing career with KTM. KTM drafted him in 2010 when he competed in Australian rally championships. Price went on to a successful career in North America and  Europe with KTM, then to Dakar in 2015. He won a stage and finished third overall on that very first attempt.

He came back even stronger the next year and dominated the rally and took to the overall victory. He was the first Australian to achieve the feat.

Price would repeat his performance in 2019 but again, in another amazing circumstance, he did so with a broken wrist!

However, results had not been the same since then due to Honda’s resurgence. Price took two podiums and a last stage win in 2022, with no overall wins. Honda overpowered KTM in 2024, pushing Price to a fifth place finish. And KTM decided to axe him after the rally.

Price continued, “I do feel like I’m still in my prime and going out there fighting for wins, especially at Dakar so it’s unfortunate to not have that opportunity to do it in 2025 but I’m really appreciative of the support they gave me in my career,” says Price. “We’ve been able to do some great things together like win two Dakars and get a couple podiums, a World Championship and our success in Australia too.”

He has natural talents and has many fans the world over. This writer also met him during the KTM 790 Adventure Media Launch in Morocco and he is a very nice, down to Earth bloke. We are sure that many factories will now court him and we wish him the best.

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