FAG High Speed Engine Bearing for Yamaha 135LC

FAG High Speed Engine Bearing for Yamaha 135LC

The price about MYR100 per piece. Very expensive I must say. Good thing is not cheap, and cheap thing is not good. That is very true.
This FAG 6305TB.P63 high speed engine bearing is very recommended if you want to get smooth running engine with good power delivery.
I have used two pieces of FAG high speed engine bearing for my Yamaha RX-Z and the results were good and beyond my prediction. Before this, I have used 15T-40T 428 sprocket set for Yamaha RX-Z. My bike has been less pickup and not good at low RPM. But when I use the FAG high speed bearing, I can use 15T-37T 415 sprocket and the power are good from low to mid to high RPM.
Great product, highly recommended and worth the money!

Check it out at online store here:

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