Triumph 765cc Moto2 engine

  • Triumph Motorcycles telah menyempurnakan rombakan akhir enjin Moto2 mereka dan akan memperagakannya sewaktu GP British pada hujung minggu ini.
  • Enjin inline-Four 765cc akan dibekalkan kepada pasukan Moto2 bermula musim 2019, menggantikan enjin inline-Four 600cc dari Honda.
  • Enjin Triumph tersebut dijangka akan menghasilkan kuasa kuda pada tahap pertengahan dan tinggi yang lebih.


  • Triumph Motorcycles have completed the final revision of their Moto2 engine and will showcase it during the British GP.

  • The 765cc-triple engines will be supplied to Moto2 teams beginning 2019, replacing the 600cc inline-Four from Honda.

  • Triumph’s engine is expected to produce more midrange and peak horsepower.

Triumph Motorcycles will hold a parade lap during the British GP at Silverstone this weekend on a bike powered by their Moto2 engine. The event commemorates the completion of the Triumph engine which will be supplied to teams in the intermediate class beginning 2019.

The rider picked to ride the bike is two-time World Superbike Champion, James Toseland. He will ride the bike specially painted bike in the Union Jack theme.

The new engine has been warmly welcomed by Moto2 riders who have tested it as it has plenty of midrange grunt compared to the outgoing 600cc Honda inline-Four. It is also reputed to feature a quickshifter for both up- and downshifts, with an autoblipper. Additionally, an advanced Magneti Marelli ECU will be employed which bumped up the power output more than the current Moto2 engine, besides including traction control for the first time.

But do note that although it’s based on the Street Triple RS’s 765cc triple, only the engine will be supplied to Moto2 teams next year, instead of the entire bike which will perform the parade lap. This is because Triumph will not field their own Moto2 team. As per Moto2’s regulations, Triumph supplies the engines while teams such as Kalex, Speed Up, KTM, et al will produce their own frames to house the powerplant.

Triumph Motorcycles have also organized other activities such as a factory visit in Hinckley by Moto2 riders including Same Lowes, Danny Kent and Luca Marini, in addition to Moto3 rider John McPhee.

We hope this parade lap will be telecast “live” in Malaysia this weekend!

Source and pictures: MCN


  • Triumph Motorcycles baru sahaja memfailkan satu cap dagang (trademark) terbaru untuk nama Daytona dan ianya mungkin sekali untuk motosikal Triumph Daytona 765 2019.
  • Pemohonan itu telah dibuat di Amerika Syarikat dan juga Eropah bagi memastikan tiada sebarang masalah apabila model baru itu dilancarkan.
  • Dan dengan pembekalan enjin 765cc baru bagi musim 2019 Moto2 oleh Triumph, motosikal Daytona yang baru ini sudah pasti motosikal yang sesuai untuk dipasarkan.


Triumph Motorcycles has filed a brand new trademark for the Daytona name and it might just be for the 2019 Triumph Daytona 765.

The applications were made in the US and Europe to ensure that there’s no issue when the new model is launched.

With Triumph supplying the new 765cc engine for the 2019 Moto2 season, the new Daytona would be the perfect bike to promote.

Some news have been travelling in relations to British bike manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles and the possibility of an all-new 2019 Triumph Daytona 765. It seems that they have filed some applications for a new trademark for the name ‘Triumph Daytona’ in the United States and Europe. (more…)

Triumph has begun their efforts to develop their 765cc Moto2 engine after being appointed as the main engine supplier for the MotoGP intermediate class in 2019.

The 2019 Moto2 Championship Engine Development Prototype race machine has been put through its phase of ongoing R&D and track session with the help of Moto2 rider, Julian Simon.

Triumph’s 765cc engine has been modified extensively from custom cylinder heads, titanium valves, race kit alternator, race slipper clutch, race ECU and many more.

The 2019 Moto2 Championship is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated race categories as Triumph begins developing their 765cc three-cylinder engine in their efforts to become the main engine supplier for the MotoGP intermediate class. (more…)


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