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Pernahkah anda tertanya-tanya mengenai produk-produk motosikal keluaran tanah air kita yang tidak kurang hebatnya dengan jenama dari luar? Di sini kami senaraikan beberapa contoh jenama Malaysia yang boleh anda dapatkan untuk motosikal kesayangan anda.


Ever wondered about some great motorcycle products made here in good ol’ Malaysia? Here are some good examples to give your motorcycles that extra oomph!

With so many motorcycles available in our Malaysian market, it is not a surprise to see some people taking the opportunity out of the demand and passion to deliver some awesome products to further enhance your riding experience.

Some local folks not only took this as a prospect to provide exceptional motorcycle parts and products to the local market but managed to break into the international scene to make some of them best sellers in their own respective categories. We know that there are a lot more but here are some prime examples of locally-made products from good ol’ Malaysia. (more…)


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