Did you know that these brands are Malaysian?

Ever wondered about some great motorcycle products made here in good ol’ Malaysia? Here are some good examples to give your motorcycles that extra oomph!

With so many motorcycles available in our Malaysian market, it is not a surprise to see some people taking the opportunity out of the demand and passion to deliver some awesome products to further enhance your riding experience.

Some local folks not only took this as a prospect to provide exceptional motorcycle parts and products to the local market but managed to break into the international scene to make some of them best sellers in their own respective categories. We know that there are a lot more but here are some prime examples of locally-made products from good ol’ Malaysia.

1) Racing Boy

After rebranding to the name Racing Boy in 1998, Mr Lee Meng Teck, a humble mechanic from Bukit Mertajam, and his brothers managed to score a deal with a Shanghai’s OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to start designing, developing and producing Racing Boy products. In 2002, they became the first ever local manufacturer to offer coloured rims to these small capacity motorcycles.

With great response from riders and customers for their aesthetics as well as product performance, Racing Boy broke into the Malaysian Cub Prix scene in 2004 and like magic, the teams sponsored by Racing Boy started to win races. Till this very day, Racing Boy remains as one of the major sponsors for the Malaysian Cub Prix.

With wins comes more acknowledgement and then it was followed by bigger capitals gains and expansions. That led to more Racing Boy products and in 2007, they started exporting to other South East Asia countries as well as Greece in 2010.

To this day, Racing Boy has won several awards including “2nd Asia Success Award” from the International Organizing Committee, “Super Golden Product” from Asia Success Inc. for their motorcycle rim products and finally the “11th Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand” by the Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance.

If that does not impress you, Racing Boy is also one of the sponsors for the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP squad with Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. [button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about Racing Boy.

2) Tune Boss

The brain child of two computer engineers back in 2011, Tune Boss was developed by FSR Technology and their two founders, Mr Farhan and Mr Suffian. Focused on building real-time embedded control systems, Tune Boss specializes in aftermarket ECU products for fuel-injected motorcycles.

Everything about Tune Boss has been developed in-house by these two geniuses and results have been pouring in. With their latest products catering to increasing performance for Honda and Yamaha bikes, their products are currently being used actively in the Malaysian Cub Prix and also the Malaysian Superbike Championship under the 250cc category.

Their ECUs are so good that they have exported their products to countries like Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and even European countries as well as Mexico. These are possible due to the fact that their ECUs are of the ‘Plug and Play’ variant and require no extra complex wiring to install.

What makes them even more special is that the ECUs are Bluetooth ready that can be set wirelessly via the Tune Boss app using any smart phone. Through the app, one can obtain ‘keys’ to unlock the extra features such as the quick shifter for race use.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about their latest products for the Yamaha YZF-R25, Yamaha Lagenda 115z and Honda RS150R.

3) FOBO Tyre Monitoring Pressure System (TPMS)

Shout out to all Ipoh folks, this one is from you. Ever wanted to not ever worry about your exact tyre pressure while on the move? Get the FOBO Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) developed here in Malaysia. It is the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in the market.

While the TPMS system is slowly getting recognition for its ease of use in Malaysia, FOBO products are making it big in countries like the US. Forget about complex wirings in super expensive superbikes, just screw on the FOBO unit on the tyre valves and you can easily monitor the tyre pressures via a mobile app that you can download.


[button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about the FOBO Tyre Monitoring Pressure System with Bluetooth.

4) T.I.E Lubricants

Developed in Malaysia, supported by the Japanese, the TIE Motorcycles 4T Engine Oil Nano series is on its way to the peak of motorcycle lubricants. With vast knowledge, experience, technical and resources, they’ve embedded the nanotechnology into their lubricants to promote high levels of performance and lubrication to any motorcycle engine.

Their specially-developed Nano Series Engine Oil 15W40 and 10W40 ensures smooth running engines, better acceleration, prolongs the lives of piston rings and cylinders, promotes internal cleanliness and extends the lifetime of spark plugs and engines altogether.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about TIE Lubricants and their engine oil products.

5) Faito Racing


Purveyor of high quality motorcycle performance parts and accessories, Faito Racing has been in the Malaysian scene for over 10 years since 2006. With experienced personnel and over 30 years of experience, their high quality products are manufactured using Japanese technology.

Faito Racing is also a big supporter of the local racing scene especially the Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix racing where they’re the main sponsors of the Faito YSP Racing and AAP Maz Oil HRC Faito Racing squads plus for more co-sponsored teams.

Faito Racing has their very own in house research and development facility in order to easily offer great products to the masses. Everything from camshafts, brake pads, clutches, gears, exhaust pipes and bearings, you can easily build a race-winning machine just by a one-stop visit to Faito Racing.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]CLICK HERE[/button] to know more about Faito Racing.

There are a lot more awesome local products on offer in the Malaysian market. Stay tuned to [button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]Bikes Republic[/button] for more product updates.

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