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Finally, after 14 years since the second generation, Hayabusa was presented to the world, Suzuki Motorcycle introduces the all-new Hayabusa via Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon.

The third generation Hayabusa has gone through a major makeover for 2021 with a sharper and sleek exterior including an all-new electronic package.

According to Suzuki, the new Hayabusa received more than 550 new parts with the goal was to make the ever-powerful motorcycle easier to handle with advanced electronic riding aid.

Apart from electronic gizmos, the 1,340cc inline-four engine (now Euro 5 compliant) produces 187hp @ 9,700rpm and 150Nm @ 7,000rpm and paired to a 6-speed transmission.

Although the numbers are lower than the previous generation Suzuki claimed the new engine delivers better power delivery at low and mid-rpm.

Major changes to the engine include revised cam profiles, redesigned combustion chamber and redesigned crankcase which helps to improved durability and improved oil lubrication.

Other major changes include a new exhaust system, ride-by-wire, and Suzuki Ram Air Direct.

The 2021 ‘Busa is packed with fully adjustable suspension units from KYB while the braking is done by the top-notch Brembo Stylema calipers with 320mm disc front and 310mm at the rear.

Did we mention that the ‘Busa comes with Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires as standard? It does.

Suzuki also managed to inject lots of electrical aid mainly the Suzuki Intelligent Ride Suite (SIRS) managed by a 6-axis IMU which get you the following:

  • wheelie control
  • launch control
  • engine brake control
  • rear-wheel lift control
  • three power maps
  • hill hold control
  • speed limiter

To make things fun, Suzuki fitted the Hayabusa with an up/down quickshifter and cruise control which can be set as low as 30km/h up to 200km/h.

Clearly, there is a lot to be excited about with the new Hayabusa and we hope it will reach our shores soon!

Suzuki bakal buka tirai kepada Motorcycle Global Salon pada 5 Februari ini dengan Hayabusa 2021 antara model yang bakal dilancarkan secara rasmi.

Bagaimanapun, setakat ini beberapa imej motosikal tersebut telah pun tersebar secara atas talian termasuk video teaser oleh Suzuki yang mendedahkan beberapa ciri motosikal baharu itu.

Kini, timbul sebuah lagi video, oleh saluran YouTube MaxxMoto yang mendedahkan rupa jelas Hayabusa 2021.

Menariknya, ini adalah video rasmi oleh pihak Suzuki sendiri namun telah ‘dibocorkan’ lebih awal.

Berdasarkan video tersebut, jelas rekaan keseluruhan menampakkan DNA Hayabusa namun dengan beberapa elemen dipinjamkan daripada GSXR-1000 terkini.

Pada masa sama, ciri aerodinamik juga tampak berbeza berbanding generasi pertama dan kedua di samping video tersebut mendedahkan penggunaan sistem quickshifter.

Seperti didedahkan sebelum ini, Hayabusa generasi ke-3 ini masih mengekalkan tetapan meter sama seperti sebelumnya namun dengan pertambahan skrin TFT berwarna di bahagian tengah konsol yang mengoperasikan IMU 6-axis.

Selebihnya, nantikan pelancaran rasmi 5 Februari ini.

Suzuki is confirmed to bring back the iconic Hayabusa for 2021 after releasing a short teaser on YouTube.

The 25-sec clip provides a glimpse of what we can expect once Suzuki officially introduces the Hayabusa this coming 5th February.

The first clue we gathered was the Hayabusa comes with an analog meter paired with a small TFT screen in the middle.

The small TFT is neat and compact, but under our watchful eyes, we can see that it offers major electronic updates, mainly the Suzuki S- DMS Engine Management Systems consisting of various riding modes.

The screen also features a quickshifter function that can be turned on or off!

Suzuki will unveil the new Hayabusa this coming 5th February, and yes, we are excited!

Leaked patent sketches indicate possibility of a turbocharged Suzuki GSX-R being developed.



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